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Carberry Collegiate Academic & Athletic Awards

posted Jul 9, 2018, 9:16 AM by Kathy Carr
On Friday, June 29, Carberry Collegiate held an assembly to celebrate the many accom­p­lishments of the students during the 2017/2018 school year.
Starting off the program were the awards for the University of Waterloo Math Contest. The following winners were:
7 Gauss Contest
Certificate of Distinction 
 Keegan Drysdale (Grade 7), Dylan Hood, Jaxon Muller (Grade 6)
8 Gauss Contest
Certificate of Distinction 
 Matthew Salyn, Carsen Unrau, Johnny Meyers
9 Pascal Contest
Sara Waldner
Certificate of Distinction 
Griffin Adriaansen
10 Cayley Contest
Jayme Paddock
Certificate of Distinction
Tristan Dyck, Alex Senchuk
11 Fermat
Liam Murray
Certificate of Distinction 
Taylor Holland
Once Mr. Boyle finished handing out those awards it was time to name the Students of Distinction in grades five to eight. The following students receiving a certificate were:
5K – Avery Kendall, Natasha Bauche, Han­nah Devloo, Aileen Fast, Rylee Balciunas.
5J – Madden Laver­gne, Ethan Dow­ney, Hannah Polasek, Avery Swider­ski, Kally Baron.
6CC – Vanessa Falk, Tabea Glaser, Vera Liub­kina, Raul Oropeza, Dylan Hood.
6C – Lexi Unrau, Ava Hamilton, Samuel Brauer, Kayla Margetts, Nate Robson.
7B – Mia Amundsen, Gavin Renwick, Tynille Steen, Carson Nakonec­hny, Esther Sippel
7K – Rebecca Bird, Carson Bjarnason, Trey Dickson, Julia Glaser, Jens Hoffmann.
8H – Annette Sippel, Laura Fast, Nevaeh Wither­spoon, Nathan MacGregor, Luke Rob­son
8K – Carsen Unrau, Natasha Falk, Matthew Salyn, Celia Boganes, Natalie Clark.
Next up it was time to hand out the certificates for Honour Roll. 
Grade 7
Rebecca Bird, Mia Amundsen, Car­son Bjar­nason, Naomi Bock, Trey Dickson, Jasmine Downey, Keegan Drys­dale, Emily Flynn, Julia Glaser, Carson Nackon­e­chny, Jens Hoffmann, Sam Prudnikov, Elysia Jul­seth, Gavin Renwick, Mallory Lockhart, Est­her Sippel, Mia Lozin­sky, Dahlia Snaith, Jaren Waldner, Tynille Steen and Kendrah Smith.
Grade 8
Celia Boganes, Laura Fast, Natalie Clark, Nat­han MacGregor, Jacob Engel, Luke Rob­son, Natasha Falk, Annette Sip­pel, Cadence Laver­gne, Neveah Wither­spoon, Jonathan Meyers and Matthew Salyn.
Grade 9
Ava Amundson, Mar­cus Araya, Abbi Bird, Ethan Bjarnason, Mic­hael Bouchie,  Jamie Holland, Madyson Menzies and Cyro Oliver.
Grade 10
Maria Bock, Ashley Brown, Zoe Cupples, Tris­ten Dyck, Logan Ingram, Tanner Olms­tead, Leon Prudnikov, Josie Rey­nolds, Lilianne Ricard and Broddy Zander.
Grade 11
Liam Murray, Mattias Van De Woestyne and Ayla Vince.
The Principal’s Honour Roll is given to students in grades 9-11 that have maintained an academic average of 90%, or higher over the course of the school year.
Grade 9
Griffin Adriaansen, Elisa­­beth Brauer, Cas­sandra Crerar, Payton Dick­son, Zara Dickson, An­nika Duguay, Lian Flett, Katie Maendel, Jayde Nakonec­hny, Alys­sa Peters, Han­nah Ram­sey and Sara Waldner.
Grade 10
Margaret Araya, Jen­nifer Brauer, Sienna Car­ritt, Tia Dahmer, Jaz­lyn Enns, Broni Man­ns, Jayme Pad­dock, Rachel Penner and Alex Sen­chuk.
Grade 11
Taylor Holland and Hannah Maendel.
The students who received the Most Imp­roved Awards were: Nadine Perrault – Grade 9, Kade Osborne – Grade 10 and Myles McKenzie – Grade 11.
The Beautiful Plains Achievement Medals were presented to the student with the highest academic average in grade 9 and grade 10. 
