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Town Council - Planning Officer McEntee brings several scenarios to Council

posted Nov 20, 2017, 11:28 AM by Kathy Carr

Carberry is blessed to have continued growth and building within the community. Carberry Town Council saw evidence of this at the November 14 meeting. Mayor Stuart Olmstead chaired the meeting with all in attendance, including Planning Officer, John McEntee, and citizen Wayne Blair.
McEntee brought several scenarios to the table. Some are official applications and some are ideas that he was seeking Council’s opinion on.
An eight-plex in the north end (Bark­man/ Koop) is seeking to place an 8’ x 12’ mac­hinery shed in the north­west corner of their property. Because they want to conserve as much parking space as possible, the request was to vary the setback distance from the side and rear property lines from five feet to one foot. The building will be around 60 feet from the main apartment building.
Council did not have a problem with this variation, and after sitting as a variation board, where they learned there were no objections to this proposal, they adjourned the board and gave approval.
Two unofficial proposals were brought forward by McEntee, from a local developer. He requested a letter of support for developing a property on Selkirk St. that had been discussed by Council earlier in the year as an “in fill” development. Council had not objections as long as it is compliant with the by-laws and “in style” with the community.
The second unofficial proposal involves a property on Fanny St. Because the property is very long, McEntee proposes to create a flag-shaped property, in which the ‘pole’ of the flag becomes the lane to the property behind the current residence. The existing house would meet all requirements, and the new property could also be compliant, except its frontage would be the 24’ of lane.
Council were not enthused about this proposal. Councillor John Anderson had concerns about finding the property with emergency vehicles. What address would it have? As the ‘lane’ would be private property, the homeowner would be responsible for clearing snow to ensure access, and some council members could see ongoing issues with that.
Discussion segued into snow clearing from properties such as apartments, which have limited place to push the snow. The snow is not allowed to be pushed onto the public road, or onto a neighbouring property.
A concern brought forward to the Council table in regards to lighting was also debated.  When a light from a property is shining in a neighbour’s living room, can it be called a nuisance and be legislated to remove or alter it?  McEntee helped Council with some research, there are a certain number of nuisances listed in the town by-laws (noise, smells, mess etc.) but excessive light pollution is not one of them. Some council members felt that purchasing a blind is sometimes the most effective solution. Ot­hers felt that the owner should be required to either put a shade on the light or point it in a different direction. Council has the option of adding excessive light pollution to the list of nuisances, but then again, who defines what is excessive?

Unfinished business
Council approved the attendance of Lin Mann to attend the David Irvine Course on November 2 in Win­nipeg (hotel and seminar costs). 
Mayor Olmstead reminded council that seminars are best pre-approved, so that proper arrangements can be made.
Council approved Trish Fraser to attend Land Titles/Property Re­gistry Training on November 15 in Bran­don, shared 50/50 with North Cypress-Lang­ford.
Keith Loney, Fire Chief, was appointed as the “local assistant” under the Fire Protection and Emergency Res­ponse Act. This will give him authorities to act and delegate in an emergency situation.

Other business
Public Works: there was some discussion regarding upcoming meetings and contract talks for the end of the year. Ryan George was hired as an indefinite term position and his wages set.
The Santa Claus parade will be on December 2nd. Coun­cillor Mann contacted Shilo about participating. 
Council has received a request from a rural resident that wishes to hook into the sewer line from the Oliver subdivision.
Council had concerns about this request. Be­cause they are rural residents, they are under no obligation to service them but being so close to sewer services this may become an ongoing issue. Council will further discuss this, resear­ch various options and canvas affected parties in the near future.
With municipal elections coming in 2018, councils are putting people in place to get the job done. The enumerator position has tentatively been filled. The SEO (senior elections officer) must be named, and council is looking at options for this. They will advertise the position and see what interest there is.

