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Brandon RCMP arrest four in break and enter ring

posted Feb 13, 2017, 8:20 AM by Kathy Carr

Four males have been arrested and charged and one male is wanted for their involvement in a crime ring that focussed primarily on shops and outbuildings on rural properties around Bran­don. The suspects are responsible for the thefts of numerous trucks, snow­mobiles, ATVs, firearms and a variety of tools.
The thefts occurred across western Mani­toba. Investigation determined the break-ins were all related to the same group of suspects.
Two search warrants executed in Brandon and Carberry in January resulted in numerous stolen goods being recovered, including five fire­arms. Some of the stolen items have since been returned to their rightful owners, however many items still remain unclaimed and police are working to identify and return the items to the owners.
Charged with theft and firearm offences are Cur­tis Sutherland, 23, of Ebb and Flow First Nation; Nicholas Mc­Kay, 23, of Bran­don; Quinn Starr, 23, of Carberry; and Pres­ton Whitford, 22, of the RM of Alonsa. An arrest warrant has been issued for the arrest of Richard Cole Ross, 23, of Bran­don in relation to the thefts.
Police would like to remind property owners to never leave keys in their vehicles; lock them and keep valuables out of sight. 
The RCMP Forensic Identification Unit in Brandon; Major Crime Services in Brandon; Brandon, Blue Hills Area, Carberry, Souris and Killarney Detachments; and the Brandon Police Service continue to investigate.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Brandon RCMP at 204-726-7519 or call Manitoba Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, submit a secure tip online at or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to CRIMES (274637).

Carberry & NCL show increases in Census numbers

posted Feb 13, 2017, 8:19 AM by Kathy Carr

After completing the Census last year, Statistics Canada is starting to release the numbers they have collected. The first set of numbers which they released on February 8, falls under the Population and Dwelling counts and shows an impressive increase for the Town of Carberry and Munici­pality of North Cyp­ress-Lang­ford. Accor­ding to the numbers, Car­berry now has a population of 1,738, up 4.1% from 2011 when the population was 1,669. The Municipality of North Cypress-Lang­ford has in­c­reased their population 4.5% from 2,627 in 2011 to 2,745 in 2016.
Mayor Stuart Olmstead and Reeve Bob Ad­riaan­sen were very pleased with these figures. Olm­stead said “I was pleased to see that we were close to both the Provincial and National average of growth.  It has been one of Council’s efforts over the last ten years to grow our community, to make sure it was a sustainable centre for our residents both young and old.” Reeve Adriaan­sen stated “That’s a good thing, we need the population to keep the schools and hospitals around, that’s for sure.” When it comes to how the population inc­rease helps the Town and Municipality in the present, both said that it will help with funding from the provincial and federal governments.
When it comes to grants from both levels of government, population plays a huge role in the amount of funding that a town, municipality or rural municipality will receive, so a population increase will help with an increase of funds to our area.
Olmstead also believes that the population increase will help attract more businesses to Car­berry. “Any increase in population will increase a demand for local good and services. The more we grow, the more attractive we become for businesses to set up shop.”
When it comes to the big question if they think the population increase might level out or possibly start to decline in the future, both are in agreement that they do not see the numbers going down. In fact, they both see them increasing. “Actually, I think it’s going to continue to increase,” said Adriaansen, “with agriculture, potatoes for one, you know the actual farms get bigger, but that necessarily isn’t a population drop because they emp­loy more people themselves too. That’s helping Wellwood, Brook­dale and the rural quite a bit.” 
Olmstead also added “From the figures we have researched through Rural Development, the RHA, and StatsCan while working on the Cypress Planning board, we should see a steady population growth between .75% to 1% year over year for the foreseeable future.
Statistics Canada will continue to reveal the numbers from the Census all throughout this year.
by Kathy Carr

