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CACF 2017 Year in Review

posted Jan 2, 2018, 8:08 AM by Kathy Carr
2017 has been another busy and successful year for Carberry and Area Community Foundation!
CACF’s current Board of Directors includes: Blair Graham, Fokko Buur­ma, Kim Baron, Alice Wright, Kathy Bjar­nason, Randy Mac­Donald, Karra Knol, Kevin Hood and Darcy Zander.  Brianna Renwick is CACF’s Executive Director, and founding member Don Forbes acts as a volunteer advisor.  
Brianna attended training with The Winnipeg Foundation and Novaturi Group in March, which focused on a financial and board activity reporting system.
In June, CACF welcomed the Novaturi Group for a strategic planning workshop for the Board of Directors.  
The Foundation hosted a BBQ after being invited to attend the June Eve­ning Farmer’s Mar­ket.  We had a great tur­nout and thank the community for their support!  
Youth In Philanthropy 
The Grade 10 Skills Class students were allotted $2300 from CACF to grant to worthy organizations. After conducting interviews with organizations and collaborating as a class, they granted the following: 
Grade 10A Class
Minor Ball (new fridge for canteen)- $335
​Carberry Ag Society (activities for children at Fair & Races)- $400
​Art Sear Memorial Park (park development)- $210
​Carberry Rec (trees at new facility site)- $205 
Grade 10B Class​​ 
​​Art Sear Memorial Park (park development)- $675
​Care Home (activities for seniors ~ Pub Night)- $200
​Carberry Cat Rescue- $175
​Cancer Care Truck Pull- $100​
CACF awarded $14,950 to Carberry Collegiate graduates in 2017.  Congratu­lations to the following recipients:
Olivia Gessner received the Governor General's Medal in the amount of $2,500.
Jensyn Baron received the CC Medal Award in the amount of $2,500.
Ashley Malfait received the CC Staff Award in the amount of $1,500.
Simon Winkler received the Applied Arts, Trades and Technology Award in the amount of $1,500.
Taylor Orchard received the T. Roy and Edith Bailey Memorial Scholarship Award in the amount of $2,000.
Jensyn Baron received the Jack Lupton Memo­rial Scholarship Award in the amount of $600.
Ashley Malfait re­ceived the Don & Ruth Forbes Scholarship Award in the amount of $350.
Trenten Menzies and Elianna Tavares both received the Edith Alice Stevens Scholarship Award in the amount of $1,500 each.
Tai Dickson received the Carberry Masonic Lodge #29 Award in the amount of $1,000.
This year, CACF was pleased to partner with the Federal Government to be able to award the following Canada 150 Fund Collaboration Grants:
​Communities in Bloom: Carberry CPR Community Shel­ter/ Carber­ry Heritage Fes­tival Unveiling Event $2,500.00 from CACF + $2,500 from Canada 150 Fund = $5,000
Wellwood Community Club: Canada's 150th Celebration. $750 from CACF + $750 from Canada 150 Fund = $1,500
CACF participated in the Endow Manitoba 24 Hour Giving Challenge on November 18.
Our Foundation re­ceived 31 gifts from the community, totaling $5,700! This amount was stretched by The Win­nipeg Foundation by $1,140 and stretched by the Province of Manitoba by $1,140. Thanks to the generosity of the community, combined with these stretches, $7,980 was donated to CACF in just one day!                  
The annual Grants Presentation and Donor Appreciation Evening was held on December 13.  
Representatives from the following organizations were invited to report on how the grants they were awarded have been used or will be used in the near future.  
2017 Spring Grant Recipients
​Carberry/North Cyp­ress -Langford Han­divan ~ Handivan garage renovations ~ $1,301
Carberry Service for Seniors & Carberry Plains Arts Council ~ Let No One Be Alone Tea ~ $650
Carberry Plains Arts Council ~ Canada 150 Mosaic Mural ~ $1,000
Carberry and Area Health Action Committee ~ Physician Ultrasound Education ~ $4,750
Carberry Communities in Bloom ~ Picnic Tables ~ $1,200 + Picnic Shelter Materials ~ $800
Carberry Minor Lacrosse ~ Goalie Body Protection ~ $800
Carberry Plains Museum ~ Slideshow Presentation & Materials ~ $1,425
Municipality of North Cypress-Langford ~ Day Camp Materials ~ $700
Municipality of North Cypress-Langford ~ Rec Centre Lobby Lighting ~ $1,000
Municipality of North Cyp­ress-Langford ~ Picnic Tables for 125 Park ~ $1,200.
2017 CACF Fall Grant Recipients
Carberry Community Development ~ Digital Community Sign ~ $5000
Carberry North Cypress Drop In Centre ~ Kitchen renovations, various improvements ~ $3000
Carberry NCL Fire Department ~ Evacuation Stair Chair ~ $3235
Carberry NCL Fire Department ~ Radio Communications Base Unit ~ $1110
Carberry Minor Ball ~ Portable Fencing ~ 2280
Carberry Plains Arts Council ~ Canada 150 Mosaic Mural ~ $1500
Carberry Plains Arts Council ~ Artist/Workshop ~ $500
Municipality of North Cypress-Langford ~ Pool Vacuum ~ $700
Municipality of North Cypress-Langford ~ Replace eavestrough, downspouts, corners (Gingerbread House) ~ $750
Each of the groups in attendance conveyed their appreciation to the Foun­dation for their support, and concluded by taking a photo with a CACF board member.  
The Christmas Memory Tree of Lights campaign concluded on December 20.  
The proceeds from the Christmas Memory Tree of Lights campaign will be going to Carberry Service for Seniors this year.  A list of those commemorated can be found in the Carberry News-Express December 25, 2017 edition.  
The Board of Direc­tors and Staff would like to extend our sincere gratitude to those who have touched the Car­berry & Area Community Foun­dation this year, whether as a donor, a volunteer, or a member of an organization.  Together, we continue to accomplish great things! 

by Brianna Renwick