Mayor Olmstead will attend and speak at the November 16th workshop in regards to the soy processing proposal for Western Manitoba. Carberry Council is part of the contingent that is lobbying to bring such a facility to the area. Carberry has many strong attributes that will work in it's favour if and when there is an interested company that wishes to proceed.
The Justice Depart­ment sent a review of what they see as policing priorities. Coun­cillor MacGregor questioned whether they are meeting with the RCMP at the convention, and what issues are they raising? She felt that to meet with no agenda is a waste of her time and disrespectful to the police.
CAO Jones noted that the role of community policing will be just one item of discussion. 
In the ‘around the table’ session, Coun­cillor John Anderson pressed the group about fundraising for the new recreation facility. He noted that if they do not want all the money raised through taxes, they had better get started.
A complaint was received about the width of Charles Drive. The resident felt it was too narrow for trucks and trailers and wide loads. CAO Jones noted that it was a standard-sized width.
The snow removal contract is in, for the town clearing roads that are the jurisdiction of Manitoba Highways (e.g. Main St.) It was noted that the “per inch of snow” payment has not changed for a few years.
Accounts totalling $759,211.19 were app­roved for payment. This included almost $400,000 for the Beautiful Plains School Division.
Some time was spent setting a date for a meeting to start on the 2018 budget. Next town meeting will be on December 12. The November/ December joint meeting will be held December 4.
by Gloria Mott

Municipal Council - Winds greatly affected weed spraying this year

posted Nov 20, 2017, 11:27 AM by Kathy Carr

2017 proved to be a difficult year for spraying. Weed supervisor, Keith Loney admitted that there was a lot he could not do this year because of the wind. 
The Council of the Munici­pality of North Cypress-Langford met on Novem­ber 13, 2017, with Deputy Reeve, Ray Drayson in the chair (Reeve Adriaan­sen arriving later).
He reported mostly on changes in the Langford area of the municipality, where he felt that the spraying he was doing for leafy spurge did seem to be exhibiting some control over the noxious weed. The spray approved for application over the aquifer, is called Navius, but is very expensive ($7,000 per case).
He also reported on the use of the new truck. He has a problem seeing to the end of where it is spraying, so he prefers to use the old truck when he is next to crops. The truck does have computerized features (GPS) and keeps track of where applications have been made. However, he noted that to print the information off is paper prohibitive (taking seven or more pages), so he can save the information to a memory stick, and submit that to the province.
Asked if it would be helpful to have a student, he noted that on a year like 2017, when there was so much wind – it would not have been helpful. However, on a normal year, it would be very good. Both trucks would have to be in use, or perhaps a student could do some spot spraying.
There were positive comments about the spring conference which has been held in Carberry for the past few years. Council approved his attendance at the December 6-8 conference in Winnipeg. 

Planning Officer, John McEntee was in attendance. He brought forward a 12” irrigation pipe and electrical ac­ross the intersection of 59N and 75W from NE 28-10-13 to SW 34-10-13, and also the installation of electrical across 59N (S. Wiebe). Council gave approval.
There was also a road crossing application for Spud Plains Farms to install an 8” irrigation water line across 64N from NW 20-11-14W (Scott) to Pt SW 29-11-14W (Fisher), from NW 20-11-14W to SW 29-11-14W. The installation will be at least three feet below the lowest point of the crossing to the top of the pipe, and sleeved the full width of the municipal right of way.
It was asked whether the owners of leased property are included in the agreement, and McEntee indicated that they must sign the easement agreement.
The last road crossing was for Riverbend Colony, a crossing from SW 2-10-13 to NW 35-9-13 (Harrison). It will also be sleeved under the municipal road. 
McEntee was asked by the applicant if all directionally bored cros­sings must be sleeved. Council was in agreement that crossings under developed roads should be sleeved. This protects the road in case there is a waterline break, and council felt it should be policy.

Election by-law
The by-law setting up the six wards in North Cypress-Langford was given second reading.

Other business
The council approved Trish Fraser to attend a Land Titles/Property Re­gis­try Training Nov­em­ber 15 in Brandon, cost shared by NCL and Carberry.
Council hired Danny Parker as garbage truck operator and set his wage. It was pointed out that currently the truck is being serviced due to wheel problems.
Cummins Sales and Service were approved at a cost of $8144.81 to maintain the 150K genset at 515 4th Avenue (fire reservoir) from August 2017 to July 2020.
Council approved the cost of $129,874.50 to Capital I as part of their grader purchase. This provided a new quick attachment in exchange for the ones that came with the grader, for each new grader.
The water tender for the Jackson Sumner line is now in the paper.
Council also app­roved the removal of an invoice for snowplowing, which was wrongly billed to a resident, when the plowing was actually on municipal road.
Four unpaid accounts (for snowplowing and one for tipping fees) in the amount of 146.50 were added to taxes.
Council discussed a water bill for which payment was refused, due to a third party using the water. Council felt that the bill should still go to the property owner, and it is up to that owner to collect part of the water bill from the third party. 
They also discussed a concern in regards to a property owner that was unhappy with the taxes on her property because she is not living on the property, and so does not use any of the services covered in the tax bill. The amount of taxes is based on the value of the property, not whether you use the services.
Arrangements were made for participation in the Neepawa and Car­berry Christmas parades. Councillor Tolton will ask the fire personnel if they will take the fire truck to Neepawa as well.