Front Page for Monday, February 13, 2017

posted Feb 13, 2017, 8:16 AM by Kathy Carr

RCMP report Break & Enter in NCL

posted Feb 6, 2017, 8:28 AM by Kathy Carr

On January 27th, 2017, Brandon/Blue Hills RCMP received a report of a Break and Enter on a rural property in the Municipality of North Cypress-Lang­ford four miles northeast of Carberry, MB.  
Between the 25th of January and the 27th of January, a snowmobile /hunting cabin on a the property was ransacked and approximately $1000 worth of items were stolen.  Among the items taken were:
• A yellow Champion brand gasoline generator.
• A “Selkirk" style chimney consisting of three sections of the chimney as well as the lid.
•  A variety of camping style plastic/paper plates and cups
• A pair of camouflage designed coveralls
• About a dozen rounds of .22 ammunition (NO FIREARMS)
• Four frying pans
• Glasses and ceramic dishes 
RCMP attended the cabin to conduct their investigation. The investigation is ongoing and there are no suspects at this time.
 Anyone with information on this matter is encouraged to contact the Blue Hills RCMP - Brandon Detachment at 204 726 7522. 
If you wish to remain Anonymous call: Manitoba Crime Stoppers toll free at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or submit: a source tip online or text "TIPMAN" plus your message to CRIMES (274637). If your information leads to an arrest and charge, you may be eligible for a cash reward up to $2000.

Council members air concerns during AMM visit

posted Feb 6, 2017, 8:27 AM by Kathy Carr

When representatives of your lobby group come to visit, it is a chance to express your concerns about what could be done better, and also what is being done well. On Wednesday, February 1, members of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) executive paid a visit to the Town of Carberry and the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford. 
The AMM is the group that, for the most part, presents the concerns of the municipalities to the Province of Manitoba. Visiting the council cham­bers in Carberry were: AMM President, Chris Goertzen (and Mayor of Steinbach), Vice-Presi­dent Ralph Groening (also Reeve of Morris RM) and Joe Masi (Executive Director). Also, “wearing two hats” that day, was Mayor Stuart Olmstead, who is the Western District Direc­tor of the AMM. Representing the two councils (besides Mayor Olmstead) were Lin Mann and Jaime Mac­Gregor for the town and Reeve Adriaansen, Ray Drayson and Harold Tol­ton for the municipality.
The discussion was started on a positive note. “What is going right? What good things are happening?” asked Goer­tzen. Mayor Olms­tead reported on the recent “Winterfest” and the positive effect it has on the community. Reeve Adriaan­sen felt that, although it has been a tremendous learning cur­ve, and challenging for the staff, that amalgamation of North Cyp­ress and Langford has gone fairly well. 
With services and recreation being drawn in  two directions (some being fulfilled by Car­berry and some by Neepawa) there are difficulties, but people have risen to the challenge. Goertzen noted that more objections were raised by the way amalgamation was forced on municipalities, than the amalgamations themselves.
Speaking for the rural community, Adriaansen noted the challenges for councils: keeping up the roads (many have spread and widened) and also making roads to accommodate the larger and heavier machinery involved with modern agriculture.
Olmstead noted the challenge of preparing to expand the lagoon in the future to accommodate a growing community.  The preparation, planning, studies and engineering to come will take time and effort from Council. Councillor MacGregor noted the extra regulations invol­ved with manning the waste transfer station with such things as “work alone policies” and specific training needed to operate the dump.
Goertzen noted that they currently have a “red tape” survey out to their members whose mission it is to collect information and practical information as how to mitigate the barriers to implementing regulations at a reasonable cost. Olmstead noted that trying to move the zone of control for highways, so that all the highways within the town limits are under control of the town is another long-time and drawn out process.
Adriaansen noted an oncoming provincial concern with the lack of information on a carbon tax. He felt that if it was a straight increase to fuel prices that it would impact the farming community very negatively, but also agricultural industries which need to ship product and materials. Goertzen noted that they have not yet brought in a method to implement it, but they are keeping those concerns before the provincial government.
There was lengthy discussion around health care and the difficulty in attracting and retaining doctors in rural communities. While having been told that our community is “better off than some” when in discussion with the RHA, it still doesn’t make the current situation acceptable. Communities without emergency service need to have assured ambulance available, and not have the ambulances tied up doing transfers. A stretcher service has been suggested – and while the situation has improved somewhat, it would be better if ambulances were not taken doing non-urgent transfers. Councils expressed their appreciation for the STARS ambulance service, and regret that we have had to use it fairly often in the community.
Also discussed at length was the role of the volunteer fire department. With the RCMP having to look after such a large area, an accident scene often has the fire department first on site. They do not have the authority to “yellow tape” a scene, and people often call in to report the same scene several times, which must be responded to. “How many times can workers leave their employment? And how many times can employers afford to let fire members attend?” asked Adriaan­sen who had nothing but praise for the Carberry North Cypress-Langford Dept. and their level of professionalism.
Groening noted that they were working on compensation for securing a site. Council also brought forward another concern – that to license and insure the new fire truck will cost the ratepayers some $25,000. 
Both Mayor Olmstead and Reeve Adriaansen’s brought up a concern faced by many farmers in the area – the school tax rebate on the farmland. The capping of this rebate (at $5000) has cost local farmers thousands of dollars. In North Cypress-Lang­ford, the increase in value of farm properties has outstripped the growth of all other properties, making the proportion of school tax paid by farms, even higher.
Goertzen noted that Manitoba’s tax system is antiquated in this regard, and they much prefer the “80/20” rule – 80% on residential, 20% on properties. They feel that the present government, which has broad rural support, is much more open to those concerns. However, this is hampered by the financial problem they inherited, and there is not a lot of room to give up sources of income at the present. Olmstead brought up the “red tape” around the hall and having to have security for every event that has liquor.   This has become quite a struggle and expense for the renters of the hall and has had an impact on the community.
Council thanked the AMM Executive for attending and listening to their concerns in a one on one meeting.  It was an amicable morning’s discussion and council members can be assured that their concerns are being taken seriously and being relayed to the next layer of government.

