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Joint Council - New Ice Plant is working well

posted Apr 2, 2018, 9:07 AM by Kathy Carr
The joint councils of the Town of Carberry and the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford met for their March meeting on Monday the 26th, with Reeve Adriaan­­sen in the chair, and all councillors except Jack­son,  Mac­Gregor and Dra­y­­son present. Also present was CAO Jones.
The only planning issue this month was word of an information session to be put on by the government to outline the changes that are proposed in the Planning Amendment Act (Imp­roving Efficiency in Plan­ning). There are several changes that will directly affect the councils’ work, and all members were approved to attend if they wished. The local session will be held in Brandon on March 28.
Unfinished Business
Bill Kalinowich re­ports that the new ice plant is working well, and that the operators being trained are on track to pass their Refrigeration Operator certifications. He commended the state of the equipment room. Bill has been a very helpful re­source, and has done so with very little expense to the Com­munity Centre Board.
CAO Jones asked councils to consider setting in place Hiring and Firing policies. Some of the work force is governed by their union contract, but for the remainder, a clear policy would be helpful.
The position of Rec­reation Programmer has been filled. Councils voted to hire Brianna Renwick for the post, and to share her salary bet­ween Town and Munici­pality.
Councillor Barry An­derson pointed out that it was important for those councillors appoin­ted to the various boards in the area to ensure that they are present for all the meetings, so as to be able to keep councils abreast of developments that may affect them. Where there are Town and Municipal members, they should ensure that at least one is present. Given the sometimes erratic schedule of meetings, it’s important to get proper notice of meetings emailed in good time.
The upcoming meetings of the AMM’s Muni­cipal Officials will have some important breakout sessions. Coun­­cillors were given agendas for the events, which take place from April 10-12. 
he Mayors’ and Reeves’ meeting will be hearing a presentation from Mani­toba Infrastructure.
An engineering assessment of the old Town shop has only just arrived, and will be brought to the next meeting when it has been examined.
Council has decided that the Community Foun­dation’s health related funds 10th Anniversary Medical Assistance Fund and Emergent Needs Fund which were the subject of a delegation to the last meeting should be combined and committed to the care of the CACF. This will enable the Foundation to secure a better rate of return, but will lock the funds away in perpetuity, giving only the interest earned to the Town and Municipality to disburse. The interest was committed to the Health Action Committee to facilitate the recruitment and retention of health professionals.
The contract for gar­bage services has at last been signed with TAC Ventures.
The Service for Seniors Resource Coor­dinator has asked councils to assist Prairie Mountain Health Region to host this year’s conference of the Association of Support Services Coordinators. These are the people who provide services to enable seniors to continue living in their own homes as long as possible. They provide such services as meals (on-wheels or in shared settings), home and yard maintenance, transportation, and Emer­gency Response Infor­mation Kits. All resource councils are non-profit, so the health region has to find the necessary funding to support the conference. They ask municipalities to chip in, and the Joint Councils voted to send the region $250, shared 50/50.
General Business
Councils approved an advertisement of support in the 2018 MADD Mes­sage Yearbook for a cost of $279 per council.
Councils also app­roved the attendance of Ken VanDamme and Alex Broad to a Refrigeration Operator Level 2 course in Winnipeg. The intensive week-long course will cost $1086 each, plus meals and accommodation. The certification will authorize them to work on the new ice plant. The costs will be taken from the Ice Plant Replacement Budget.
The Financial Officer and the Administrative Assistant were approved to attend a refresher course in the municipal software they use. The one-day course takes place in Brandon in April. Costs (an “early bird” special, at $300 for the two) will be split between Town and Municipality.
Grady Stephenson will be sent to the “Big Rig” Heavy Rescue Train the Trainer course in Win­nipeg, June 8-10 at the fire academy. The $350 course, plus accommodation, meals and mileage will be covered 50/50 by the Town and Munici­pality.
The CAO reported that she has just received word that in a move intended to “reduce red tape,” the province will be allowing taxpayers to self-assess whether they will take their Education Property Tax Credit Advance directly from their tax bill or on their income tax form. She expects that whatever red tape the province may be saving itself, the municipality will end up with, along with some hard feelings if the Municipal Office has to disagree with a “self-assessment.”
Weed Supervisor Loney was approved to attend the MWSA Spring Seminar in Russell from April 3-6, with accommodation at the Russell Inn, meals and mileage all to be shared 50/50 between Town and Municipality.
There will be a Conference of the Mani­toba Association of Fire Chiefs in Selkirk from May 31 to June 2, and two members of the Fire Department were app­roved to attend. Regis­tration, accommodation, meals and mileage will be shared between Car­berry and NCL.
The Prairie Region Tran­s­portation Com­mun­i­ty Awareness Emer­gency Response Commit­tee is hosting training sessions May 23-25 at the CN Rail Campus on leaking tank cars and locomotive rescue. Chiefs, Deputies and Training Officers are invited to observe the daytime courses. Evening courses are also available to all first responders. The fire department will be asked to consider whom they might send.
