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Joint Council - New Planning Document well designed

posted Jan 29, 2018, 8:28 AM by Kathy Carr
The meeting of the Joint Councils of Car­berry and North Cyp­ress/Langford was cal­led to order at the close of an hour-long meeting with Agassiz MLA Eileen Clarke that had called for 6:00 p.m. on Monday January 22.
Ms. Clarke was there to pass on information from the government about its ongoing promotions and problems, and to pick up any concerns the councillors might voice.
Reeve Adriaansen cal­led the meeting to order, and all councillors were present except David­son. With the opening formalities out of the way, the first item of business was Plan­ning. The Plan­ning Dis­trict has met to study the new Planning Docu­ment being prepared, and Mayor Olm­stead reported that it appears to have been well designed. Consultant Ter­­ry Brown has app­roved the effort as realistic and properly forward-looking. There has been a meeting with the Neep­awa Plan­ning District, and discussion of the concerns along the border between the two districts was productive and cordial. Planner McEntee has provided a summary of new permits this year, showing that assessment in Carberry will be augmented by $1.78 Million, and in North Cypress/Langford the growth will be $10.2 Million.
A motion to support Drug & Addiction's “Adopt a Classroom” program was defeated.
Councils discussed the CodeRed program. The municipality, where there has been very little sign-up, is questioning whether to continue to use the system, but in town, where the uptake has been better, there is a determination to continue to use the service. It only needs to save a single life to more than pay for itself. Councillor J. Anderson would even consider adding the municipality’s few sign-ups to the town's list to ensure that the service is as widely used as he feels it should be. The municipality will be discussing the service at its next meeting.
The departure of the Recreation Director has left the Personnel Com­mittee discussing just what will be done to replace him. One meeting has discussed the problem, and another has been called. The committee will come up with a recommendation and present it to councils.
Employees of the joint councils were voted a cost-of-living increase of 1.5% this year, and 2% in 2019. The increase will be over and above any regularly agreed increments.
Councils have agreed to hire a student as a casual summer weed applicator. The student, Tyler Kwiatkowski, will have half of his five-year applicator's license paid for this year, and the remainder if he returns next year.
The Manitoba Com­munities Services Coun­­cil, whose funding has been reduced, has asked for a letter of support. The MCSC would run fun­draising bingos in support of various projects, and local charitable and volunteer organizations have often used the MCSC's services to secure funding for projects of all sorts, and councillors were happy to offer their support.
Winterfest is coming; Friday, February 2 there will be a community bonfire, and a dance program presented by the pupils of Taylor Orchard. 
Saturday, February 3 there will be a full program of entertainment at the Community Hall starting at 2:00 and running through until 10:00 in the evening, including a talent show and “Perogyland” dinner. 
There will be more information in the paper, and on the website and facebook page. The organizing is in the hands of Arts Council Coordinator Amy Urquhart, and Manager of Parks etc., Grady Stephenson, and CAO Jones.
A program called “Managing Your Primary Leadership (Yourself)” is being presented by AMM in Portage on February 16. CAO Sandra Jones, Manager of Parks, Facilities and Sanitation Grady Stephenson, and Town Foreman Michael Sudak were authorized to attend.
Committee Reports:
CAO: A busy, if stressful month. Accounting delays are making it difficult to open another year in the accounting software, and the auditors are suggesting changes that will be helpful only after they are accomplished.
The staff are working well to clear away bottlenecks, but there is still plenty of planning and coordination to be done.
Winterfest has added to the load of the Arts, Grady and Sandra. There are also consultations with Foreman Sudak who is working on a list of priorities and grant applications.
Arts Council: The next promotion is the Quiz Night, which will be held on January 26, with a new format. Teams will consist of six members instead of eight as previously held.
Health: Prairie Mountain Health have been working to ease any congestion at the Health Clinic, bringing a doctor from the north to fill in, and providing locum services. The Health Committee will be meeting shortly to discuss recruitment, retention, and service improvements.
Evergreen still haven't got the portable gasification unit going, but are confident the tests will be positive and by spring the unit will be generating considerable savings along with the gases.
Library: Councillor Campbell reported that he is no longer the chair of the Western Manitoba Regional Library Board since their recent Annual General Meeting.
The Manitoba School Boards Association sent a letter with their concerns about zoning for marijuana outlets. Their recommendations to keep such facilities a kilometre from school buildings were impractical in a rural community's context, but their concerns were noted.
The Carberry North Cypress-Langford Fire Department sent in their annual review of statistics. They detailed 71 calls in 2017, 14 in town and 57 in the Municipality. The greatest number of calls were motor vehicle accidents.
The Manitoba Weed Supervisors Association sent word of their 2018 Weed Control Update, which will be held in the Carberry Community Hall this year, on March 21.
Around the Table
Mayor Olmstead reports that the Westman Opportunities Leadership Group, who have been building a case for a soya bean processing facility in Westman, have been given a $75K grant which will serve to retain consultants building a business case.
Councillor Mann advises that there will be a fundraising concert on February 4, from 1:30–3:30 at the Legion. The music will be provided by “Shameless Folk,” a Celtic band. Cost is $10, including a light lunch. Proceeds will go to repairing the porch of the Gingerbread House.
CAO Jones had printed out a copy of the recently arrived Statistical Information for Municipalities in Manitoba, which is over 50 pages of densely packed detailed information about municipalities; size, financial details, and so forth. Save the trees — look at it on line.
The meeting adjourned at 8:10 Next Municipal meeting will be on February 12, the Town will meet February 13, and the Joint Councils will meet on February 26.

by John McNeily