by Gloria Mott

Front Page for Monday, February 6, 2017

posted Feb 6, 2017, 8:24 AM by Kathy Carr

Joint Council - Concerns from citizens over trial dump closure

posted Jan 30, 2017, 9:43 AM by Kathy Carr

The trial Monday dump closure has generated a few concerns from citizens, but the councils and office staff will continue to monitor whether it works for people using the Carberry Waste Transfer Station. The Councils of the Town of Carberry and the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford met on Monday, January 23, in the Council Chambers with Mayor Stu Olmstead in the chair.
Two residents exp­ressed their concern that the Monday closure would have several negative effects, namely, cause more random garbage deposits on roadsides, encourage more burning of gar­bage, and cause more loading of rural garbage in the town dumpsters. Another expressed the difficulty of getting rid of garbage when leaving town, if one has to wait from Saturday until Wednesday to get rid of refuse.
Residents in proximity to the town only have the option of taking their garbage to Carberry since the removal of several rural dumpsters. This was done because of the misuse of the dumpsters - at the Car­berry site, they are monitored.
CAO Jones noted that the reduction of service was not just a money-saving move, but was as a result of interviews with exiting employees, who stated that on Mondays there is very little activity. 
General business
The MMAA sent a copy of the new by-law enforcement act, which is in force, as of December. This will allow the by-laws to be enforced without the use of the court system. Municipalities will have to update their by-laws to align them with the new enforcement act.
CAO Jones stated that several municipalities could work together to hire an officer or adjudicator to make the cost of enforcement more equitable.
The old fire hall is being used for storage: for the municipalities, the fire department, handivan, and also a local business (that pays rent to house their equipment). Carberry pays all the other costs for the building and Councils discussed whether these costs could be shared.
Councillor John Anderson noted that that building was due for a structural assessment, due to its age.
The AMM executive is visiting Council on February 1. Councils will meet jointly with them.
Shane McCulloch was hired as Parks and Recreation labourer, with wages set and jointly shared.
Council discussed the need for more (office) storage space for several areas of municipal work and possible solutions. Updates were given on annual personnel reviews.

Building repairs
The foundation of the old municipal office has developed a leak. An examination by a contractor has resulted in a hefty repair estimate for that problem. However, realizing that there is a strong possibility there will be other problems found when they start digging around the building with a backhoe, they allocated $15,000 to repair the foundation.
The councils also allocated $3000 to fix the eavestroughing on the Drop-In Centre.
There were seven major items on the Building Committee’s “to do” list. However, there is no set funding for the bottom four, and if they are to take place, the individual boards will have to develop a plan to finance them.