The old ice plant equip­ment has been offered for sale, and after negotiations, a bid of $90,000 (plus taxes) was accepted and approved. The funds from the sale will return to the CPCC Capital fund for further energy efficiency upgrades to the Community Centre.
Committee Reports
The CAO reports that March has been busy. Snow cleanup gave Public Works a workout, and they are to be congratulated on how well they did it. Budgets are almost completed; the distribution of Town accounts to the Financial Officer and the NCL and Joint accounts to the ACAO is sorted out. There are still some outstanding amounts from the old Langford system, but the number is much reduced. Sub-boards are on notice to clear up their budgets and by-laws. The 2017 audits are on track to be under way before the end of 2018! Pre-Election work is under way with a call to update the voters’ list.
The ACAO continues to work on budgets, and the Special Service By-Law for the Municipality. She is now tasked with the financials for the sub-boards, and is finding her way through the complexities. She continues to take accounting courses in Portage, and will write an exam in early April, take one more course starting in April, and a final one in the fall to graduate before the end of the year.
The Financial Officer has been working on Town payables and payroll, both budgets, and questions from the auditors on the 2016 audit. With the ACAO she has been balancing 2017 financials to ensure accurate data for the 2018 Budget and for submission to the MMO.
The Archivist reports that she is supplying material for Ken Storie to use on the Carberry Heri­tage website. She is also restoring and digitizing pictures from the accessions in the file room.
The Arts Council has been working with a Youth Advisory Council on a program that presented a song-writing workshop and performance by the band Speed Control. They also have arranged for a Winnipeg choreographer to give a dance camp in July, with funding help from Healthy Together Now and the CACF. Their March 18 dance recital played to 200 people. Local instructor Taylor Orchard will be giving a further session in spring/summer. In addition, they are offering ‘Drums Alive,’ ‘Cooking with Kids,’ and at the Library ‘Community in Song’ with Heather Jean Jordan. The Library will also be showing a Traveling Gallery Art Show, and at the Old Town Hall there is a display of the photographs of Matthew Tolton, which will be succeeded by a show of art quilts from Fibre Art Divas, on exc­hange from Arts Forward in Neepawa. The Arts Council’s Ladies’ Night promotion has drawn fewer attendees than hoped for, and may have to be curtailed.
The Manager of Parks, Facilities and Sanitation reports that the rink is closing for the season, and he will be preparing energy use statistics for the new refrigeration equipment. There are several small upgrades planned for the facility during the summer. The old equipment has been successfully offered for sale. The contractor will return to 122 Main to continue with the foundation work. Once they are accessible, the ball park washrooms are to be assessed for renovation. Work will continue on the Art Sear Park, with some equipment to install, and landscaping and grass seeding. Negotiations with the sanitation contractor have wound up successfully, and the contract is signed.
The Community Develop­ment Coor­dina­tor has been working on the Volunteer Awards Ban­quet to be held on April 17. She also reports that she is redoing the renter’s agreement for the hall and the caretakers’ job description. The Hall board is considering providing Wi-Fi for the hall. Bookings are busy for the next few months. Grant applications have been made for the old bank building, and for the Ag Society’s Round House. An application for the Round House also went to the Thomas Sill Foundation. A survey has gone out to all Chamber members to determine the future direction of the Cham­ber. If you have one, please fill it out and send it back; the feedback is needed.
At Evergreen En­viron­­mental, the picking line has been sold, and its sale helped with the purchase of new LED lighting. The gasifier is in the process of being constructed.
The Library Board is still in need of a citizen representative for the town. Volunteers or nominations can go to any councillor.
The Planning Board is looking at changes coming from the provincial government in the form of the newly introduced Bill 19, The Planning Amendment Act (improving Efficiency in Planning). There will be a presentation session in Brandon on March 28, and details will be brought before the councils by Planner McEn­tee as well. Various issues addressed in the bill should help Munici­palities with planning matters in the future.
The Southern Chiefs Organization will be holding a Business and Partnership Forum on May 8-9 in Winnipeg. The opportunity to establish partnerships, and to network with First Nations and other neighboring municipalities is one that several councillors are considering.
MP Robert Sopuck is seeking support for Motion M-167 in the House of Commons, which asks the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security to study rural crime rates and rural policing resources and partnerships with a view to improving rural crime rates. Councillors agreed willingly to support such a step, and instructed the CAO to send a letter of support and endorsement as requested.
Around the Table
Mayor Olmstead exp­ressed his approval of the deal achieved to sell the old refrigeration equipment and put the money to energy efficiency. He felt that the price arrived at was a good deal, and better than he had hoped. He commended Grady Stephenson and Bill Kalinowich on their efforts.
Adjournment was at 8:25 p.m. next joint meeting scheduled for April 30th due to the MMAA Convention.

by John McNeily