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Joint Council - The Largest Small Town Fair in Manitoba!

posted Jun 5, 2017, 3:46 PM by Kathy Carr
“The Largest Small Town Fair in Manitoba!” This is the new slogan that is being used to promote the Carberry Fair and Races. The Carberry and Area Agricultural Society has been actively promoting their annual event in the effort to make it even more successful.
Alex Christison attended the joint meeting of the Town of Carberry and the Munici­pality of North Cyp­ress-Langford Coun­cils. Mayor Stuart Olm­stead chaired the meeting. Filling in for Alan Christison, he brought news of what the Ag Society has in store for this year’s events, to be held on July 7, 8, and 9.
Promotion has been a key part of the strategy for this year, and it has already generated some interest from people with horses as far away as Alberta. 
An exciting new innovation for this year’s fair, is the mobile “escape room.” This is in addition to the regular events like the chuckwagon and chariot races, the Friday evening fireworks. Also on Friday evening, is “mounted shooting.” Imagine two riders riding their horses full tilt, and at the same time, shooting balloons. 
It should be exciting, as well as “loud and fast!” The children’s programming has also been expanded on Friday and Saturday. It all makes for an even bigger and better event than last year.
Christison did have a couple of requests to make. He asked for a pet waste disposal station at the entrance to the grounds. It is a popular place to walk dogs, and sadly, not every person picks up behind their animal. A dog waste receptacle at the entrance to the grounds may encourage owners to leave the grounds clean and without ‘surprises’ on the grass.
He also requested the use of the paddleloader for about the hour to take some sod away. The purpose is to make the barrel racing course the regulated size. Councils agreed to both requests.
Councillor Mann had a couple of suggestions. She is concerned that on fair days, there is heavy traffic south from Fanny to the fairgrounds – and a lot of pedestrians. She suggested a 30 km/hr speed zone. She also suggested that there be brochures with event times readily available for the public.
The grounds continue to be rented throughout the summer, and many weekends are completely booked. Reeve Adriaan­sen noted that councils “know all the hard work you do out there” and issued a word of thanks on behalf of everyone. 

Other business
Hydro is being temporarily taken across to the railway park, for the Farmer’s Market. Even­tually hydro will be installed in a permanent way to the park.
CAO Jones reported that a new postage meter has been purchased. The cost will be  approximately the same as what the ‘expired’ one was.
By resolution, council accepted the Emergency Measures Plan for 2017, and to forward it to the Manitoba Emergency Measures for review. A copy of the new Emer­gency Planning and Preparedness Regulation was received.
Attendance was authorized to the Tourism Westman Annual Tribute to Tourism. The Men’s and Women’s Curling Bonspiel and the Carberry Agricultural Society are two of the nominees in the categories.
Council authorized a grant of $600 as a Platinum Sponsor to the Third Annual Potato Truck Pull in support of CancerCare Manitoba.
CAO Jones read out the proposed cell phone policy, which basically spells out how the phones are to be used (or NOT to be used) during work hours. Council implemented the policy by resolution. There were other cell phone concerns brought to the table, but these will be discussed at the individual meetings.
Keith Loney was authorized to attend the MWSA Summer Tour in Portage on July 20 & 21 with costs shared between both councils.
The Office of the Fire Commissioner has suggested the members of councils attend a Fire Protection Workshop on June 22 in Brandon. Attendees are requested to borrow local ‘turnout gear’ to attend, so it sounds like they will be doing some hands-on training. Councils app­roved attendance.
A report was received from the Cypress Plan­ning District. McEntee reports that so far in 2017, $2.887 million in projects have been given permits in North Cypress-Lang­ford; five farms, 18 residences and one commercial property. In Carberry there are four residences and one commercial property valued at approximately $820,000.
Hazardous Waste Day will be held June 17, 2017 at the south end of Main St. to coincide with the Firemen's Steak Breakfast and Chamber of Commerce Town Wide Yard Sale Day. It will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Six volunteers are needed to help with this event.
The local library, in conjunction with the celebration of their 50th anniversary, will be hosting a magic show on August 11. Council voted to help with the costs of bringing the Ryan Price Magic Show to Carberry, by sharing the $236.25 bill.

