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Introducing the Artist of the Month

posted Oct 10, 2017, 8:46 AM by Kathy Carr
Soft spoken and statuesque; Melissa Parayeski is a painter inspired by the beauty of nature manifesting in ever changing landscapes that surround her home base in Austin, Manitoba.   
Melissa’s artistic intent is simple yet profound; to capture the beauty in life, express respect for all living things, and to reveal a different world that resonates and resounds from the heart.  
Melissa got her start drawing at the age of seven. She had very talented family members and encouraging art teachers who recognized her talent and fostered her technique as she grew into adolescence.  In high school, she started painting with acrylics and defining a language of expression that she continues to develop through the art she creates today.  
Not always conformed to a canvas, Melissa also enjoys painting on found objects in nature.  She paints a variety of different scales depending on the project, sometimes on canvas stretched across and sturdy wood frame. The paint is always a flat no gloss finish so as to allow for the seamless blend of many layers. I can feel myself becoming enveloped in her world when viewing her work as the details are discovered, drawing me into the story of what is being represented.  To achieve this detail she uses many different types of brushes to make the adjustments required for this transformation.
This artist’s work is a journey into the quietness in the soul where you feel centered in the wholeness of the living world and the fleeting landscapes that surround the heart of the plains.
Carberry Plains Arts Council invites you to come experience the work of Melissa Parayeski that will be on display at 122 Main street in the reception hall downstairs.  These pieces will be on display until October 31st.

by Amy Urquhart