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Hunger was definitely scared away

posted Nov 9, 2015, 12:41 PM by Kathy Carr
The grade eight class of Carberry Collegiate and the local food bank, would like to thank the whole community for their generous donations towards our local food bank. With the community’s help we suppressed our original goal of 1,000 pounds of non-perishable food items, by collecting over 1,400 pounds of food.
We Scare Hunger is a WE Day based event where we go around town collecting non-perishable food items. We not only went around town collecting these items, but also leading up to that day the students brought in non-perishable food items. The food that we collected on the Thursday, we gave to the local food bank on the Friday. We also stayed to help sort it out with the main person who started and keeps the food bank going along with her lovely volunteers, Peggy Reid.
Before we started sorting out and putting away the food, Peggy talked to us about who comes and uses the food bank and why. To hear all the different reasons why people needed the food bank was not only sad, but also enlightening.
People aren’t always very open-minded about the different reasons why a food bank is used. Some think it’s just people who can barely afford to stay alive that use the food bank, but in reality it’s lots of people who need the extra food. Some families, both mom and dad work, but they are paid minimum wages, so they pay the bills first, then whatever they have left, they use for food. Well sometimes they only have $60.00 left for a whole month, and that just simply isn’t enough.
A food bank is a place where people come to get food because they don’t have the money to buy food. Some families come once a year, and others come in frequently and use the food bank as their main food source, simply because they just cannot afford enough food after paying all the bills and other necessities.
This year, just like many other years, our grade eight class are able to attend WE Day. Our school has been a WE school for almost seven years. We have achieved this by participating in many WE Day based activities. Each year the grade eights participate in at least two activities (one local one global) so we can remain a WE school.

Together, WE are achieving the impossible.
by Broni Manns
and Zoe Cupples