Beautiful Plains Com­munity Medical Clinic sent an update on rec­ruit­ment. Since 2010, four doctors have been recruited, one of which is starting in 2018.
Cypress Planning District reported that the Bowley subdivision is complete.
Council was invited to attend the Soybean Building Opportunities workshop November 16. Council will be represented by NADCO.
There was a request for sponsorship and fun­ding for “Katie Cares” which offers a place for families of patients undergoing surgery at Boundary Trails Hos­pital. Although it was pointed out that many local people receive surgery at that hospital, council deferred a decision on whether to offer support, as they do not want to set a precedent.
Notice was received from Altus Geomatics of a survey monument being restored.
Westlake Employ­ment Services sent a request for a letter of sup­port, which has al­ready been given.
AMM sent information on the upcoming distribution and retail of cannabis. Some council members felt it should be dispensed through the Manitoba Liquor Com­mission.
RCMP sent occurrence stats for Langford.
TransCanada Pipe­lines sent information about land use around pipel­ines.

Around the table
Councillor Hockin noted that a corner will be fixed up to improve visibility. He also reported on a road that had been built by a ratepayer, that is not up to municipal standards.
Councillor Davidson questioned the status on the quest for a by-law enforcement officer. CAO Jones reported that it looks like the person may be a “Community Policing Officer.” Their areas of authority are broader than a by-law enforcement officer. There are currently four municipalities actively involved in the process: Carberry, Glenboro-South Cypress, Mac­Gregor and Elton. Neepawa is not interested at the time discussions were held.
The scheme would share the officer, possibly one day per week in each municipality, with some of the cost being recouped by fines. There was some concern that if cost is being recovered by fines, then the policing would be focused on those areas that will generate revenue rather than on local problems.
It was pointed out that the community policing would not replace the RCMP. Davidson knew of a person that could be interested in the position. The work on this is ongoing.
Reeve Adriaansen noted that the tender for the garbage contract should be out as quickly as possible.
CAO Jones brought forward requests for Christmas Ads. An ad in the Neepawa Banner was approved, but on NAC TV was not.
After some discussion, retroactive app­roval was given for Councillor Campbell to attend the D. Irvine seminar in Winnipeg, which included a hotel room. Camp­bell gave a report on the seminar, which he felt was worthwhile.
Reeve Adriannsen expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Royal Canadian Legion, Carberry and Neepawa, for the ceremonies on November 11. He ins­tructed CAO Jones to write a letter.
Accounts totaling $8,291,449.18 were approved for payment. The lion’s share of these payments was for the payment of school taxes.
This meeting was one of the shorter ones for the municipality, but the stayed on for an in camera session regarding personnel issues. 
The joint meeting for Novem­ber will be postponed to December 4, due to the AMM convention in late Novem­ber. 
The next regular meeting will be on  December 11.
by Gloria Mott

