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5 Blooms Again!

posted Sep 19, 2016, 8:42 AM by Kathy Carr
Muriel McPhail, Mona Nelson, Ed and Norma Draybyk attended the Provincial Se­minar and Awards in Stonewall Sep­tember 9 and 10 while Lin Mann joined us for the awards. On behalf of the Town of Carberry we ac­cepted the 5 Bloom Certificate, as well as a “Certificate of Cong­ratulations for the 3R Initiatives and Com­pos­ting Award” sponsored by Green Man. *Plati­num (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce) and the “Floral Display Award” sponsored by Equi­nox Indus­tries *Gold
As per most conferences, several interesting and in­formative speakers ­throug­hout the day on Saturday, presented us with info on different topics.
One of interest was a teacher from the Stone­wall Collegiate, Cathy Chal­mers, who spoke on “How to achieve status as a Fair Trade School and Town! 
The first school in Canada to be designated was in Quebec (French) Stonewall being second (English).
The highlight of the day was the study tours to the Yard Material Dive­sion Composting Program site, and the E-Waste and Household Hazardous Waste Depot at Wainford Road Transfer Station. The gentlemen in charge of these sites were very informative and we accumulated many new ideas and ways of distributing our compost materials and waste products.
This was a fabulous two days and we thank the host Committee of Stone­wall. Also, to you, the citizens of Carberry and surrounding area,  thank you.
Copies of the Eval­uation form will be distributed and a copy will be at the Library for your perusal. If you would like a copy, contact me at 204-834-2560 or any C.I.B. members. 
by Mona Nelson