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Carberry North Cypress Centennial Drop-In Centre

posted Sep 26, 2016, 8:45 AM by Kathy Carr
First let me start by saying how interesting it was to review through all of the old minutes to get a feel on the history of our local Drop-In Centre!  From the first meeting in May of 1981 to officially opening its doors to the public on January 29th, 1983. That shows the dedication of our local seniors and community. Com­men­­­dable group! 
The Carberry North Cypress Centennial Drop-In Centre is owned by the municipalities and administered by the membership. Looking back through the minutes there was a time when its membership num­­bers were at 269, but sadly it holds only a mere fraction of that membership to date.
I invite the public to stop in and check out your local gem of a drop-in centre. A Drop-In annual mem­bership is $25.00/ person/year. 
The annual memberships are relied upon to offset the ongoing ex­penses such as hydro, cleaners and supplies. 
 Membership is open to all the public, but only those over the age of 55 have a vote along with their membership. 
I have had the opportunity to see a lot of the many surrounding communities’ senior drop-in centres; and our facility is top notch in comparison to many out there, yet it boggles my mind how it is presently underused. If the drop-in centre had a dollar for every time I hear “we/I am too young to attend the drop-in centre”…well let’s just say the drop-in would not be struggling…Give us a try… don’t knock it till you try it …. 
Every afternoon the doors of the drop-in centre are open, with activities such as floor shuffle, 500, canasta and cribbage, there is something for everyone or if you have ideas of wanted programming or activities we can work together to offer out of the drop-in centre. 
Perhaps you are wanting to rent the facility for a family get-together or meeting please give me a shout at 204-834-6613.
The current members of the Carberry North Cypress Drop-In Centre wish to inform the general public that memberships are coming due for January 2017. 
$25.00/person supports the Drop-In Centre and enables members to attend all activities at the drop-in. 
Please note that all those in attendance of any of the activities currently held at the drop-in are reminded that a membership is en­couraged. These fees are needed to pay the ongoing expenses associated with the drop-in. 
I am presently completing applications for grant funding to help offset some of the needed renovations to the facility, but in the end it is the public support, the sound of laughter and the sense of community in this facility that is needed and missed! 
Check us out!   It will be great seeing you!
Submitted by Debbie Steen