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Carberry North Cypress United Way to Fold

posted Nov 28, 2016, 8:31 AM by Kathy Carr   [ updated Nov 28, 2016, 8:32 AM ]
The Carberry North Cypress United Way 2016 campaign is drawing to a close. Final totals will be calculated and donations from this campaign will be distributed to local charities in the next few weeks. To date we have received donations of $26,976 with our goal being $35,000. If you have been missed by your canvasser donations may be left at either the Bank of Montreal or Westoba Credit Union. We thank everyone for their generous support. Let's finish the campaign in Grand Style!!
December 2016 will not only mark the end of this year’s campaign, but will also bring about the official dissolution of the Carberry North Cypress United Way. 
The Board of the CNC United Way has made a valiant effort to keep this charitable organization, which was founded in 1983, viable, with the help of a shrinking pool of volunteers. While the “will to give” has continued to be strong in our community, the search for volunteers has become increasingly difficult. The Board has offered options of on-line donations, setting up a booth at the annual Carberry Fair and inviting community members to make their donations at local banking institutions. Regrettably, these options have been slow to “catch on”, so the decision has been made to make 2016 the final year for the United Way canvass.
The following charities will receive monies from the Carberry North Cyp­ress United Way from this final campaign: Canadian Cancer Society; The Arthritis Society; The Red Cross Society; The Kidney Foun­dation; Multiple Sclerosis Society; Car­berry Service for Seniors; CNIB; Canadian Mental Health of Westman Assoc., Westman Women’s Shelter; Society for Manitobans with Disa­bilities Inc.; Carberry Palliative Care Unit; Child & Family Services; The Lung Association of Manitoba.
The Board of the Carberry North Cypress United Way invites members of the public to attend an open meeting on December 13 at 7:00 p.m. at Carberry Col­legiate. Info­rmation re­gar­ding the dissolution process and final distribution of funds will be available at this meeting. 
The Board would like to express their appreciation to the volunteers who have given of their time over the years. 
A thank you is also extended to the committed Board members of the Carberry North Cypress United Way, past and present. 
A note of thanks is extended to the current members of the Board: Kathy Bjarnason, Marj Campbell, Lorraine Fis­her, Erin Green, Hazel McMillan, Aud­rey Tur­ner and Brenda Wells.
This group has done their best to face the challenges of maintaining the United Way for the benefit of all – and now have had to make a tough decision on behalf of our community. 
The Board has no doubt that the community of Carberry and surrounding municipalities will continue to support charitable organizations and efforts as they have in the past -  they just won’t be doing so the “United Way”.  
Thank you – one and all for your generous support over the past 33 years. 

by Kathy Bjarnason