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Carberry not a high priority in doctor shortage issue

posted Nov 23, 2015, 8:35 AM by Kathy Carr
The Carberry Health Committee is a local committee comprised of representatives from the Town of Carberry, RM of North Cypress-Langford and the Community Foundation with an interest in preserving quality health care in our community. The purpose of the committee is to liaise with and take the concerns of the community and health facility to the regional directors.
The Health Committee convened on November 13 with Michelle McKay, Prairie Mountain Health representative, to discuss concerns in our commu-nity regarding physician coverage due to the resignation of Dr. W. Uwabor, effective November 30, leaving two doctors to care for our needs. As Director of Medical Services Administration, Michelle's position is to assist communities in the PMH region with attracting and retaining physicians. The committee met with Michelle to gain insight and get direction regarding recruitment for our area.
Michelle informed the committee that a number of communities in the region are lacking physician coverage and Carberry is not unique in this aspect. Therefore Carberry is not a high priority at this time for doctor placement.
She also stated that only three International Medical Graduates will be ready for employment in the region in 2016 and that Carberry would not be eligible for a placement. But Carberry does have two physicians and a half-time Nurse Practitioner to serve the area whereas several communities in the region have no physician coverage and clients have greater distances to travel for health care. She did state that Carberry's proximity to Brandon was a positive factor for doctors with regards to professional support and accessibility to specialists and diagnostic services.
Michelle also informed the committee that BGH has a two year family residency program in place, and felt that promoting our community and health facility to these residents would be very beneficial in long term planning for us. Unfortunately, this does not help the community in the short term situation at present.
Further committee discussion centred around ideas on working with medical students and selling our community to them. 
The Health Committee will continue working with the community and region with regard to physician recruitment for the area.
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