Grade 9 
Sara Waldner (96%)
Grade 10 
Tia Dahmer  (95%)
Next up was the BPSD Medal Awards for the Grade 11 students.
History 30S 
Caitlyn Meyers
Essential Math 30S  Russell Adriaasen 
English 30S 
 Janessa Muller
Applied Math 30S 
Liam Murray
Power Mechanics 30S Carter Jones
Choral 30S 
Ayla Vince
History 30S 
Jillian Gingras
English 30S 
 Kristen Dyck
Physics 30S 
 Jayme Paddock
Chemistry 30S 
 Celeste Elliot
Biology 30S
French 30S
Hannah Maendel
History Web CT
Psychology 40S
English 30S
Madison Bowley
Band 30S
Applied Math 30S
Pre-Calculus Math 30S
Taylor Holland
Once the academic awards were all handed out, it was time to present the Carberry Col­legiate Student Council Spirit Award. This award goes to a student who demonstrates outstanding school spirit in a number of ways. Will McKinnon was presented this award.
Next up was the presentation of the Athletic Awards for the grade 7 and 8 students.
Grade 7 Girls
Coaches Award – Dahlia Snaith
Coaches Award – Julia Glaser
Grade 7 Boys
Coaches Award – Carson Bjarnason
Coaches Award – Gavin Renwick
Grade 8 Girls
Coaches Award – Cadence Lavergne
Coaches Award – Allie Lavich
Grade 8 Boys
Coaches Award – Carsen Unrau
Coaches Award – Brayden Knox
Coaches Award – Michaela Olmstead
Coaches Award – Tamara Carriere
Coaches Award – Nathan MacGregor
Coaches Award – Jacob Boyce
Coaches Award – Cadence Lavergne
Coaches Award – Lauryn Van De Woestyne
Coaches Award – Ben Saunderson
Coaches Award – Luke Robson
Track Awards
Grade 7 Track and Field Awards of Excellence
Gavin Renwick, Trey Dic­­kson, Mallory Lock­hart, Dahlia Snaith
Grade 8 Track and Field Awards of Excellence
Tyler Hood, Johnathan Meyers, Allie Lavich, Andee Nikolaisen
Grade 7/8 
Athlete of the Year
Luke Robson
Natasha Falk
After the sports awards for the grades 7 and 8 students were handed out, it was time to hand out the Athletic Awards for the high school students.
Russell Addriaansen
Jv. Girls Most Imp­roved  - Cassie Crerar
Jv. Girls MVP – Sarah Waldner and Rachel Penner
Jv. Boys Most Imp­roved – Jayme Paddock
Jv. Boys MVP – Brett Jansens
Sr. Girls Most Imp­roved – Genaya Sinclair
Sr. Girls MVP – Camryn McMillan
Sr. Boys Most Imp­roved – Hayden Waldner
Sr. Boys MVP – Daniel Brauer
Jv. Boys Most Imp­roved – Griffin Adriaansen
Jv. Boys Most Dedi­cated – Jayme Paddock
Sr. Girls Most Dedi­cated – Katrina Johnson
Sr. Girls MVP – Camryn McMillan
Sr. Boys Most Imp­roved – Hayden Waldner  and Dylan Devloo 
Sr. Boys MVP – Gabe Araya
Girls – Camryn Mc­Mil­lan and Tori Adriaansen
Boys – Jacob Normore
Girls – Sarah Buc­hanan
Boys – Taylor Holland
Track & Field
Jv. Girl – Zoe Cupples 
Jv. Boys – Jayme Paddock
Sr. Girl – Hannah Maendel
Sr. Boy – Noah Penner
Most Improved – Caitlin Meyers 
MVP – Cassie Crerar
Most Improved – Dez Ramsey 
MVP – Zaine McConnell
        Athlete of Year
Jv. Female 
Sarah Waldner
Jv. Male 
Jayme Paddock
Sr. Male 
Zaine McConnell
Sr. Female 
Camryn McMillan
With those final awards given out, Mr. McCallum also thanked the staff and students who participate in Peer Mentors, Peer Tutors, Yearbook coordinators, TADD, Student Council, Reach for the Top teams. 
Before the assembly ended, five staff members were recognized at the assembly for their years of service:
Mr. Brown - 15 years
Mr. Kendall - 15 years
Mr. Middleton - 15 years
Mr. Donias - 15 Years
Mrs. Clark - 21 Years 
(Bus Driver)
With all the awards handed out, Mr. McCal­lum ended the assembly,  by congratulating all of the award winners – and thanking the staff and community coaches who support the school athletics throughout the seasons. He said “The time and effort you give to our school community are greatly appreciated.”