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Joint Council - Thumbs up for future Rec Plan

posted Mar 6, 2017, 8:54 AM by Kathy Carr
The proposed plan for the future recreation project got a ‘thumbs up’ from councils. Reeve Bob Adriaansen chaired the joint meeting of the Town of Carberry and the Mun. of North Cypress-Lang­ford held on February 27. Recreation Director, Andrew Smith attended with an overall drawing  of the layout of the facility and grounds. This was based on the feasibility study done in 2016.
Smith described it as a 15-20 year project, which would be done in phases. The first phase is landscaping and site preparation is underway with the initial order of trees to designate the camping area and separate the property from the agricultural property.
By show of hands, both councils indicated their unanimous approval for the project as presented, although Smith was quick to point out that the phases could change, due to time or financial reasons.
Mayor Olmstead referred to it as a “road map” of “what to do and when to do it.”
CAO Jones will submit a letter to the Community Centre Board for their files.
Councillor John An­derson questioned when the fundraising would start, to which Smith replied that it has already started. He also suggested that they should keep wind and solar power in mind when they get further into the construction phase, depending upon grants and Hydro programs available at the time.
Compliments were received on the curling ice at the recent Bonspiel.
In other areas, Smith indicated that he hoped to hire a student for “Heal­thy Living Month” which would culminate in a Family Day just before Canada Day. This would all be tied into the Canada 150 celebrations. There will be the Canada Day activities at the pool.
He reported on the Rec Connections Conference, which was excellent. He will be taking aquatics program training, and hopes to organize the swimming program to fully leverage the pool facilities thru the summer.
Waste removal
A meeting had been held in regards to the waste disposal system. There will be some reorganization of workers, times and drivers for waste pickup. There is a need to hire casual drivers so that when a regular worker is sick or on holidays, there is someone to fill in.
Grady Stephenson (who was not in attendance) is hoping to bring the landfill site into compliance with current regulations. This means redoing the berms and the drainage at the site. 
In the town, it is thought that there needs to be a separate account to take in waste income, and also allow them to save for replacing capital items, such as a new truck. North Cypress-Langford already has a reserve in place.
General Business
The AMM District meeting will be held in Carberry this year. Coun­cils spent some time organizing the details and pricing of the meeting. 
CAO Jones noted that there are changes coming with Canada Post and their present postal machine, which is quite old, will not work. She was instructed to price out other options besides the one offered by their present postage company.
Council agreed to hire Alex Broad for Parks and Recreation and set his wage (replaces R. Poitras).
They also appointed Keith Loney as Fire Chief and Don Menzies as Deputy Fire Chief for 2017-2019.
CAO Jones gave a report on EMO. B. Wells, EMO Coordinator, has been taking online courses and participating in day sessions, and is looking to set up a tabletop exercise this spring.
Joint employees received their annual increase set in accordance with the current cost of living, unless otherwise stated in their agreements.
Councils agreed to be silver sponsors of the McCain Clear Lake Golf Classic at a cost of $2,000 (shared jointly).
Council accepted the resignation of Kim Reynolds, caretaker (public washrooms, old town hall and municipal office) with regret. The position has been advertised.
Council authorized Keith Loney, Weed Supervisor, to attend the 2017 MWSA spring seminar in Russell, MB, from April 4-7 (cost $540.08, shared 50/50).
Parks Facilities and Sanitation: The old public works building is undergoing a structural assessment to help decide what course of action to take on it. The new municipal office sign will be installed when it is received.
CAO Report: the weather, sunshine, melting, and then freezing again has brought public works concerns to the forefront. Workers are doing their best and the public has been understanding. Employee reviews are nearly complete. The staff is working well together and handling the workloads.
FO Report (financial officer): This time of year finds T. McConnell with her regular duties as well as all the extras that are entailed with budgeting and tax requirements. The audits make it even busier. 
Museum: The museum is happy to welcome Alexis Dyck to the board. As there was a financial loss in 2016, the board is looking at fundraising ideas. They hope to participate in some projects for Canada 150.
Handivan committee would like to get the garage for the small handivan insulated. It is still a struggle to find drivers.
Service for Seniors: is looking for fundraising ideas, due to the closing of the United Way.
Arts Council: Different classes of student’s artwork are being featured in the foyer of the old Municipal Office. Cur­rently Kinder­garten students are featured. There has been tremendous support from the community for their after school arts program, to start April 24. Pamp­hlets for spring classes will be out the first of March.
Archives: There have been several requests come in for searches. The microfilm machine has been ordered.
CDC: T. Zander is looking at avenues to find grants for the old bank building. She is participating in the “What’s the big idea?” event for Carberry, Neepawa and Minnedosa. This is an effort to bring new businesses to these communities.
Planning: There is ongoing work on the new development plan. Several extra meetings will be held over the next few months to go through it in detail.
Around the table
Councillor Drayson questioned whether there were First Aid courses being given to employees. The answer is “yes” but there are now a few employees that still need the training.
Mayor Olmstead reminded council members about the Mayors’ and Reeves’ meeting. He noted that, to help those signing cheques to understand what expenses are being paid, Cheque signers will start having a meeting to go over these expenses prior to their meeting.
Councillor John Anderson noted that the application for the gasification project did not meet the criteria, and so it has been redone. He feels that this time it will be accepted.
CAO Jones offered kudos to the rink and booth staff, for a job well done during the recent Bonspiel.
Council adjourned. The next meeting will be March 13 (NCL) and March 14 (Carberry).

by Gloria Mott