Front Page for Monday, November 20, 2017

posted Nov 20, 2017, 11:26 AM by Kathy Carr

Endow Manitoba 24-Hour Giving Challenge

posted Nov 14, 2017, 11:33 AM by Kathy Carr

There’s never been a better time to help our community flourish forever! Carberry and Area Community Foundation encourages residents of Carberry and Area to make a gift on Saturday, Nov. 18 as part of the Endow Manitoba 24-Hour Giving Challenge. 
On that day only, each $5 gift you make becomes $7! The Winnipeg Foundation will stretch each $5 gift made to the CACF Community General Fund with $1. 
New this year! The Province of Manitoba will also contribute $1 for every $5 gift. This is the biggest stretch ever available during the 24-Hour Giving Challenge! 
Online gifts can be made securely through Contact Carberry and Area Community Foundation for more giving options. 
“This is a great opportunity to support Carberry and Area Community Foundation,” says Brianna Renwick, Executive Director of CACF. “Of course, we welcome gifts at any time, but giving on Saturday, Nov. 18 means extra support. We’re so excited to see what our community can accomplish!” 
Gifts made on Saturday, Nov. 18 will help grow Carberry and Area Community Foundation’s capacity to support a wide range of charitable projects in Carberry and Area for generations to come. Donations to a community foundation are pooled and permanently invested. Gifts are never spent and the money will always stay in the community. Every year, these investments generate money that is distributed to support local charitable needs. Community foundations provide support that lasts forever. Manitoba is home to 55 community foundations – more than any other area of the country. Every year, these foundations invest millions of dollars into a wide range of local charitable projects. They help ensure our hometowns are vibrant and thriving. For more information visit or contact Carberry and Area Community Foundation at or 204-476-0075. 

RCMP Report - Cash register stolen at CMI

posted Nov 14, 2017, 11:32 AM by Kathy Carr

RCMP Blue Hills Area, report for the month of October, 2017.  Members responded to 292 incidents or occurrences, including traffic related enforcement, in the Town of Carberry, RM North Cypress-Langford and the Municipality of Glenboro-South Cypress;
October 1st;
A vehicle was stopped for speeding on Highway #1 in the early afternoon.  The vehicle was travelling at a rate of speed of 130 km/hr in a 100 km/hr zone.  Police observed two open cases of beer and an open bottle of alcohol.  The drivers breath emanated an odour of alcohol and he was asked to submit a sample of breath roadside which resulted in a Warn.  Along with a 72 hour driving suspension, the young adult driver was issued offence notices for Speeding, $442.75, and Liquor and Gaming Control Act $237.50. 

Later in the afternoon police stop another vehicle on Highway #1 for travelling at a speed of 120 km/hr in a 100 km/hr zone.  A strong odour of perfume emanated from the vehicle when police approached the driver, who was very nervous.  A roadside breath sample was taken and the driver resulted in a Fail.  The driver was taken back to the Detachment to submit breath samples which resulted in readings of 160 mgs%.  The vehicle was towed and impounded.  The young adult was charged accordingly and plead guilty on her first appearance in court.  She received a one year driving prohibition and a fine of $1690. 
October 7th;
Police were called to a collision at the intersection of Hwy #1 and Hwy #5 involving two vehicles.  Witnesses to the collision state that a northbound SUV failed to yield the right of way to a westbound car.  The two vehicles collided, fortunately only minor injuries were sustained by a passenger of the SUV.  An offence notice was issued to the driver of the SUV from Carberry for failing to yield the right of way. 
October 8th;
Police were advised of a disturbance at the campground in Carberry on 3rd Avenue.  The complainant had been kept awake most of the night as the neighbouring camper had a party.  Now that it was morning, the vehicles were starting to leave and the complainant was afraid they may be intoxicated.  Police were able to intercept and found the drivers were not impaired.  The complainant was satisfied with the outcome. 
October 11th;
Police were called to the Treesbank Colony as concerned residents were reporting an intoxicated male.  Police attended and removed the adult male from the residence and subsequently lodged him until he was sober. 
October 12th;
A break and enter was reported to  residence in the RM of North Cypress-Langford, having occurred within the previous three days.  A window was broken on a door allowing the suspect(s) to gain entry.  Firearms were stolen from the residence.  The matter remains under investigation.   
October 13th;
Two private shops in the RM of North Cypress-Langford were broken into, having occurred within the previous two days.  A few items were stolen from within the shop which included a pressure washer, propane cutting torch, a Makita drill set and a Makita side grinder. 
Apples Esso at Glenboro reports a gas and dash had just occurred at 3:00pm as the suspect driver filled his tank with $27 worth of fuel and quickly left the parking lot heading west.   A licence plate was obtained and the police contacted the owner who in turn contacted the person using her vehicle that day.  The outstanding balance was paid back to the gas station and the matter was resolved without charges. 
October 17th;
A break and enter at the Glenboro Pharmacy was reported to police having occurred in the early morning hours.  Evidence has been gathered and the matter remains under investigation.
A residential property in the RM of North Cypress-Langford was broken into.  Numerous tools were stolen.  It is believed that this break and enter occurred at the same time as a previously reported incident, however was not discovered for a few days.  The matter remains under investigation. 
October 18th;
In the early hours of this date, a Carberry resident reports seeing two males exit a vehicle and urinate in the middle of the street.  A licence plate was obtained.  The registered owner was located however would not return calls.  The matter has been concluded.    The same vehicle was noted on another street in Carberry when two males were noted inside the vehicle.  When a resident exited his home, the vehicle left promptly. 
Police were called to a structure fire in the RM of North Cypress-Langford.  A Ford pickup truck appeared to have been deliberately driven into an abandoned home.  Both the truck and the home were on fire.  The truck was completely destroyed, with only the frame left.  After further investigation it was learned the truck had been stolen from Brandon the previous day. 
October 24th;
The Carberry Motor Inn reports the theft of a cash register from the vendor area.  The theft occurred during normal business hours and contained a large quantity of cash.  Police are reviewing the evidence located and the matter remains under investigation.
October 28th;
The Sandhills Golf and Country Club was broken into during the late evening of this date.  Entry was gained by smashing a window.  Once inside the suspect(s) stole the cash register and rummaged through the beer fridge. The register did not contain any cash. 
October 30th;
A vehicle was stolen near the Camp Hughes rest stop area on Highway #1 in the afternoon of this date.  The owner's had parked the vehicle while they went for a walk as they looked at rural property to purchase.  They returned 20 minutes later to discover the truck had been stolen.  The keys had been left inside the truck.   OnStar located the vehicle near Portage the next day.  Their personal credit cards had been used to make minor purchases.  The matter remains under investigation. 
October 31st;
A private structure on a rural property in the RM of North Cypress-Langford was entered during the night.  Two Polaris quads were taken from within the unlocked shed.  One is described as a blue 2017 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 and the other being a blue 2016 Polaris Razor with Manitoba Plate 3J411.
RCMP are asking anyone with information regarding any unsolved crime to contact the Carberry RCMP at (204) 834-2905 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477, submit a secure tip online at or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to CRIMES (274637)
Authorized by;
Cpl. Jennifer McKinnon
NCO i/c, Carberry Detachment

