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Emma Denton’s Big Idea

posted Oct 30, 2017, 9:32 AM by Kathy Carr
“What’s the Big Idea” event was held at the Carberry Hall on Thurs­day, October 19. Emma’s business is unique and one of a kind. Her business is called Emma Denton Creations and she creates and produces custom made-to-measure bras that meet her client’s individual needs. Emma makes ALL sizes and strives to create the best possible fit for her clients. She wants to ensure they are comfortable, supported and feel great. Emma has a rainbow of colours and exquisite laces, we can design the bra of your dreams, and fit it to your unique body!
When Emma first saw the poster advertising for “What’s the Big Idea” on Facebook, she knew it would be a great opportunity to launch her business. She also thought it would be very interesting to see the other ideas that people had and to find out more about the small business community in Car­berry and the surrounding area.
When asked what her experience was like at the event, Emma said that as a new entrepreneur and business owner she was  nervous about the idea of presenting her business idea and plans to the public and a panel of judges.  Emma said that as soon as she walked into the Hall and met some of the other entrepreneurs she felt very at ease. When she did her business pitch during the Pitching Parlour in the afternoon to the panel of judges and public members, you wouldn’t have known that she might have been nervous. Emma seemed very comfortable and at home talking about her business and definitely had the audience’s attention. You could tell that everyone had en­joyed listening to her talk about ‘Emma Denton Cus­­tom Creations’ and all that her business has to offer. Emma said that the business presentations in the morning were very in­formative and useful. She also said that Earl Mc­Laren’s speech was very inspiring and gave lots of encouraging ad­vice. Emma was glad that she got to present first, so she would be able to concentrate on the other entrepreneurs presentations.
After all the entrepreneurs pitched their business ideas to the panel of judges, it was time for the judges to deliberate and decide which entrepreneur would win, which award and determine which entrepreneur had the “Big Idea.” When the panel had reached their decision, Emma was announced as the winner of the Town of Carberry ($1000), the Munici­pality of North Cypress-Lang­ford ($750) and the MSPre­biotics Inc. ($1000) awards.
She said that she learned a lot that day and really enjoyed meeting the members of the public that came to the event and talk to them about her passion. 
Emma said this event was helpful in having a  deadline to work towards as she was completing my business plan and making preparations to launch my business. It was great to meet the business development and support agencies that attended and to make contacts. We wish Emma luck with her new business venture.

by Kathy Carr