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Joint Council - Ice Plant proposals presented to Council

posted Dec 19, 2016, 11:17 AM by Kathy Carr
Three proposals for a replacement ice plant for the Carberry and Area Community Centre were presented at the final joint meeting of 2016. The Joint meeting of the Coun­cils of the North Cyp­ress-Langford Mun­i­ci­pality and the Town of Carberry took place in the afternoon on December 12 (rescheduled from December 5, due to the storm). 
The revamping of the system to make it work efficiently and save dollars in the process has been a time consuming project for Parks, Rec­reation and Sanitation Manager, Grady Stephen­son and Project Manager, Bill Kalinowich. Making their presentation, it was obvious that the pair were certainly doing their “due diligence” having compared the three proposals on a spreadsheet and explaining the differences amongst the three.
The recommendation of the two, is that the best quote, from Cimco, be selected.
Council had questions. Is refrigeration certification required? How long is the course? Stephenson replied that he felt that all employees should be educated in refrigeration. They hope to host a course here, making it easy for five employees to attend for four days.
What is the timeline? They would hope to have normal shutdown at the end of March, and have the unit ready well before next season.
Can we have a penalty clause if the work is not complete by September 1? That can be written into the contract, but it is hoped it will be ready by July 1. They also suggested a holdback so that a percentage is not paid unless the system is “up and running” for a few months.
Can it be moved (referring to when a new facility is built)? Kalinowich answered, “Why not?”
Other features would be a working alone provision, which means the ability to check on the system remotely from a phone.
Will it solve the problem? Kalinowich noted that 61% efficiency was lost through the old system. Because this is more streamlined, it will have more savings. As well, connections will be in place, so that it can be expanded for more heat recovery as they gauge how the system works.
The proposal, costing over $600,000 with taxes, left councils discussing ways of covering the cost. There is a capital reserve that could cover almost half the cost, except to do so would drain it completely; there needs to be a cushion left for unexpected expenses.
Other funding was discussed, such as grants and private sponsorships, and helps from user groups. So, councils are looking at coming up with about $200,000 per council.
A resolution was passed to contract with Cimco for the project, with a holdback of 10% until the plant is up and running. This will be vetted through the Recreation Board before an official resolution comes through each council meeting.
Stephenson stayed on at the meeting for other discussions. It was stated that there are a few times when extra help is needed to cover the time when the recreation centre is open. Council authorized the hiring of Jim Brereton and Michael Sudak as casual staff and set their wage. 

Nuisance Grounds
Council accepted the resignations of Tina Hol­land, Nuisance Grounds Attendant, and Ryan George, Parks & Rec Labourer.
The exit interview of the dump attendant prom­pted some ideas to re-work the time at the dumps so that there are two – close to full time employees between the truck driver and the attendant. They feel that the lesser hours in the winter do not provide enough and is a hindrance to getting good employees.
Councillor John Anderson and Stephenson came up with a proposal to try and even things out. The Monday at the dump is not busy at all. The first step would be to close it on Mondays. Fairview is uncertain, and having it open Thursday, instead of Friday, is one option (about which Councillor Campbell had concerns).  Council will study the proposal over the next month and consult with their current employees on the best way to proceed.  Watch your newspaper and social media for more information.
The nuisance grounds will be closed December 24th, and reopen Decem­ber 28th.

Other business
Council authorized Teresa McConnell to at­tend the MMAA Finance workshop on January 19 and 20 in Portage la Prairie, shared 50/50 between both councils.

CAO: The CAO reported on year end duties, notably payroll, and her hopes to use a better, more efficient program (and less expensive!) next year. She is also working with the auditors.
Archives: Traffic has slowed, but the archivist is still responding to search requests.
Arts Council: The Arts Council hosted a successful Ladies’ Night. Up­coming events are the Christmas at Comedy Fest on December 17 (tickets still available), Winter programs are starting in January. A grant of $2,000 was received from the Community Foundation. Quiz Night is January 28.
Service for Seniors: Christmas Noon was held December 14th; new senior liaison will be Gail Feser of Brandon; Both handivans are working well and well used.
Economic Develop­ment: Three Foundation Grants have been received through Tricia’s efforts - $6000 for Health Action Committee ultrasound mac­­hine; $6019 for Com­munities in Bloom Picnic Shelter; Community Gar­dens: $1000 for raised beds. Tricia also worked on Christmas Madness.
Hall: A new stove has been ordered for the hall.
Recreation: Things are in gear for a Winter Festival, January 21. This will feature hockey, Hot Shots Competition (curling), Midway, Activity kidzone, whole pig roast and ice social; fireworks. Watch for new winter programming coming up.
Fire: The Fire Dept has been able to purchase additional equipment with their Autopac claims money. These include a used set of jaws of life, radio system for the truck, three sets of turnout gear here, and six more to come in the spring, a training dummy, strut kit and trailer. The 24 active members are in various levels and training and that is ongoing.
Museum Board: The board has lost two hardworking members: Lea Hajnrych, chair, and Marjorie Campbell. This has left two very large gaps in the museum board and council was encouraged to help secure new members. 
Boards are encouraged to look at their by-laws and see what changes should be made.
Manager of Parks, Facilities and Sanitation: Three windows are being replaced in the municipal office and the sign is being updated. Quotes are being collected to repair the foundation at the old municipal office; all other repairs are being prioritized.
Parks: A landscape architect will design the Art Sear Park at a reasonable cost. A good number of donations have been received (thank you!); work has begun on the Communities in Bloom picnic shelter; there were about 40 attending the recreation feasibility study meeting.
The ‘Around the Table’ session involved the appreciation/Christmas supper held on Friday evening and what changes could be made to the event. 
After the ‘Around the Table’ part Council ad­journed. Next Joint Coun­cil meeting is scheduled for January 23, 2017.

by Gloria Mott