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Joint Council - Concerns from citizens over trial dump closure

posted Jan 30, 2017, 9:43 AM by Kathy Carr
The trial Monday dump closure has generated a few concerns from citizens, but the councils and office staff will continue to monitor whether it works for people using the Carberry Waste Transfer Station. The Councils of the Town of Carberry and the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford met on Monday, January 23, in the Council Chambers with Mayor Stu Olmstead in the chair.
Two residents exp­ressed their concern that the Monday closure would have several negative effects, namely, cause more random garbage deposits on roadsides, encourage more burning of gar­bage, and cause more loading of rural garbage in the town dumpsters. Another expressed the difficulty of getting rid of garbage when leaving town, if one has to wait from Saturday until Wednesday to get rid of refuse.
Residents in proximity to the town only have the option of taking their garbage to Carberry since the removal of several rural dumpsters. This was done because of the misuse of the dumpsters - at the Car­berry site, they are monitored.
CAO Jones noted that the reduction of service was not just a money-saving move, but was as a result of interviews with exiting employees, who stated that on Mondays there is very little activity. 
General business
The MMAA sent a copy of the new by-law enforcement act, which is in force, as of December. This will allow the by-laws to be enforced without the use of the court system. Municipalities will have to update their by-laws to align them with the new enforcement act.
CAO Jones stated that several municipalities could work together to hire an officer or adjudicator to make the cost of enforcement more equitable.
The old fire hall is being used for storage: for the municipalities, the fire department, handivan, and also a local business (that pays rent to house their equipment). Carberry pays all the other costs for the building and Councils discussed whether these costs could be shared.
Councillor John Anderson noted that that building was due for a structural assessment, due to its age.
The AMM executive is visiting Council on February 1. Councils will meet jointly with them.
Shane McCulloch was hired as Parks and Recreation labourer, with wages set and jointly shared.
Council discussed the need for more (office) storage space for several areas of municipal work and possible solutions. Updates were given on annual personnel reviews.

Building repairs
The foundation of the old municipal office has developed a leak. An examination by a contractor has resulted in a hefty repair estimate for that problem. However, realizing that there is a strong possibility there will be other problems found when they start digging around the building with a backhoe, they allocated $15,000 to repair the foundation.
The councils also allocated $3000 to fix the eavestroughing on the Drop-In Centre.
There were seven major items on the Building Committee’s “to do” list. However, there is no set funding for the bottom four, and if they are to take place, the individual boards will have to develop a plan to finance them.

Committee Reports
Community Development
 Exploratory work is continuing on the old bank building; Chris­tmas shop local promotion went well, with two happy winners of Carberry bucks Brad Strain and Lori Scott.
The Museum is looking for new members and would be happy to work to have more people on board with an interest in local heritage (Contact Gloria at 834-2668). Members are working on rebuilding the east porch of the Gingerbread House (thanks to the Carberry and Area Community Foundation for the grant).
The Archives Board is also the recipient of a CACF grant and have purchased a microfilm reader.
Arts Council 
Winter classes’ registration is in full swing. Cooking classes for kids are a huge hit and others being offered. Events for later in the spring are also being discussed.
The Arts Council is working on their budget as the past year they had a deficit.
Recreation Director, Andrew Smith reported on details for the Winterfest, which took place after the report, but just prior to the joint meeting. Atten­dance at some events was not as robust as expected, but well received at others. Being the first year of an event, this was a learning process and the councils commended Smith for his hard work and promotional efforts.
The attendance of Andrew Smith and Grady Stephenson to attend the Rec Con­nec­tions Con­ference on Feb­ruary 3-16 in Win­nipeg was app­roved.
There are also some parent-toddler courses being run. Beach volleyball and Healthy Living Ambassador for June are all on the horizon. Hunter safety, healthy living and confidence programs, and basketball for 5-7 year olds are also in the works.
Fire department
In December there were 11 calls (three false alarms). Mem­bers are upgrading their training in several areas. There was excellent support for the firemen’s ball.
The representatives are the same, and Councillor Norm Camp­­bell is the chair.
Evergreen Environmental: 
The wheel loader needs to be replaced. The site will stay open until 8:00 p.m. on Thursdays. There is a committee for gasification, and Councillors Drayson and J. Ander­son are on it.
Flowers will be provided by Pine Haven Farms. A new mower has been purchased.
Service for Seniors/Handivan
 Transportation gets done with great volunteer drivers. Coming up will be a 55 Alive driver’s review course, as well as other elder educational programs.
Driving requests remain constant. The meat raffle netted a good profit for the Seniors, and Bob Toma was the big winner.
CAO report
The office has been painted and three windows replaced. A student has been in the office as a part of a work experience program, completing 100 hours in the office – and was a great help.  
Parks, Facilities and Sanitation
Trees are being priced for the new recreation area to act as a perimeter break as well as a divider for the campground. A draft copy of the lagoon feasibility study has been received.

Added & Around the table
CAO Jones gave a report on the Labatt Better Together Charity that will provide grants for social needs. Council was encouraged to seek more information on this new charity.
Municipal Office signage: Council agreed to erect a 3.5 x 8 sign with the updated names – Town of Carberry and Municipality of North Cypress-Langford.
Carberry will again be hosting the Manitoba Weeds seminar, March 22 and council were encouraged to attend. In June, Carberry will be hosting the June District meeting.
Councillor Ray Drayson gave information on the expansion of the Neepawa Medical Clinic (breaking ground soon). This will make room for six or seven new offices.
CAO Jones read out cards of thanks regarding donations.
Adjournment followed. Next council meetings will be: Car­berry: February 14; North Cypress-Lang-f­ord: February 13; Joint meeting, February 27.

by Gloria Mott