Front Page for Monday, November 13, 2017

posted Nov 14, 2017, 11:31 AM by Kathy Carr

Emma Denton’s Big Idea

posted Oct 30, 2017, 9:32 AM by Kathy Carr

“What’s the Big Idea” event was held at the Carberry Hall on Thurs­day, October 19. Emma’s business is unique and one of a kind. Her business is called Emma Denton Creations and she creates and produces custom made-to-measure bras that meet her client’s individual needs. Emma makes ALL sizes and strives to create the best possible fit for her clients. She wants to ensure they are comfortable, supported and feel great. Emma has a rainbow of colours and exquisite laces, we can design the bra of your dreams, and fit it to your unique body!
When Emma first saw the poster advertising for “What’s the Big Idea” on Facebook, she knew it would be a great opportunity to launch her business. She also thought it would be very interesting to see the other ideas that people had and to find out more about the small business community in Car­berry and the surrounding area.
When asked what her experience was like at the event, Emma said that as a new entrepreneur and business owner she was  nervous about the idea of presenting her business idea and plans to the public and a panel of judges.  Emma said that as soon as she walked into the Hall and met some of the other entrepreneurs she felt very at ease. When she did her business pitch during the Pitching Parlour in the afternoon to the panel of judges and public members, you wouldn’t have known that she might have been nervous. Emma seemed very comfortable and at home talking about her business and definitely had the audience’s attention. You could tell that everyone had en­joyed listening to her talk about ‘Emma Denton Cus­­tom Creations’ and all that her business has to offer. Emma said that the business presentations in the morning were very in­formative and useful. She also said that Earl Mc­Laren’s speech was very inspiring and gave lots of encouraging ad­vice. Emma was glad that she got to present first, so she would be able to concentrate on the other entrepreneurs presentations.
After all the entrepreneurs pitched their business ideas to the panel of judges, it was time for the judges to deliberate and decide which entrepreneur would win, which award and determine which entrepreneur had the “Big Idea.” When the panel had reached their decision, Emma was announced as the winner of the Town of Carberry ($1000), the Munici­pality of North Cypress-Lang­ford ($750) and the MSPre­biotics Inc. ($1000) awards.
She said that she learned a lot that day and really enjoyed meeting the members of the public that came to the event and talk to them about her passion. 
Emma said this event was helpful in having a  deadline to work towards as she was completing my business plan and making preparations to launch my business. It was great to meet the business development and support agencies that attended and to make contacts. We wish Emma luck with her new business venture.