Committee Reports
Community Development
 Exploratory work is continuing on the old bank building; Chris­tmas shop local promotion went well, with two happy winners of Carberry bucks Brad Strain and Lori Scott.
The Museum is looking for new members and would be happy to work to have more people on board with an interest in local heritage (Contact Gloria at 834-2668). Members are working on rebuilding the east porch of the Gingerbread House (thanks to the Carberry and Area Community Foundation for the grant).
The Archives Board is also the recipient of a CACF grant and have purchased a microfilm reader.
Arts Council 
Winter classes’ registration is in full swing. Cooking classes for kids are a huge hit and others being offered. Events for later in the spring are also being discussed.
The Arts Council is working on their budget as the past year they had a deficit.
Recreation Director, Andrew Smith reported on details for the Winterfest, which took place after the report, but just prior to the joint meeting. Atten­dance at some events was not as robust as expected, but well received at others. Being the first year of an event, this was a learning process and the councils commended Smith for his hard work and promotional efforts.
The attendance of Andrew Smith and Grady Stephenson to attend the Rec Con­nec­tions Con­ference on Feb­ruary 3-16 in Win­nipeg was app­roved.
There are also some parent-toddler courses being run. Beach volleyball and Healthy Living Ambassador for June are all on the horizon. Hunter safety, healthy living and confidence programs, and basketball for 5-7 year olds are also in the works.
Fire department
In December there were 11 calls (three false alarms). Mem­bers are upgrading their training in several areas. There was excellent support for the firemen’s ball.
The representatives are the same, and Councillor Norm Camp­­bell is the chair.
Evergreen Environmental: 
The wheel loader needs to be replaced. The site will stay open until 8:00 p.m. on Thursdays. There is a committee for gasification, and Councillors Drayson and J. Ander­son are on it.
Flowers will be provided by Pine Haven Farms. A new mower has been purchased.
Service for Seniors/Handivan
 Transportation gets done with great volunteer drivers. Coming up will be a 55 Alive driver’s review course, as well as other elder educational programs.
Driving requests remain constant. The meat raffle netted a good profit for the Seniors, and Bob Toma was the big winner.
CAO report
The office has been painted and three windows replaced. A student has been in the office as a part of a work experience program, completing 100 hours in the office – and was a great help.  
Parks, Facilities and Sanitation
Trees are being priced for the new recreation area to act as a perimeter break as well as a divider for the campground. A draft copy of the lagoon feasibility study has been received.

Added & Around the table
CAO Jones gave a report on the Labatt Better Together Charity that will provide grants for social needs. Council was encouraged to seek more information on this new charity.
Municipal Office signage: Council agreed to erect a 3.5 x 8 sign with the updated names – Town of Carberry and Municipality of North Cypress-Langford.
Carberry will again be hosting the Manitoba Weeds seminar, March 22 and council were encouraged to attend. In June, Carberry will be hosting the June District meeting.
Councillor Ray Drayson gave information on the expansion of the Neepawa Medical Clinic (breaking ground soon). This will make room for six or seven new offices.
CAO Jones read out cards of thanks regarding donations.
Adjournment followed. Next council meetings will be: Car­berry: February 14; North Cypress-Lang-f­ord: February 13; Joint meeting, February 27.

