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Joint Council - Pre-election session will not be held

posted Jul 30, 2018, 9:47 AM by Kathy Carr
The joint councils of Carberry and North Cypress-Langford met on Monday evening, July 23 in the council chambers, with Reeve Adriaansen in the chair. All councillors except Drayson were present, as were the ACAO and the CAO. When the opening resolutions had been passed the first item of unfinished business was a report on the status of the RFP that was sent out for the proposed new fire hall. It has been published on July 13, sent to local area contractors, and posted on the national public tender site, from which it was downloaded several times. No submissions are yet reported.
The suggested pre-election session will not be held; the costs and especially the time commitment from staff and council were thought to be too high.
Nelli Sippel was added to the Municipal Emp­loyees Benefit Program, with the costs shared 50/50 between Carberry and NCL.
General Business
Trish Fraser, the ACAO, was approved to attend a refresher course in the municipal software that the office uses. It takes place in Winnipeg on October 15, and the registration, mileage and meal are to be shared 50/50 between Carberry and North Cypress-Langford.
A letter has been received from Dr. Marie North, of the Carberry Small Animal Veterinary Clinic. In it, she advises councils that she has been receiving many calls about stray and roaming animals. This is something that should be handled by an animal control officer, which she is not and is not compensated to be. In the absence of such an officer, she will be forced to refer all calls to the municipal office. If a municipal employee brings her an animal, its care will be billed to the town/municipality. She is not set up to provide boarding services, and the provision of such services is costly because of the overtime and inconvenience that the animals’ care requires and as such will bill accordingly for these extra services. She requests that she be given a contact number for someone responsible who can be contacted after regular municipal office hours.
There was considerable discussion of the whole problem of animal control. The situation in Wellwood that had been mentioned in the News-Express was also discussed as there were several ommisions within it. The creation of a By-law Enforcement Officer is still bogged down in negotiations with other municipalities and the Justice Ministry leaving no authority other than the CAO to handle these problems, and that is a vexatious use of too much of the CAO’s time, and that of her employees.
The north end of NCL, wards 5 & 6, have a long-standing relationship with Neepawa, which has their local provincially funded vet on retainer. Carberry’s vet is a private practise, and therefore can’t enter into a retainer agreement. Another advantage in the north is that Neepawa’s larger RCMP detachment will help with by-law issues of this sort, where Carberry’s smaller detac­h­ment have a very low priority on this issue. They have passed the file to the provincial Animal Welfare agency, which will probably bring closer scrutiny to the by-law presently in effect.
Compounding the problem is that Brandon has no more room for boarding animals, and the Cats TNR is at the limit of its volunteer resources.
Something will have to be done; a large delegation is expected at the next meeting of North Cypress-Langford, which may provide some direction forward. The matter of once again advertising for an Animal Control Officer will be presented to each council at their next meeting. 
On a quite different matter, councils approved the acquisition of software from their supplier Munisoft to administer the cemetery. This should streamline and rationalize a system that presently requires several Excel spreadsheets and doesn’t directly connect with the municipal accounting software. The cost will be shared between the municipalities.
The Fire Department sent in their June statistics, which showed a burst of residence/structure fires in NCL.
It is required that there be Drug and Alcohol Policies in place for all municipal employees, and this may include volunteer employees such as the Fire Department. There are to be policies for the town, for the municipality, and for joint employees. These will be presented to the councillors for discussion and approval at a future date.
Gib Bell, as a spokes­person for those promoting Pickleball as a recreation sport in Carberry, wrote to ask for a donation to acquire some further nets and rackets for the rapidly growing sport. His request will be referred to the recreation programmer.
Committee Reports
The CAO has been to an in-depth seminar on the upcoming elections, and also notes the work of the nine summer students at work on various projects throughout the municipalities.
The Arts Council repor­ted on the unveiling of the Canada 150 Mosaic Mural, which took place opposite the Municipal Office on July 5. It was a success, and brought notice to the area, and will continue to do so. Car­berry is one of only five communities in Manitoba chosen to participate in this Canada-wide project. The mural had to be dismantled after a wind event, but took no significant damage and will be returned to its location in Pioneer Park with a stronger, wind-proof stru­cture.
There are dance classes running through the summer, and a free “Confi-Dance Mini Camp” for mothers and children of all ages with Winnipeg choreographer Stephanie Strugar. The program encourages self-confidence and physical literacy, and is underwritten by the Community Foundation and Healthy Together Now.
