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Cleaning up Carberry

posted Jul 20, 2015, 9:10 AM by Kathy Carr
The clean up is on after the nasty storm blew into Carberry in the evening on Sunday, July 12. The storm lasted about three hours, give or take, with the main damage being done in Carberry.
Arriving around 6:00 p.m., the storm left a trail of disaster with downed trees, golf ball sized hail, destroyed gardens and had rain water filling up the ditches, the ball diamond behind Carberry Collegiate (bottom photo) and even covering Simcoe Street from Reilly's parking lot in front of Marshall Place to Ramsey's lot (middle photo).
The damage that has been done to vehicles, houses, campers and other items due to this storm is extensive and no doubt will have MPI hopping along with individual insurance companies working on damage claims for the next little while.
To deal with the aftermath of the storm, there will be a town wide clean up this Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Mayor Stuart Olmstead said "If people want to set out any items or refuse from their yards in their front yard or back yard, certainly the town will be around to pick up."