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Joint Council - Sandhills Golf & Country Club operations ‘On Par’ with past years

posted Oct 31, 2016, 8:54 AM by Kathy Carr   [ updated Oct 31, 2016, 8:54 AM ]
The Sandhills Golf and Country Club is keeping their operation ‘on par’ with other years, is what was learned at the joint council meeting.
The Municipality of North Cypress-Langford, and the Town of Carberry met for their October joint meeting on October 24, with Mayor Stuart Olms­tead in the chair.
Leonard Birch made a presentation on behalf of the club. The club hires twelve employees, five full-time and seven part-time employees, which put about $125,000 in the local economy. The club is very pleased with the new manager, and hopes he will be able to relocate to this community soon.
Memberships have remained about the same, but the canola crop and a promotion with Glenboro and Souris brought some much-needed funds into their coffers. However, with inspections and equipment turnover, there are a number of upgrades to be done: the kitchen ventilation; upgrade was­h­rooms to accommodate the handicapped; a new greens mower; an eyewash station.
The summer rains kept the greens in great shape, but strangely, mosquitoes were not a big problem this year. Birch was concerned about reports of wild hogs being seen near the course (and what they could do to the greens), but was advised that it is “open season” on those animals.
Birch came to request the annual grant they have been receiving from both councils. In the past, the rural municipality has contributed a larger grant, as they receive taxes from the club. The grants will be discussed at the individual meetings.
The CAO submitted a report on the past month. Once again, the computers were hacked, but not as much damage as last time. A tech person is coming to check out the computers. A student is working at the municipal office for school credits, and has been updating cemetery records. Jones praised her staff for the work they do and how they adjust to the changes that take place in the office.
The Manager for Parks, Facilities and Sanitation (aka Grady) gave his report. Curling starts this week and the building assessment of the ice plant room has been done. Waiting room lights are to be replaced. 
Clean up must be done around the oil depot. Other than that, the transfer stations received a good report. 
Council passed a resolution to change the title of Grady Stephenson from Operations Manager to Manager of Parks, Facilities and Sanitation.
Other business
CAO Jones questioned whether ‘massage’ will be added to the Blue Cross of joint employees, as it is for town employees. Council agreed.
Approval was given to attend two seminars: The Weed Seminar, December 7-9 in Winnipeg, for Weed Supervisor, Keith Loney and the Marquis Event November 3-4 in Win­nipeg (a seminar on leadership). In both cases, this includes hotel rooms and meals (plus registration fees).
The CAO also asked for clarification on adding accounts to taxes. When custom work is done, that cost may be added onto the tax bill, if it is not paid. Council suggested that it should be six months before they are added. In the meantime, the rate­payer is sent several in­voices. 
Unpaid accounts from Evergreen can also be invoiced through the municipality, but when the delinquent account is not actually from either municipality, Jones was not sure what could be done. Evergreen will be instructed not to allow tipping (in this particular case, of shingles) unless there is a way to bill them for the service.
Councillors John Anderson and Ray Drayson presented their proposal for recognizing the service of employees, in increments of five years. Council agreed.
The new fire department logo was presented and will go on all the fire trucks.
CAO Jones presented feedback from meetings with boards, about the attendance of council members to their appointed boards. It is frustrating for boards if they do not have any liaison with council. Councillor Barry Anderson suggested that if one cannot be in attendance, then to contact the alternate member or any member to attend.
There was discussion regarding the large green waste bin at the Carberry Transfer station. The present contract doesn’t run out until January 2018, and is quite costly.  Some clarification was given after the last meeting, and the big question is, do they continue to ship it to evergreen, or ship it to Brandon – which is much cheaper as far as transport.  As they are currently in a contract with Waste Management, they will change to Brandon until this contract expires, at which time they will re-evaluate their methods.
Committee reports
Arts Council: There are many events planned in the next few of months. Paint night on November 2, 7:30 p.m. at the Legion; Open Mike at the Links is Saturday, November 5 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.; Ladies night, Novem­ber 26; Big Daddy Taz “Christmas Party” is on  Decem­ber 17; Quiz night, January 28 (this time run by Expressions Entertain­ment).
Buildings: They will meet on Monday. They have had a second quote on the Drop-In door and will proceed with the lowest quote.
Community Centre: There have been meetings with the various boards, with the feasibility study people, and with the user groups. The booth had a successful season financially last year.
Community Develop­ment: The coordinator is working to produce a community promotion video that will be used to recruit professionals, such as doctors.
Evergreen Environ­mental: They have a new skid steer loader (with temporary tires that they are trying out). Recycling is now going to Winnipeg. The application for the grant for gasification is in process; it is 25 pages long.
Fire: The fire brigade is selling raffle tickets for the Fire Fighters Burn Fund. “Sparky” will be in attendance at the Fire­men’s Ball, which will be held December 3.
Health: The Irish physician that toured our community did not choose to come here. On October 26, there was a Lifeline meeting in regards to bracelets for wanderers. October 25, 10-4, was the flu clinic. 
Handivan and Seniors: They tried to hold a handivan driver course amongst neighbouring municipalities and communities, but there was no response, so it was cancelled. The dance at Heritage Days made a $500 profit to be shared 50/50 between Seniors and Heritage Committee.  Seniors has decided not to be part of the dance next year. The Wednesday noon meal price has gone up to $10.
Library: Interviews are underway for assistant librarian in Brandon. There is a predicted deficit for this year, but, as one council member pointed out, this is quite normal. 
Museum: The board is looking at installing a wireless alarm system to include the Gingerbread House. They are in the process of trying to get the east porch done.
Planning: There has been $18,000,000 in permits issued for builds in the Cypress Planning District the past year!
Federation of Canadian Municipalities forwarded the Climate Protection Program information.
CAO Jones disbursed copies of the annual convention agenda to all. They firmed up plans of what they will be attending in Winnipeg.
Heather McLaren announced her retirement from the Bank of Mont­real.
The RCA Museum newsletter was received.
Around the table
Rural Councillor Gerond Davidson questioned whether the town had considered joining the Whitemud Watershed Conservation District. This would allow the town to access some programs they otherwise cannot. For example, there is a Fort Whyte vehicle that is making presentations to the schools, but cannot come to Carberry. Town council asked for more information (especially costs) so they can make a decision.
John Anderson suggested that council members and the public may like to participate in the provincial government housing survey. Go to to find the survey.
Mayor Olmstead noted that the Chamber of Commerce had a “Lunch & Learn” session at the old town hall on Thursday October 27 at noon.
CAO Jones questioned whether the municipal float would be ready for the “Parade of Lights” in Neepawa. Because it is held in the dark, the float would have to have some lights on it. Other suggestions were to bring a piece of equipment, such as a grader or fire truck.
The councils then met in camera to discuss the Carberry Plains Com­munity Centre Feasibility Study.
Next joint meeting will be on December 5. This is to cover both Novem­ber and December joint meetings. Carberry Coun­cil will meet on November 8 and North Cypress-Lang­ford will meet on November 14 in Brook­dale.
by Gloria Mott