by Kathy Carr

Joint Council How valuable is CodeRed for the area?

posted Oct 30, 2017, 9:31 AM by Kathy Carr

“People do not think they need it – but they need it!” Fire Chief Keith Loney was emphatic about the value of the Code Red notification system to Carberry and North Cypress-Langford. He and Deputy Chief Don Menzies represented the Carberry-North Cyp­ress-Langford Fire Depart­ment at the Octo­ber 23 joint council meeting. Reeve Bob Adriaan­sen chaired the meeting held on October 23. Regrets: Coun­cillor Mann
Mayor Stuart Olms­tead brought up the Code Red system, which will notify the whole, or a specific area of the town or municipality in the case of an emergency, or even in the case of something less urgent, such as a road closure, to get the Fire Department's take on its effectiveness.
Loney noted that with the railways, the highways and the pipelines that run through this area that it is not a case of “if something is going to happen, but when something is going to happen.” He noted the huge numbers of vehicles carrying anhydrous ammonia alone, and if there is an accident or spill, Code Red is the most efficient way to notify those people most at risk, in the shortest period of time. (Residents can come to the Municipal Office for assistance).
The resident plays a part, by going to the Carberry/North Cypress-Langford website, setting up an account, and, following the steps, let them know how you want your information received.
Loney brought information on the spendings of the fire department from their donations and the moneys received from MPI – for their attendance at accidents on the highways. Some of the items which have been purchased are turnout gear, radios, decals, struts (rescue equipment), hoses and reels, and boots. A larger item is a ‘new’ 2011 bush truck and box. It is currently being safetied.
There are four more sets of turnout gear to be purchased in the near future. This lead to a discussion regarding the cleaning of this bulky clothing, which is really too big for regular washers and dryers. From a safety standpoint, the gear should be washed after any exposure to toxins. It was suggested that the cost of a proper washer be priced out for possible grants.
There are three new members, and two junior members (high school students), and training is ongoing. A vehicle extrication demonstration is being held on the weekend. The foam system on the new truck has proved to be very useful.
They have applied for a grant for a “stair chair” which would assist them in removing a person who is not capable of going downstairs. Loney reported on fire drills which have been taking place at various senior residences – and there will be more to come!
They also reported on a meeting with the Office of the Fire Commis­sioner, which has made it clear that there are many responsibilities for councils and fire departments, and CAO Jones has found it to be ‘eye opening’.
As Fire Chief, Loney was appointed councils’ ‘Local Assistant’ which gives him the authority to act on council’s behalf (for example, if a house needs to be entered in an emergency situation).  Alternates will be Jim Brereton, Grady Step­henson and Jordan Polasek.
CAO Jones reported on the recent damage of the fire pumps – which happened as part of a chain reaction when the place was hit by a power surge in August. This chain of events caused the control panel to fry, and the generator to power up, the louvers didn’t open, causing the water pump to blow and a generator to overheat. This necessitated the purchase of a surge protector, and a safety switch which lets people know when the generator is running.
As well, the fire pumps must be serviced twice per year, which Cummins was contracted to do for three years, at a cost of $8100.
A surge has shut the system down twice costing the municipalities a lot of money, this system in place and up to standard should prevent that.

There was some discussion about the current garbage and recycling handling, and the options for the future. After jointly purchasing their own truck, and hiring an operator for the past few years, it was time to evaluate how well the system worked.
Mayor Olmstead noted that the system worked well for the town, and saved them probably $30-$40,000. However, when you pour the savings into a new truck (which would probably have to be replaced in the next few years), then the savings become a zero sum gain.
For NCL, the savings were significantly less, and again, not significant savings for the future.
They decided to tender their garbage and recycling needs separately. However, there is the option of tendering for both, and the bidder offering a ‘deal’ if they are awarded both contracts. Reeve Adriaansen suggested that information on the garbage truck should be available with the tenders, so that a contractor is aware that it is available for purchase.