by Gloria Mott

Front page for Monday, January 30, 2017

posted Jan 30, 2017, 9:40 AM by Kathy Carr

Anderson Enjoys Youth Parliament Session

posted Jan 9, 2017, 8:25 AM by Kathy Carr

Taren Anderson (17), grade 12 student at Carberry Collegiate, just completed her second year at the Manitoba Youth Parliament (95th session), December 26-31. She really enjoyed the experience and would like to return in 2017 for a third session and hopes to become a Cabinet Minister.
Taren is a very talented, versatile student who is on the Collegiate Honor Roll (88%), a member of the senior Reach for the Top Team and will attend the Westman Honor Band workshop at Brandon University in February as part of the trumpet section.
How do you become a member of the Youth Parliament at the Mani­toba Legislative Assem­bly? One must apply by a certain date and then will receive an information package about dress code, parliamentary procedures and committee information on two bills. Sixty seven students participated in the 2016 Youth Parliament.
Taren applied for two reasons; to meet new people and she thought it would be an interesting experience . 
The students were billeted at Kelvin High School where they had a cafeteria. They were res­ponsible for their own bedding with the girls on the second floor and the boys on the basement. 
Two bills which really interested Taren and al­lowed her to be better informed were plural marriage and military act. 
Manitoba Youth Par­lia­ment is non-partisan and includes members with different backgrounds.
Taren is interested in attending a third session with Youth Parliament. She would really like to be a Cabinet Minister for Rural Development. 
She said that more friends were made during her second year due partly to greater members of females. 
Urban members with rigid ideas and views dominate the Youth Parlia­ment. Membership is basically for people 16-20 years, although some cabinet members may be up to 25 years of age. 
Taren who is the daughter of Reid and Judy, recommends this opportunity to other young people.
Following graduation, she would like to pursue a post secondary education with the possibility of a career in web design.
by Gladwyn Scott

RCMP Report - Six separate traffic collisions on December 1

posted Jan 9, 2017, 8:24 AM by Kathy Carr

RCMP Blue Hills Area - report for the month of December 2016. Police responded to approximately 195 requests for assistance, occurrences and traffic infractions or collisions during the past month; for the Town of Car­berry, Municipality North Cypress-Lang­ford and the Munici­pality of Glenboro-South Cypress.
December 1  
Six separate non-injury traffic collisions; one 911 hang up call; six speeding offences and one liquor act offence.
 December 4
Police are advised that a suspicious male attended the Carberry Motor Inn and was asking pat­rons if they had cocaine on them and wanted people to empty their pockets. The complainant was concerned the male would cause a disturbance if the customers became upset with him. He left shortly after police were con­tacted. Extensive patrols were completed with negative results. There were no further complaints in this regard. 
December 5
An abandoned home located off Highway #1 near Road 95W was noted to be on fire by a passing motorist who reported same through 911. The home belonged to Fair­way Colony who advised that there were no occupants in the bui­l­ding and no electricity connected to the structure. It is un­known if there was foul play involved. 
December 10
Souris RCMP members conducted a traffic stop on 1st Avenue in Carberry in the late evening. The driver, a 20-year-old male from the Mac­Gregor area was found to have an administrative suspension on his licence for non-payment. He was also subject to zero BAC while driving.  
A roadside sample resulted in a "warn." He was given a 72 hour driving suspension and the vehicle he was operating was impounded accordingly. He also received an offence notice for driving while suspended. 

December 13
A Carberry resident reports the theft of his truck overnight. The truck was parked in the lot of his apartment block the night before. App­roxi­mately $500 in tools were kept in the vehicle. The vehicle was later located west of Brandon and had been destroyed by fire. The matter is unsolved at time of this report. 
Police were advised of an erratic driver on Highway #1 in the early evening hours. The complainant advised a Jeep Liberty was driving all over the road in a dangerous manner and was concerned for the driver.  Police located the vehicle, the young female driver failed to provide her licence to police. Licence validation checks revealed she could not operate a motor vehicle without a supervising driver. The witness provided police with a statement. Police issued the driver with several offence notices; drive carelessly, fail to produce drivers licence and operate a class 5 vehicle without a supervising driver. The vehicle was subsequently towed. 

December 14
A resident in the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford reports his Ford F150 was stolen from his property as well as a cattle trailer that had been attached to the truck. The truck was left unlocked with the ignition keys inside the cab. The trailer was abandoned a mile north of the location on the roadway and was retrieved by the owner. The truck was recovered five days later in the Sandy Bay area.

December 16
A flat deck trailer, loaded with irrigation equipment worth $15 to $20,000 was stolen from a property in the Munici­pality of North Cypress-Langford. Some of the equipment was recovered by the owner as items had fallen off the trailer when it was being driven away by the suspects. At the time of this report, the trailer had not been located. 
A Carberry resident advises he noticed his orange 2010 Polaris Ran­ger was no longer in his back yard. He last noticed it at the beginning of the month. It is believed the theft occur­red before the first large snowfall in Decem­ber. The vehicle has not been recovered. 
A business truck belonging to a local farming business was stolen during the night. The incident occurred at ap­proximately 4:00 a.m.  On December 22nd, the truck was located in the Sandy Bay area and was abandoned on the roadway. The vehicle was examined for forensic evidence with negative results. 

