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Anderson Enjoys Youth Parliament Session

posted Jan 9, 2017, 8:25 AM by Kathy Carr
Taren Anderson (17), grade 12 student at Carberry Collegiate, just completed her second year at the Manitoba Youth Parliament (95th session), December 26-31. She really enjoyed the experience and would like to return in 2017 for a third session and hopes to become a Cabinet Minister.
Taren is a very talented, versatile student who is on the Collegiate Honor Roll (88%), a member of the senior Reach for the Top Team and will attend the Westman Honor Band workshop at Brandon University in February as part of the trumpet section.
How do you become a member of the Youth Parliament at the Mani­toba Legislative Assem­bly? One must apply by a certain date and then will receive an information package about dress code, parliamentary procedures and committee information on two bills. Sixty seven students participated in the 2016 Youth Parliament.
Taren applied for two reasons; to meet new people and she thought it would be an interesting experience . 
The students were billeted at Kelvin High School where they had a cafeteria. They were res­ponsible for their own bedding with the girls on the second floor and the boys on the basement. 
Two bills which really interested Taren and al­lowed her to be better informed were plural marriage and military act. 
Manitoba Youth Par­lia­ment is non-partisan and includes members with different backgrounds.
Taren is interested in attending a third session with Youth Parliament. She would really like to be a Cabinet Minister for Rural Development. 
She said that more friends were made during her second year due partly to greater members of females. 
Urban members with rigid ideas and views dominate the Youth Parlia­ment. Membership is basically for people 16-20 years, although some cabinet members may be up to 25 years of age. 
Taren who is the daughter of Reid and Judy, recommends this opportunity to other young people.
Following graduation, she would like to pursue a post secondary education with the possibility of a career in web design.
by Gladwyn Scott