In a letter to councils, Rec Director, Andrew Smith addressed a couple of items. He felt that the current name of the ‘Carberry Plains Com­munity Centre Board’ did not fully reflect the mandate and work of that board. The board has renamed itself “Carberry and Area Parks and Recreation Board.”
The board has also felt that the new complex to be built in the (not so distant) future – across the road from the present facility, should have a name for marketing and fundraising efforts. After much deliberation and several suggestions, “Your Field of Dreams:  Carberry Plains Recreation Project” was chosen.
He updated plans for the Canada 150 celebrations, to which a grant of $2200 has been received. Lots of activities have been planned and even some pretty awesome prizes to be won! Watch for more news, closer to July 1.
Council made an appointment of Tanya Polasek (in place of Tracy Deveau) to the Carberry Plains Community Centre Rec Board.
CAO Jones reported on the Green Team positions (two have been received) and one person through the Canada Summer Jobs grant.
In Grady Stephenson’s reports: staff are busy renovating a ball diamond and getting things done on green spaces and soccer fields. Trees will be planted in the new rec property in the coming weeks.
Lacrosse has started and have been very successful. It is hoped that a league can be set up so they can have competition without going to Win­nipeg.
The ice plant demolition is near completion. Electricians have been hired to install the new setup.
The Aquatics Facility Managers’ Course proved to be very valuable for Stephenson, and new ideas have been brought back to improve the operation of the facility.
Maryn Lavich, Heal­thy Living Ambassador, along with Danica Fitz­simmons, and staff  (A. Smith) are running the Carberry 150 Month. Watch for Fun Fridays, and it all culminates with a “Big Bash” on June 17.
Again, there will be a big “pool party” for Canada Day, complete with bouncy castles and water hookups – and, with a barbecue and council members flipping burgers.
Summer programs: Summer Camp, Swim­ming Lessons, Aquafit, Ball Hockey, Beach Volleyball, Great Trail Connection Party Mud Run.
Mission/Vision Statements
Councils have been encouraged to formulate both a mission statement and a vision statement for their council. They spent some time looking at a few that CAO Jones found online, but Coun­cillor John Anderson stressed that they should be simple.
The Mission State­ment articulates what the purpose is, and the Vision Statement encapsulates where council sees themselves in five to ten years. 
Councillor Tolton produced a simple statement right off the cuff, “Growing a prosperous future.”
Councillor Barry Anderson wasn’t sure that the idea was worth a lot of time, and that it may have limited use after they pick one. Others felt it would find a place on official items, like letterheads and websites. 
The CAO reported that the tax notices are being distributed. She and T. McConnell attended the MMAA convention and brought back a lot of useful information.
M. Blair will leave her term position early, and as there are only a few months left on the term, they will hire last year’s student to fill in until the term is up. (During the meeting, they hired Nelli Sippel as Term Office Assistant and set her wage.)
Fire: Four new sets of turnout gear have been purchased. They also purchased an iPad to assist with information on calls, live information on trains, different hazards for vehicle extrication and other general information. The department keeps updating with two members completing their level one and four taking their hazmat ops course.
Some members will participate in Grand Valley Mutual Aid scenario, involving Shilo, Wawanesa, Carberry and Brandon, as well as ambulances and military police. They continue to be called out to accidents, and now grass fires (four).
Arts: The After School Arts Program has been very successful with 35-40 kids attending every week. The paint night in June is full. Next one will be in the fall.
Archives: there has been an increase in search requests. The microfilm machine has been installed. V. Andrey is working on an emergency and disaster plan.
Museum: G. Mott and M. Whitmore are now co-chairing that board. The museum opens on June 17 for the summer and staff has been hired.
Finances: T. McCon­nell reported on the MMAA Conference. There is a new simplified process for putting through Public Utilities Board applications, if your municipality fits the criteria. Currently applications take 18 months to process. Much helpful information was gained.
Service for Seniors: Much work is being done to have renovations done to the Drop-In Centre kitchen. A trip is planned to the Air Show in Shoal Lake, if enough sign up. There is a shortage of drivers, and the need is urgent.
Handivan: The regular two drivers are maintaining the service with one back-up driver. The small handivan is a huge benefit for the community.
EDO: T. Zander has been busy in a number of areas: Tourism West­man, Health, SWESC, looking for grants. K. Muirhead will paint a “potato family photo.”
Facilities: Work on the Foundation of the old town hall will begin this week. They are using spray foam and rubberized sealant. Archives basement work has been awarded. Eavestroughs have been replaced at the Drop-In.
Sanitation: Dump­sters are a big issue – they continue to be abused, which is frustrating for all staff.
Communications and Around the Table
The Regulatory Ac­countability Act and amen­dments to the Statutes and Regulations Act, a 23 page document was received – all part of “red tape reduction.”
Following the regular meeting, an ‘in camera’ session was held to discuss employee issues.
Next meetings will be: (NCL) June 12; (Car­berry) June 13; next joint meeting will be June 26.

by Gloria Mott