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Joint Council - Healthy Living Coalition to provide educational opportunities

posted Aug 29, 2016, 9:41 AM by Kathy Carr
The Carberry Recreation Centre has been very active, as the new Recreation Director, Andrew Smith reported at Tuesday’s meeting. He met with the Councils of the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford and the Town of Carberry on Monday, August 22. Mayor Stuart Olmstead chaired the meeting.
Now that the Recreation Director focuses more on programming, he came with a long list of what has been taking place. In keeping with the times, they had just had an “Olympic Day” at the pool that included such events as a belly flop competition. Next year, being Canada’s 150th birthday, there are plans for a 150 pool party and possibly a 150 hockey tournament to mark the occasion. 
Through the summer they have had ball hockey and day camps. While working on plans for the winter season and next year, Smith is learning what works in the community and may not work and is making changes to accommodate that as he goes. 
At the other end of the spectrum, there are programs for seniors and a joint effort between the Arts Council, Seniors Coordinator, CDC and Recreation to set up a ‘Healthy Living Coalition’ that will provide educational opportunities for various segments within the community.
Smith has been active applying for grants to aid in covering costs of activities and equipment. 
Smith also noted that they have plans for a ‘rope park’ in the northeast part of town. It will have various structures with ropes on them, and kids have a great time swinging on them.
Mass registration takes place on September 7th and 8th from 7-9 pm, and there will be other information stations at that venue to help let people know what is available.
Smith looks forward to putting together a leisure guide for the area and some specialty camps for next year.
The ice will be going into the arena very shortly, and should be ready on September 19. He believes the facility can be used more, and different suggestions are being looked at. As well, he hopes to coordinate with the school more about their use of the venue for school recreation. They hope to have their own website for better access to program information.
Other business
Councils received a report from the new Operations Manager, Grady Stephenson, who has officially taken this joint position. 
With buildings, the library steps have been completed. There will also be some work done on the brickwork, and also in the front of the museum. Quotes are being sought for work on the new office building.
The new dog park is completed, the Canine Club purchased the fence and Parks and Rec staff installed it.
Work developing the safety program is ongoing. The Green Team is hard at work on green spaces. That program ends August 31.
There is an opportunity to purchase a ‘nearly new’ 2016 mower at a reasonable price. Council discussed whether they needed one. It was felt that having the second mower would make the present mower last longer. Council agreed to purchase the 2016 mower at a price of $8000.
The CAO also distributed her report. Her job has been hectic in the past few months due to staff additions and planning for staff leaves. The ‘asset management inventory’ is also on her agenda, which requires accounting for every pen, paper, machine, tire, and anything else. It all must be counted and documented.
CodeRed testing is underway. Residents have received tornado warnings and road closure notices. Please sign up if you have not done so already (go to the municipal website.)
The staff has been very busy, and when the busy season for taxes happens, it will be moreso.  Council authorized the hiring of G. Davison as casual to consult when and if needed. Staff enjoyed the appreciation barbecue prepared and hosted by the Joint Councils.
The 1991 pumper truck recently required significant repairs. Council authorized these to the tune of $13,650.20.
Details were discussed for the Christmas party in December. They hope to institute a recognition program for longterm employees which will come into play in five-year increments.
The survey from staff regarding extending the Blue Cross coverage to include doctor-ordered massages has been returned. The vote was yes, but not overwhelming. Council will deal with this information at their individual meetings.
Complaint forms
Councillor Lin Mann had concerns that residents cannot bring their complaints directly to a council member, but must go to the office and fill out a complaint form. She noted that many residents are not comfortable with taking their complaints to the counter. 
In order for the RCMP to act on complaints that are persistent, the office must be in possession of signed complaints. The signed complaint means that the person is willing to back up their complaint with an appearance in court as necessary.
Attempts to handle the complaints with letters and fines have had limited success. This gives the complaint enough ‘teeth’ that the RCMP can become involved.
Can the council member sign a complaint? Yes, but they must have witnessed the complaint itself and be willing to go to court since secondhand complaints are not always treated as valid. Mayor Olmstead suggested Councillor Mann have some complaint forms with her, and residents can fill them out and sign them in her presence.  Any resident is free to voice their concerns to individual Councillor's, the Reeve or Mayor, but still require something in writing for administration to properly follow through and document the issue, be it road issues in the RM or dogs barking within the Town.
Committee Reports
Many committees have not met, being the ‘slow’ season.
Arts Council has distributed a leaflet showing all the various programs they are offering (dance, arts, photography, guitar, etc). Have a look and sign up at the mass registration September 6 and 8.
Evergreen Environmental: The site has passed government inspection. They are hopeful that by spring, all the ducks will be in a row for the gasification project.
Fire: New dress uniforms have been purchased. They will also purchase an iPad that will help connect them to government agencies, and CodeRed, while they are onsite. The new pumper truck was used at the accident on #1 and #5. The ability to put foam on the fire made a huge difference.  There is interest in purchasing a backup generator to run the pumps and keep the heat and the radios going, in case of a power outage.
The fire department has a trailer for sale. Council decided to purchase it with the hopes of using it to transport mowers and small equipment around. They also hope it may serve as the basis for a new float for parades.
Health: The new ultrasound is in place and being used by the doctors.
Library: The assistant librarian (Brandon) has left her position to go to university. They will be hiring again.
Museum: a successful strawberry social was held, honouring our 90 year old ladies.
Around the table
Councillor B. Anderson reported that the CodeRed alerts are not coming through on some cell phones. This is a work in progress.
Councillor J. Anderson questioned when the Fanny St. park will be renamed. There was always a plan to name it for the person who donated the land.
He also noted there were five new types of recycling bins.  Information was provided for the Operations Manager.   He reminded councils about AMM safe work courses coming up.
Mayor Stuart Olmstead reminded everyone to fill out the pesticide survey.
A letter from MLA Eileen Clarke includes a survey regarding infrastructure and how better to support municipalities with grants. Council adjourned the meeting.
The next joint meeting will be September 26. North Cypress-Langford meets September 12 and Town of Carberry meets on September 13.
by Gloria Mott