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Carberry & NCL show increases in Census numbers

posted Feb 13, 2017, 8:19 AM by Kathy Carr
After completing the Census last year, Statistics Canada is starting to release the numbers they have collected. The first set of numbers which they released on February 8, falls under the Population and Dwelling counts and shows an impressive increase for the Town of Carberry and Munici­pality of North Cyp­ress-Lang­ford. Accor­ding to the numbers, Car­berry now has a population of 1,738, up 4.1% from 2011 when the population was 1,669. The Municipality of North Cypress-Lang­ford has in­c­reased their population 4.5% from 2,627 in 2011 to 2,745 in 2016.
Mayor Stuart Olmstead and Reeve Bob Ad­riaan­sen were very pleased with these figures. Olm­stead said “I was pleased to see that we were close to both the Provincial and National average of growth.  It has been one of Council’s efforts over the last ten years to grow our community, to make sure it was a sustainable centre for our residents both young and old.” Reeve Adriaan­sen stated “That’s a good thing, we need the population to keep the schools and hospitals around, that’s for sure.” When it comes to how the population inc­rease helps the Town and Municipality in the present, both said that it will help with funding from the provincial and federal governments.
When it comes to grants from both levels of government, population plays a huge role in the amount of funding that a town, municipality or rural municipality will receive, so a population increase will help with an increase of funds to our area.
Olmstead also believes that the population increase will help attract more businesses to Car­berry. “Any increase in population will increase a demand for local good and services. The more we grow, the more attractive we become for businesses to set up shop.”
When it comes to the big question if they think the population increase might level out or possibly start to decline in the future, both are in agreement that they do not see the numbers going down. In fact, they both see them increasing. “Actually, I think it’s going to continue to increase,” said Adriaansen, “with agriculture, potatoes for one, you know the actual farms get bigger, but that necessarily isn’t a population drop because they emp­loy more people themselves too. That’s helping Wellwood, Brook­dale and the rural quite a bit.” 
Olmstead also added “From the figures we have researched through Rural Development, the RHA, and StatsCan while working on the Cypress Planning board, we should see a steady population growth between .75% to 1% year over year for the foreseeable future.
Statistics Canada will continue to reveal the numbers from the Census all throughout this year.
by Kathy Carr