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Joint Council - How can we make the Highway 1 and 5 intersection safer?

posted Oct 3, 2016, 12:57 PM by Kathy Carr
The request to rename the “Dump Road.” to ‘Clarence Downey Way’ came before the joint session of the Municipality of North Cypress-Lang­ford and the Town of Carberry Councils. Coun­cils met on Monday, September 26, with all in attendance, and Reeve Adriaansen chairing.
Ray and Leslie John­son appeared as a delegation. As they did with the Municipality Council, they elaborated on the amount of time that Mr. Downey spent at the facility and his philosophy that “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Coun­cil was made aware of his work with bicycles and the volume he got, repurposed, and made available to others.
Reeve Adriaansen noted that they had received some feedback (positive and negative) from the public after the Municipality report was in the paper. They are reluctant to start arbitrarily naming roads without some kind of policy in place. 
So, they will hold off on naming the road, until they have a policy that may require, for starters, a number of signatures on a petition. CAO Jones will check with other municipalities to determine if they have policies in place.

Other business

An invitation has been extended to MLAs Clarke and Cullen to sit down with councils and discuss some matters – health concerns and the school tax rebate, to name two. At time of writing, there has been no response.
Councils touched on having an appreciation event for our health care providers. This is still in the planning stages – there being some wrinkles – e.g. with a 24-hour facility, there is never a time when all staff would be available.
Mayor Olmstead brought to the table the safety concerns that have been raised with recent accidents and a fatality at Highways 1 and 5. Council acknowledges the imp­rovement with the turning lanes, but the biggest problem is the lack of space between the two lanes, so that a semi cannot stop in the middle. 
Obviously, an overpass would solve the safety issue, but the expense of that would take it out of contention as far as improvements go. Traffic lights were suggested, but no one wants the Trans-Canada traffic slowing down there. Olmstead’s suggestion was a (flashing) lighted sign saying “major intersection ahead.” Anot­her good suggestion was to have a few rumble strips across the road prior to the intersection on Highway 5. A speed reduction has been re­ques­ted before, but was turned down.
Other safety issues identified were: the traffic turning on #5, at the Sandhills Electric access. A number of council members reported close calls with potato trucks turning off the highway. Citizens are reminded to be careful and vigilant when harvest traffic is in full swing. It was suggested that a counter could be put up to see if volume of traffic warrants extra measures. 
CAO Jones will check to see if it is possible to meet with Highways at the Association of Mani­toba Municipalities Annual Convention.
The CDC (Community Development Coor­dinator) has been investigating getting a digital sign for town that would advertise local events etc. When she has information, such as costs, she will bring it back to council.
CAO Jones advised council that office supplies used for the work for boards (e.g. paper for photocopying), will be charged to those boards – to help give a truer picture of the finances (for both the office and the board). She and Financial Officer T. McConnell may visit some boards to help them interpret the financial statements.
Now that autumn is here, there are a number of courses starting up, and councils approved a number of them for staff (costs shared 50/50). Deb Steen, Grady Stephenson and Sandra Jones were app­roved to go to an accessibility training workshop. They approved a waste management course for our attendant, T. Holland, for October 15 and 16 in Winnipeg. They also approved the attendance of A. Smith to the Regional Recreation Director Con­ference at Elkhorn Resort. T. Fiskel was approved for attendance at a FIPPA (privacy concerns) course in Winnipeg. 
Most of these courses (with the exception of the recreation director’s event) are mandated by government, so attendance isn’t optional – although there is some flexibility on timing.
It was reported that there has been one quote for door replacement at the Drop-In Centre, and that will be turned over to the building committee, along with any subsequent quotes.
Mayor Olmstead suggested that it may be time to do another tabletop exercise (mock disaster) for Emergency Measures planning.
A report was received from the CAO who highlighted the District 5 Meeting held by the MMAA in Neepawa. It was a good meeting, and helpful to know that other municipalities are experiencing the same issues/ concerns in their offices.  The date for the Board of Revision has changed to November 8, 2016 at 9:00 am for Rural and 6:00 pm for Town. She also reported on the feedback from Canada Post. The directive to return, or not deliver, incorrectly addressed mail comes from the national office. There will be more information coming from Canada Post. Everyone should ensure they supply proper mailing addresses to potential correspondents.
A report was also received from the Operations Manager. The pool is closed, and necessary entries into the crawl space have been done with proper oversight for safety. The ice plant start-up went well with skating and hockey activities well underway. Curling ice should be in place October 20.
Stephenson also supplied some costs regarding the roll-off bin at the transfer station. This bin is expensive to operate, and we are locked in to a contract with our current green bin provider. Step­henson has been negotiating with the company, and has come up with a possible short term solution to get through the remainder of the contract. Council asked for the current figures from our present provider TAC Ventures.
Council approved a quarter-page ad in the Military Service Recog­nition Book. The current copy just arrived in the office.
Financial Officer T. McConnell sent a written report on her and Coun­cillor Norm Campbell’s attendance at an AMM Round Table. Much of the meeting focused on how to better distribute and make use of infrastructure funding. If grants were rolled together and let out as the gas tax rebates are, so that councils know ahead what funding is there, and can plan for, and apply to use it, it would be so much better for councils – there would be consistent funding. While Barry Anderson thought this was a great idea – it would allow councils to do some long-range planning, CAO Jones cautioned that “little” (less expensive) projects could get lost.
Rec Director Andrew Smith forwarded a letter to the Manitoba government noting how the cut of 5.5% for recreation funding, and a $600 in training funding will negatively impact the health and well-being of Manitobans – as well as make things difficult for recreations departments. Smith would like to get this out to the public and make everyone aware of the changes and send in their feedback.
Committee reports

