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CACF Grant Recipient Spotlight

posted Apr 10, 2017, 9:51 AM by Kathy Carr
Each year in May and November, worthy, non-profit organizations in Carberry and Area are awarded grants from Carberry and Area Com­munity Foundation. With the Spring 2017 grant deadline fast ap­proaching on Wednesday, April 12 at noon, we thought this was the perfect time to show you exactly how a group can benefit from a CACF Grant!
The Carberry Col­legiate Student Council group, with great support from Mrs. Raegan Dyck submitted an impressive and unique application in Fall 2016! The group requested funds to put toward a water bottle filling station for the Collegiate. They were seeking a hydration solution that would lower the school’s carbon footprint by reducing the waste associated with single-use plastic water bottles. The group also cited health benefits to the water bottle filling station including promoting the healthiest beverage option for students, staff and guests and increasing sanitation and reducing the spread of germs by not having mouths near the fountains.
In November 2016, the Carberry Collegiate Student Council group, through Beautiful Plains School Division, was awarded an $1100 grant.  After compiling other financial resources, the Collegiate was able to purchase the water bottle filling station from a local business, who got to work installing the unit.  
“We’re not only reducing our waste, we’re teaching students healthier habits by encouraging them to drink cool, filtered water instead of other sugary beverages.  So the benefits go far beyond the cost savings,” said Mrs. Dyck.  
In the Report Back document submitted to CACF, Carberry Col­legiate Student Council noted that students are proud to use and have this item.  They love reporting on how many plastic bottles the school is saving from going in the gar­bage.  Students are also bringing water bottles to school more to fill at the station because the quality of water has improved drastically.
CACF couldn’t be more pleased to have aided in making this dream a reality!  Our board members have received positive feedback from parents, staff members and students about the impact of this bottle filling station.  The cool, clean tasting water will be enjoyed by community members for years to come.  Cong­ratulations Mrs. Dyck and students on a job well done! 
If your organization has received a grant in the past and would like to be featured in a CACF Grant Recipient Spotlight, please contact us at

by Brianna Renwick