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Daughter on Call in Carberry

posted Sep 24, 2018, 9:26 AM by Kathy Carr
There is a new building going up in Carberry and with this new building, brings a new business venture that the town and surrounding area will benefit greatly from. On Wednesday, September 19, a sod turning was held for the new Daughter On Call Home in Carberry.
The home, which is being built south of Lyons Estate, will feature 12 regular sized bedrooms and four larger suites for couples. It will be run by Daughter on Call and will offer all the comforts of home along with individual care depending on the needs of the clients.
“The concept behind the home is keeping seniors in their own community, along with keeping them safe and providing whatever service they individually need,” said Gail Freeman-Camp­bell, the founder and CEO of Daughter on Call, who was in Carberry for the sod turning and is ext­remely enthusiastic about the new project and what services they will be providing. Free­man-Camp­bell said that they offer everything, so the staff will be there 24 hours and will be specifically trained to meet the needs of the clients living there. 
She said that when she hears the word facility, it makes her cringe, be­cause “The home will be run just like a family home, as if your mom and dad were to move in with you.” Freeman-Cam­p­bell said that all the client’s daily living needs like hygiene, toileting and medications will be taken care of, along with providing fresh home cooked meals and fresh baking every day. She said that they have the clients give input on the menus, so that they’re preparing food that everyone will enjoy. 
She also went on to say that the health care aides will be doing the cleaning, yard care, planning outings, bringing in entertainment and really, just kinda do everything that is typically done in a home.
Agassiz MLA Eileen Clarke was on hand for the event and said “I think it’s really exciting.” She went on to say that as the population of our seniors increases everyday, housing is an issue as there’s not sufficient options in housing available. Clarke said this would be beneficial in a lot of communities and needs to exist in a lot of communities, “But it has to be community driven and that’s what we are seeing here today, a community driven project and excitement.”
Carberry Mayor, Stuart Olmsted said that this project is extremely exciting, as they’ve been looking for seniorS housing for some time. “As the demographics change, something of this nature happening here where we can provide 16 rooms for really our neighbours, family and friends to still stay at home is good. I’m pleasantly pleased.”
Gail Freeman-Campbell said that this project has come together really fast. With the investors being local, it was only six months ago that she had her first meeting with Council about this project and now they are beginning to build it, with the hopes of having the home open in Spring 2019. 
Now when it comes to cost, Freeman-Campbell said that it depends on the person’s care needs, but the baseline is about $3000 a month, which includes housekeeping, laundry, meals and rent and then depending on the needs of the client will determine the exact cost.
With this new home being built, it will be a great addition to the area along with keeping our family, friends and neighbours close to home. And who knows, maybe there might be another one built way down the road.

by Kathy Carr