Archives: Councillor Mann talked of additional shelving required, and the purchase of a new microfilm reader. She also questioned drafting a new by-law. It was suggested that the board could draft it, and then send it to council for editing and approval.
Arts Council: A number of events are lined up for the next few months: Ladies night, November 26; Big Daddy Tazz “Christmas party” December 17; Quiz night, January 28 (this time run by Expressions Enter­tainment); Open Mike, Nov 5-7 at Links on Main. They are also considering a “Cirque du Soleil” styled touring circus for next year, but are still running the numbers to see if it is viable financially and logistically.
Cemetery: R. Drayson pointed out that the Neepawa columbarium has shifted and needs to be redone, as a ‘heads-up’ to Carberry. As ours is on a well-established cement pad, this should not be a concern. Council wanted to express “Thank You!!” to all the volunteers who help make our cemetery beautiful!
Community Centre: On October 18, the board will meet with the feasibility study facilitators; on October 20, they will meet with user groups, plus their regular meeting is coming up in early October.
Community Deve­lop­ment Coor­dinator: T. Zander has been very busy with keeping the website current, bookings at the hall, community gardens, digital sign, ultrasound donations, work on assisted living accommodations and on the healthy living board. J. MacGregor hopes that the CDC can find time to connect with local business owners and find out how to assist them.
Evergreen Environ­mental: J. Anderson reported that seasonal employees will be finished soon. They have found a new place to ship recyclables in Winnipeg that is not concerned at all with the blue plastic bags. The gasification paperwork is in its final stages!
Hall: They are working to get a new roof for the building that is covered under insurance due to hail damage, and the floor will be sanded and refinished.
Health: The visit from a prospective physician took place last week. However, Carberry is only one of several places she is touring.
Library: Councillor Norm Campbell noted that there is a tight timeline to replace the assistant librarian in the Brandon facility. 

Around the table

CIBC sent information on “Run for the Cure” on October 2. Reeve Adriaa­nsen suggested that councils could put together a team to participate another year.
There was little to add to the meeting. Councillor J. MacGregor issued a gentle reminder about courtesy to the office staff. Mayor Olmstead noted that the AMM Board would be taking part in “lobby days” in the next week, meeting with each Provincial party and bringing issues forward to government.
Council adjourned. Next meetings will be October 11 (NCL in the morning; Town in the evening), and the next joint meeting slated for October 24.

by Gloria Mott