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Joint Council - Big changes in the Municipal Office

posted Jun 6, 2016, 7:50 AM by Kathy Carr
Carberry Fair promises to deliver the same (or better!) caliber of entertainment in 2016 that the residents have come to expect! Carberry Agricultural Society representatives came as a delegation to the joint council meeting on May 30. Reeve Bob Adriaansen chaired the meeting.
Alan (Ag Society president) and Alex Christison brought news of ongoing projects, fair plans, and financial statements to the meeting. The kitchen/dining room renovations are nearing completion with the addition of a new island and countertops. Thanks go to the Masons for their contribution to the project. 
There are plans for a bathroom at the west end of the fairgrounds. Fundraising is taking place, but the project will probably not be built until 2017. The roundhouse got damaged during a storm, and so that will be repainted. It is such a rare slice of history that it needs to be preserved.
Our local fair continues to draw crowds, not only from the immediate area, but is bringing a loyal following from places as far away as Thunder Bay and North Dakota. For the 2016 Fair (that is coming up July 1-3), the Friday evening (July 1) will feature fireworks, but along with that, some great entertainment. There will also be a concert at the grandstand on Saturday night.
The successful potato truck pull of 2015 will be repeated in 2016. As well there will be the races, and all the agricultural classes.
Rather than have an official opening on Saturday afternoon, there will be an official celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Carberry and Area Community Foundation.
Alan Christison thanked councils for their support of the fair and the grants that they will receive. In response to Councillor Mann’s question about purchasing memberships, they can be purchased in the office on fair days or from any member of the agricultural society. Reeve Adriaansen thanked the delegation for their hard work.
CAO report
There are big changes in the municipal office. Notably, was the resignation of Gillian Davison – which council accepted with regret. 
Gillian has been a ‘fixture’ in the office for 23 years and her experience and knowledge will be greatly missed. An appreciation night has been set up in Wellwood Hall on June 10th. 
Advertisements have been placed for her replacement, and already applications have been received. CAO Jones, in a written report, has recommended that this opportunity be taken to do some “restructuring” of the office employees, so that their workloads are more clearly defined. She feels this will streamline the office work, and does not mean any salary changes at the present time. Council will decide on these changes, probably at their individual meetings.
Jones advised that things may be delayed during this transition period, so she asks that the public be patient!
Having complaints filled out on a form and signed has assisted the staff with prioritizing and acting on the complaints. Also in regards to complaints that involve enforcing a by-law, the RCMP requires paperwork to proceed on those concerns. In other words, the town or municipality must have exhausted all avenues. This means sending registered letters to the offender.
Unfortunately, these expensive letters have been refused by some recipients. Councils have now enacted the next step – that of hiring process servers to actually deliver those letters in person. Jones noted that she will not have staff do the delivering due to safety concerns.
It is hoped that this action will not be needed more than a half-dozen times in a year due to the $50 per letter cost, plus mileage – but it does give the ‘teeth’ to the request that the RCMP requires. 
Council agreed to hire Trend Collections and Processors for the extreme cases of non-compliance.
Operations Manager’s report
Council also received a report from Foreman Grady Stephenson. The garbage truck quit on Friday and left the operator on the side of the highway. It has been towed to Brandon and they are waiting for a diagnosis on the problem.
The ice plant will not be changed until next year. The time line is just too tight to have it done during off-season. There must be a building assessment done to make sure it can be brought up to code for the ammonia plant. They are seeking quotes on the assessment. Once “all the ducks are in a row” they will be ready to do the changeover as soon as the ice is done in 2017.
Workplace Health and Safety visited the Carberry Plains Community Centre and have made some rulings as to what training is needed before people can access the crawl space around the pool. Although there are two trained for entry, there are none trained for rescue. More training of employees, or the hiring of trained individuals is required
In a similar vein, municipal policies and manual must be updated. This would include the latest regulations from health and safety – which cannot be ignored. CAO Jones will meet with R. Bouvier for his input on policy and procedural composure.