Other business and communications
The Carberry Plains Community Centre By-law is being revamped due to amalgamation, and copies are being distributed to council for their input.
Trish Fraser was approved to attend Land Titles/Property Registry Training on November 15 in Brandon.
AMM (Association of Manitoba Municipalities) sent an update to the Manitoba Provincial Fire Protection Plan. They also express their appreciation for the fire personnel province-wide.
TransCanada Pipe­lines sent information regarding pipeline damage and pipeline survey.

CAO Sandra Jones reports that the office has worked together well to get through the tax season. There are tenders to be sent, so that will be the next big item on her agenda.
Financial Officer, Teresa McConnell also reported on the excellent teamwork during tax season as well. Sub-board income and expense sheets have been added to the councillors’ digital folders.
ACAO Trish Fraser is learning about budget planning. Water billings went well. She is taking courses outside the office as well.
Grady Stephenson (Parks, Facilities and Sanitation) reported that the ice has been in use, and with just a few software glitches. There is no Plainsmen team this year, so ice time will be available for teams from other places. Jim Brereton has been doing minor repairs on the municipal buildings.
Parks work has mostly wrapped up, with hopes to have more done at Art Sear Park while the weather permits. There is work needed to be done on the campground hook-ups next spring before the camping season.
With the retirement of Art Ingram, Danny Par­ker will fill in as driver until council decides what direction to proceed with. The dumpster situation in Firdale is being discussed with a local resident.
Paving is done at the cemetery, and is a huge improvement. Water lines are blown out, flowers pulled, and a remin­der for all to have items on the graves removed, if they do not want them damaged.
Archives has had above normal research requests made.
Service for Seniors is back to their fall schedule. Monday, October 30th is a museum tour and shopping trip.
Handivan: has struggled to find drivers through the harvest. Now she has drivers for most days except Thursday, and all regular maintenance has been performed on the van.
The Arts Council after school arts program is in full swing, with about 18 attending. Two students are helping with the program. There are programs in the works for ages 3-5; ‘Community in Song’ will be run for ages 5-8. The Canada 150 mural is underway on November 9-10. They are looking for sponsors ($10 per tile).
Recreation: The new Carberry Arts and Rec website will be ‘live’ November 1. It will feature sports stars of the month, articles and blogs, as well as community pictures and hockey updates – as well as promote upcoming events.
Winterfest has been finalized: perogyland, sleigh rides, dance performances, as well as Ice King and Queen. Bonfire and Free hot dogs for Friday night kick-off, and new entertainment.
Winter walking will start up at RJ Waugh School. In the spring, there may be some football clinics run. Cooking classes will start in February.
The Museum Board is hoping to get the eavestroughs on the Ginger­bread House fixed, as they have caused a problem  downstairs. They finished a successful season, with around 250 visitors. Work is ongoing for winter preparations and the change of the wedding display to one on technology.

Around the table
CAO Jones reported that the “What’s the Big Idea” that was held in the Community Hall, was “phenomenal!” The winner of our local awards, Emma Denton Creations did an amazing job of pitching her product.
Mayor Stuart Olms­tead reported on upcoming meetings with various stakeholders and government Minister's to promote the Soybean initiative, as well as attendance at the Eileen Clark fund­raiser on the weekend. He also atten­ded the AMM Lob­by Days in Winnipeg and various outreach efforts of the AMM. He noted that the Santa parade will be held on December 2nd at 1 p.m. with entertainment to follow (probably at the school).
Councillor Ray Drayson noted that the Parade of Lights will take place November 25th and he will participate by driving the municipal float. He noted that last year the new fire truck was a hit in the parade – and it would be great if they came again.
He questioned whet­her the arena employees are properly trained, with the tragedy in Fernie (which left three arena workers dead, after an ammonia leak). Training is part of purchasing the system and all employees will get trained and certified in November.
This ended one of the shortest meetings on record – As councils adjourned at 8:11. Next meetings will be: November 13 (NCL) November 14 (TofC) and the joint meeting will be held off until December 4, because the annual convention is the week prior.