On August 6, the Monday of the August long weekend, there will be a ‘Cirque’-style performance by Truck Stop, starting at 8:30 at the Fair Grounds. This also will be free admission. Truck Stop will be touring the area that week, but you can see them here first!
Parks, Facilities and Sanitation reports that phase one of the Art Sear Park is nearing completion with the help of summer students. There is still budget for further elaboration. The whole network of parks is being spruced up for the Communities in Bloom judges who arrived on the 23rd. The pool is in steady use, and the community centre is used for day camp and on Wednesday nights for Pickleball which is gaining popularity. Drop by and check it out. The Cemetery is benefiting from the work of a summer student; grass cutting and flower care continue, and headstone bases are being poured.
The ACAO reports that she is working on the 2017 audit, which is a first time experience for her, and also drafting road and sewer agreements, including those for the Ralph Oliver subdivision, which has required some input from the lawyers. She has been working on the long procedure of applying to the PUB for a rate increase, and she has had some help with routine matters from a summer student.
The CDC reports that though she was on holiday for a couple of weeks, the remainder of the time was pretty busy. She manned the town/ municipal float for the Fair Parade along with the CAO, Nelli, and councillor Mann. She acquired the batch of potato-shaped stress balls a bit too late for the fair, but is very pleased with them. She has been working with the Heritage Branch on projects for the Old Bank, and has been given a $20, 000 two-stage grant. She is completing the Com­munity Readiness Report for the Westman Opportunities Leadership Group, collecting election workers, and planning the next What’s the Big Idea?.
From Evergreen Environ­mental comes word that some technical glitches in the gasification project have delayed its release until probably fall, and they expect to have an Asbestos Policy finalized at their next meeting.
The Fire Department have ordered their new turnout gear washing machine, which should arrive shortly. The kids’ Firefit course at the fair was a great success, with about 150 kids taking the challenge and having a great time doing so. Also at the fair, the department’s team improved their time in the Potato Truck Pull, but didn’t manage to take over top spot. They congratulate the organizers. After 42 years’ service, Vern Currie is retiring from the department. Many thanks for such devotion were extended on behalf of the Councils on his retirement.  
The Planning Commit­tee reports that they have given first reading to the Development Plan, and it is now in the hands of the province for comment and recommendations. Councils have been given a copy, and can also give feedback. The public hearing is scheduled for September with second reading of the Plan planned for in October, by which time it will be in pretty much its final form. Members of the Planning Committee attended the national and provincial Planning Con­ference held in Winnipeg the last weekend, and came away with some interesting insights into the problems of planning on a larger scale.
The Financial Officer reports that she is working on the 2017 audit and the 2018 budget forecast for the Town. She will be visiting with the RM of Elton in Forrest to pick up pointers on running a smooth office. She will report on her visit next month.
The Recreation Programmer advises that Summer Day Camp is in full swing with a wide variety of programs, led by two summer students. The “Paint the Plains” Colour Run is planned for August 25 but may be postponed to next year due to a low number of entrants, and a “Try Pickleball” promotion has successfully gathered up over a dozen supporters. They are trying for a Healthy Together Now grant to keep the sport active. Mass registration for fall events will take place on September 5 & 6.
The RCA Museum sent its monthly newsletter ‘Barrage’ outlining its events through the summer.
Be Ready for Can­nabis Legislation sent out advice that employers will have to have a drug and alcohol policy in place that will cover all staff members including volunteer firefighters and EMTs.
Eileen Clarke, our MLA for Agassiz, has an open invitation to a constituency barbecue buffet, which will be held on the north side of Williams Park in Gladstone on Friday August 10 from 4 pm to 8 pm. Bring your own lawn chair. For more info and to RSVP, or 201-385-2469.
Around the Table
CAO Jones is preparing the AMM 2018 In Memoriam. She is sending in the name of Don McLaren, and asks if anyone else involved in municipal politics passed this year.
Mayor Olmstead noted the presence on the day of the meeting of the Communities in Bloom judges, who visited around the town and municipality and inspected a wide range of public affairs, with a barbecue to meet the public at lunch and a dinner with the CIB committee and supporters at the golf course in the evening. The judges were impressed with the community spirit, and the ongoing improvement shown over the years.
The meeting adjour­ned at 7:50 pm.

by John McNeily