December 20
A truck was stolen overnight from the same farming business that was victim to a theft on December 16th. The incident occurred before midnight and the suspects walked into the yard from a roadway. An older truck was taken and driven off the property. The truck was abandoned in the RM of Cameron in the Delo­raine area. The vehicle was left at the scene of a break and enter to a hunting shack where items were stolen from the building. 

December 22
A business in Carberry reports three persons entered the store the pre­vious day and shoplifted approximately $300 wor­th of items. Video sur­veillance shows the two females and one ma­le walking to different areas within the store.  One female could be seen placing an item in her backpack. They then exited the store and left in a vehicle. There is corresponding evidence that the same persons are involved in other shoplifting incidents within the Westman region. 

December 27
Police conducted a traffic stop in Carberry in the early morning of this date due to an obscured licence plate. The driver admitted to having consumed alcohol earlier. An ASD test resulted in a fail and the driver was placed under arrest for impaired operation of a motor vehicle. He was pro­cessed and charged accor­ding­ly. There were several other occupants in the truck. Most were very cooperative and polite toward police. One occupant refused to comply with police when reques­ted to exit the vehicle and identify himself. ­Subsequently the young adult male was arrested for obstruc­tion. The vehicle was towed and impounded. The passengers who were cooperative were assisted in obtaining a safe ride. The young male who refused to cooperate was issued a promise to appear in court. 
Police attended Glen­boro at 5:30 a.m., to a complaint of a domestic as­sault. The female complainant advised she had been assaulted by a recent ex-boyfriend at his residence in Glenboro. Police attended to the female's residence to obtain further information when the subject also attended and exhibited signs of being assaulted as well. Sub­sequently both were placed under arrest for assault and released on a promise to appear with an undertaking. 

December 28
An adult male attends Carberry Detachment to report he was assaulted at a home the evening of December 26th in the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford. The complainant described the incident and subsequent injuries to po­l­ice. Several witnesses were identified and interviewed as well as the subject of complaint. The matter remains under investigation. 
A resident in the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford reports his quad was stolen from his property. He had kept it stored in a tarp sided shed. The vehicle was last seen on November 30th.  It is described as a green 2011 Kawasaki Brute Force quad. 

December 29
A resident in the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford reports his blue 2003 GMC Sierra truck was stolen from his property over­night. The residence and garage had also been entered. Stolen were a pellet gun, a winch, a Samsung television and an XBox 360 gaming console. Another vehicle was abandoned on his property. This abandoned vehicle had been reported stolen on December 25th in the RM of Elton. 

December 30
A resident of the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford woke up at 5:00 a.m. when his dog started barking. He looked out the window to see his pickup truck being driven out of the driveway. The truck then got stuck in the snow at the end of the lane. A lone person exited the vehicle and ran to another vehicle waiting on the road. The truck was not dam­aged. The doors were left unlocked and the keys were left inside the vehicle. The subjects wallet which was in the vehicle was stolen. 
Residents in Brookdale noted suspicious vehicles and persons in their yard at 3:30 in the morning of this date. The suspects were peering into vehicles with flashlights. All the vehicles had been locked and the suspects subsequently left the yard. 
Another resident re­ports his unlocked garage was entered during the night. The vehicles within were gone through, coins, sunglasses and other small items were taken. The suspects also attempted to enter a locked shed but were unsuccessful.

RCMP Major Crimes Unit and Forensic Iden­tification Unit are both involved with the investigations into the rash of vehicle thefts and break and enters in the area.  Police are hopeful that the crimes that appear to be linked to each other will lead us to those whom are respon­sible. The assistance of the public in providing in­for­mation with respect to any suspicious activity or persons is appreciated. 
RCMP are asking anyone with information on these or other un­solved crimes, to contact the Carberry RCMP at (204) 834-2905 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, submit a secure tip online at or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to CRIMES (274637). 
 Authorized by:
Cst. SMITH A i/c Carberry Detachment

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