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Help raise money for Helping Hooves

posted Aug 10, 2015, 8:43 AM by Kathy Carr
Pam Glover and Sandy Schmidt from Helping Hooves are hitting the pink trail again for their fourth annual trail ride to raise funds for breast cancer. 
This year their journey begins in Carberry on Friday, August 14 with a Kickoff event.
The group, who currently have 11 riders signed up, plans to be at the fairgrounds around noon on that day to get themselves and their horses all pinked up for the journey. Then, at 3:00 p.m., they will parade from the fairgrounds down Main Street and head back to the grounds to get ready for the dinner and the Barrel Racing event that is going on.
They will leave the fairgrounds bright and early Saturday morning and will start heading down south towards Glenboro. Pam said that from Carberry to Sand Hills Casino they will be riding along Hwy #5 and from there, they will be riding in the park. Once they get to Dusty Mile Outfitters, they will be travelling along Hwy #5 again to Glenboro.
The plan is to reach Glenboro on August 19 where they will load up their trailers and head back to the eastern part of the province when they will begin the second leg of their trail ride on August 24 in Sandilands and end the ride in Morris on August 30. They have a pilot car that travels with them and Pam said that in the past, people have stopped them to see what they're all about and will generally end up giving a donation.
Helping Hooves began in 2007 when Pam's step-daughter, Shannon, was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and Pam said she was very involved in all the walks and everything she could do for fundraising. After she passed away, Pam wanted to carry on her legacy, she said that Shannon was her inspiration to start and in 2012, Helping Hooves went on their very first trail ride and they have been doing it every year since. 
They have gone on trail rides across Manitoba which is their big fundraiser, sold jewellery, and they also have other fundraising events that go on all through out the year as well, with all the proceeds they raise going to Helping Hands for Manitoba with Breast Cancer. 
Helping Hands for Manitoba with Breast Cancer is a group that helps patients who are undergoing treatments with costs that aren't covered like gas money to get to the treatments, parking, medications, special garments that might be required after surgery and so on. Glover said that when she found out about Helping Hands for Manitoba with Breast Cancer she knew she wanted to jump on board with them and help out. 
Pam said that she is retired, but "Helping Hooves is my life, as soon as a ride is over I'll start planning again for the ride next year."
If you would like to help Pam and Helping Hooves raise money for this year's ride, there are donation jars at both banks and you can also buy an "angel" in memory of a lost one for two dollars at the Magic Bean. There is also the Kickoff event at the fairgrounds on Friday, August 14, so come out for a Roast Beef Supper at the Dining Hall and watch the Jackpot Barrel Racing at 7:00 p.m. and help send this group off as they ride to raise money for Breast Cancer.ꎠ