by Gloria Mott

Almost $10,000 Awarded at “What’s the BIG Idea?” Event

posted Oct 30, 2017, 9:30 AM by Kathy Carr

October 19 was a day of enthusiasm and ex­citement at the third annual What’s the BIG Idea, where almost $10,000 in cash prizes was awarded to six innovative entrepreneurs from across the region.  
While the Minnedosa CDC and the Town of Neepawa returned as partners, the Town of Carberry was welcomed to host this year’s Dra­gon’s Den style entrepreneurship event at the Carberry Memorial Hall. The early part of the day offered opportunity for networking in a trade-show environment with a variety of business support agencies, followed by presentations on all things entrepreneurial. The afternoon’s Pitch Parlour saw engaging and inspiring pitches from seven regional entrepreneurs, competing for cash prizes in 15 different categories.
Of the 15 prizes available, Neepawa’s Amy Spring collected four totalling $2950 for her business ‘Fueled by Adventure’. Prizes inc­luded $2000 from NADCO, $500 from the Neepawa Chamber of Commerce, $150 from Neepawa Lionelle’s ‘Best Pitch for a Business to be located in Neepawa’ and a $300 prize for RBC’s ‘Best Pitch of the Day’.  
The business was born when Amy left teaching to explore the increasingly popular field of experiential tourism, and making authentic travel experiences ac­cessible for adventure seekers.
The next BIG winner at the event, was Car­berry’s Emma Denton, pitching ‘Emmas Cus­tom Creations’. The humorous pitch for high quality, attractive custom bras was awarded $2750 in prizes including $1000 from local business and sponsor, MSPrebiotics, $1000 from the Town of Car­berry, and a $750 prize from the Munici­pality of North Cyp­ress/Langford. The hand­­made samples were a testament to the impeccable final product, while Emma’s pitch detailed the process of creation, from initial consult to final fitting and left the ladies in the room dreaming up their own designs!
Shay McLenehan walked away with $1450 to launch his tech-startup, ‘Special FX Produc­tions’.  A graduate of the Interactive Media Arts program at Assiniboine Community College, Shay plans to specialize in high-quality video production, and social media management services for small to medium business. Shay walked away from the event with $1000 from the Minnedosa Area CDC, and another $450 for the coveted ‘Best Overall Idea’ award from Westoba Credit Union, Beautiful Plains Credit Union, and Minnedosa Credit Union. 
Brenda Dote earned $1000 from the Town of Neepawa for her party decorating business, ‘Dream Parties’ which saw a colourful, cheerful display on site. ‘Gunny­Sack Acres’, a spray-free CSA farm and vegetable market pitched by Morghan Wark, grew by $750, earning $500 from the RM of Minto-Odanah and $250 from Prairie Oasis. Ryan Mackay, pitching ‘Trans­­for­mative Elect­rolysis’ was awarded $250 and a year’s membership from the Minnedosa Chamber of Commerce. The 2017 event rewarded six new entrepreneurs, setting a record for the highest number of new businesses supported at the event, and the highest amount of prize money awarded, which came in at an impressive grand total of $9150.
Entrepreneurs and attendees of the event were treated to presentations and networking opportunities with in­dustry agencies and business owners, including Earl McLaren of MSPrebiotics, RBC, Futurprenur, Entrep­reneur­ship Manitoba, BDC, Manitoba Agricul­ture, World Trade Centre Winnipeg and Community Futures Westman.
The event would not have been complete without hearing from winners of past events, including 2016 winner, Kennedy Baker talking about her experience launching XK10 Designs which has secured a contract with the Winnipeg Jets selling custom branded shoes in the Jets Store, and ear­ned her a trip to the Manitoba Legislative Assembly to honour her success. Other past winners showcased included Satori Counselling, previously Valley Art Therapy, a 2016 winner who opened in Minne­dosa, inside the Inspire Studio of Fine Art, a winner at the 2015 event. Darryn Cameron of 4U Home Décor and Consulting in Neepawa, a 2015 winner finished off the day before prizes were awarded. 
The 2015 and 2016 events each assisted three new businesses to launch, plus the expansion of a fourth each year, while this year’s event is supporting six new businesses across Westman. The annual event is receiving attention from across the province and into Sas­katchewan, with interest in how communities can replicate the idea and stimulate their local economy by asking “What is the next BIG idea?”

by Chantelle Parrott, Economic Development Officer, Minnedosa and Area CDC

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