Other business
Council looked at a request for a grant for the Canadian Fallen Heroes Memorial. While council were not against this project, they decided not to support it, as it is in Winnipeg for only four days (November 4-8)
There is a barbecue on June 10th at Heritage Park to assist with employee Jayson Downey’s medical expenses during his upcoming surgery and recuperation. Volunteers will be needed, but there has already been a lot of community support shown.
Since the usage of the Town Hall basement, and the amount of time needed to clean it has increased, councils agreed to increase the caretaker’s wage shared by both councils. This will be offset by the extra rental income.
The RM of Cornwallis forwarded their resolution regarding amalgamation retaining the current structure of the AMM board, after the amalgamations.
A member of the National Energy Board will be in Manitoba in early June and wishes to meet with Council and other elected officials to discuss safety concerns, information flow, and  other concerns that have been brought to the table.  Reeve Adriaansen noted that they have already expressed their support for TransCanada Pipeline.
Committee Reports
Arts Council: there has been a change of hours for the co-ordinator – more daytime hours.  An evening shift will also be addressed.
Building Committee: The committee needs to meet. In regards to smaller repairs, if a board is willing to pay for the repairs, and it is not a structural item, they may go ahead and do it. However, the committee would like to be aware of these changes, and will be if it is documented in the board minutes. There have been incidents in the past where the board has initiated changes to a building that the council has had to fix up later.
Cemetery: There were about ten out to the opening of the columbariums. The cemetery looks great!
Community Development Coordinator: The coordinator assisted with the Chamber's first “Lunch and Learn” series, which discussed scams and frauds with a member of the RCMP.
Evergreen Environmental: A delegation from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, along with Celtic Manitoba, will attend a session at Evergreen on gasification on Monday, June 6 at 12:45. Everyone at the site is being trained to run the scale at the waste site.
Fire: Councillor Anderson noted that the fire department has received a donation of self-contained breathing apparatus, which are practically new. Our ‘almost complete’ fire truck will be on display at the fire convention meeting in Dauphin and as well, will be on display for the Firemen’s Breakfast on June 18th.
Handivan: The handivan and seniors boards are meeting concurrently now to streamline both meetings. The old handivan has been sold to Selkirk for a price of $21,500.
Health: There is a drive to purchase ultrasound equipment for the local clinic. The Community Foundation is committed to this project, and is willing to donate $10,000 towards it (one-third of the costs) with the hopes that the two councils will pick up the balance. 
The machine would be purchased by the Health Committee. There is no money in the budget for an expense of this magnitude, unless they dip into the health reserve. There is also the opportunity for the public to become involved and contribute to this project, and some citizens have shown interest in doing that. 
Reeve Adriaansen had some questions. Who will do the maintenance of the machine, the RHA? What about training? (It is included with the purchase, at a cost of $1,350 per physician) Does the nurse practitioner have access to it?
Library: The steps will be done next week. There are still items to be removed from the basement, which will be done in time.
Museum: The regular museum interpreter is on leave of absence for health reasons. Sarah Bradshaw has been hired for the summer.
Planning: Some attended the Planning Conference in Brandon. Some of the discussion was preparing for extreme situations, such as the Fort MacMurray disaster. Another topic was incorporating the repercussions of climate change in community development. Mayor Stuart Olmstead would like to ‘borrow’ Brandon’s current green space and cultural plan to study.
Around the table
A thank you card was received in regards to the Fort MacMurray barbecue. Thank you for council’s financial support, and especially Councillor Barry Anderson for cooking burgers on such a cold day.
Councillor John Anderson noted that the refugee committee is looking for a three to four bedroom house for their refugee family.
Mayor Olmstead noted that the Western District meeting will be in Wawanesa on June 22. The Town of Carberry resolution regarding implementing a stretcher service (for non-urgent transfers) to keep the ambulances for urgent needs will be discussed. Minister Eileen Clarke will be travelling to all district meetings.
The new provincial government is making an effort to reduce the red tape on a variety of issues that affect municipal government.
CAO Jones noted that they have a Canada Summer student, as well as two Green Team students. One day of the Canada Summer student may be dedicated to the museum.
Council adjourned. Next meeting will be on June 13 (morning – for North Cypress-Langford) and on June 14 (evening – Town of Carberry).

by Gloria Mott