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Hofer Elected Manitoba Hutterite Colony Bishop

posted Jun 4, 2018, 9:53 AM by Kathy Carr   [ updated Jun 4, 2018, 9:54 AM ]
Arnold Hofer, the 71 year old minister from Acadia Hutterite Colony near Carberry was elected Bishop of Manitoba on August 30, 2017. Hofer succeeded Jake Klein­sasser from Crystal Spring Colony who died August 8 at the age of 95.
To many Hutterites Arnold Hofer’s win comes with an unmistakeable message not lost on the new Bishop. “I feel people want change,” stated Ho­fer which accounts why he was elected by an overwhelming majority. One women added, “We heard Arnold Vetter is Christian and open minded.”
Bishop Hofer stated that they came from South Dakota and originally emigrated from the Ukraine. “We are thankful for our municipal neighbours, the Beautiful Plains School Division and try to be community minded and sustain our agricultural existence.”
There were 3 Hutterite groups in North America comprised of the more liberal, the moderate and the orthodox. There were always differences between the 3 groups in matters of dress code and interaction with the outside world the basic pillars of faith as set down by the Hutterite forefathers were the same. Generally a cohesive and respectful relationship existed among the 3 groups who represent 50 thousand Hut­­terites on over 500 colonies on Canadian prairies and northwestern United States. Each group had its own Bishop who was usually advanced in age at the time of their election and served until death.
Baker Hutterite Colony, located south of Mac­Gre­gor, was founded in 1973 and is well known for its ventilation agricultural equipment, its book store, and its women’s hockey team which annually plays on Louis Riel Day in MacGregor.
This week marked the 100th anniversary of the Hutterites arriving in Manitoba and will be acknowledged by a special ceremony in the Manitoba Legislative. There are 118 colonies in Manitoba which includes 8 in Beautiful Plains S.D. and 18 in Agassiz constituency.
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by Gladwyn Scott