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Joint Council -What should be done about the rural recycling issues?

posted Apr 4, 2016, 8:33 AM by Kathy Carr
Despite it being a joint council meeting, rural members were seeking solutions for their residents’ mishandling of their recyclables. Reeve Bob Adriaansen chaired the meeting and all members of both councils were in attendance on March 28.
During the update on Evergreen Environmental, ACAO McConnell noted that there has been a huge drop in North Cypress-Langford recycling tonnage from 2014 to 2015. This corresponded with the Council’s policy of putting contaminated recycling binloads straight into the garbage bins.
The 46 less tonnes of recycling has resulted in a loss of $9700 to the municipality. This is a huge amount of money to lose. 
Parks and Rec Foreman, Grady Stephenson was in attendance and offered some more perspective on the problem. The waste truck used to pick up the town recycling, weigh it, and then pick up the rural. However, the rural recycling was often contaminating the whole load, so now the town’s recycling is being taken up separately – another increase in cost to both municipalities.
Campbell vouched for the cleanness of the bins at Brookdale, as did Adriaansen for the ones at Wellwood and Edrans. If this is true, that leaves the rural roadside dumpsters as possibly the main culprits. The RM has done everything they can think of to encourage residents to put the recyclables in the blue dumpsters, with no bags (especially no black bags), and to have the glass in a separate bin. The glass in the recycling bins can cause real problems for those sorting it because it usually breaks. New signage has not seemed to make a difference.
The waste truck driver is going “above and beyond” his duties and removing any offensive materials, if can be done relatively easily. The offensive materials are opened, and a letter sent to the perpetrators (town or rural).
The whole group weighed in on solutions, which included: hiring someone to oversee the rural dumpsters; having the bin site gated, so that residents have to carry their waste in; having a person ride with the driver to assist him (removing offensive materials); removing all the dumpsters and forcing residents to take their recycling to Evergreen in Odanah or to Carberry.
In the Evergreen report, Councillor John Anderson reported that the result of the audit leaves the facility in a surplus position. This could be used to help with the gasification project. They have hired a seasonal person to start April 15. 
Rothesay has been hired to pick up cooking oil, so now they have that capability. 
Ice Plant
Stephenson and Kalinowich attended the meeting to give an update on the ice plant project. So far they have two quotes for the project of redoing the whole ice plant system (one to revamp the present system, and two to completely change the system to an ammonia-based system.) There is a third major company that is giving a quote, and they are expecting it soon. 
They have toured an ice plant in Winnipeg, and were pleased that they confirmed operating efficiencies with their system. An ammonia-based system should recover costs in five to ten years. 
As they are convinced that the present system will never be efficient, they are disregarding the quote to revamp what now exists. In literature Kalinowich has seen, the compressors they presently have a lifespan of three to five years, which agrees with four having been replaced in six years.
The new system would allow them to regulate the skating and the curling ice separately, which has been a problem in the past.
On the good news side, an examination of the brine pump revealed that the brine piping is pretty clean, so that will not have to be replaced. Kalinowich stated that they will reuse as much of the old system as they can. For example, the heat exchanger could be used to heat the pool.
The consultant looking at the present system has done a ‘walk-around’ and has offered some useful advice. The importance of having the feasibility study done was stressed as a necessary step.
The process of interviewing for a new recreation/programming director is underway, with resumés having been narrowed down for the interviewing committee.
Health Committee
Councillor Barry Anderson brought information on the local health front. He attended a meeting with local physicians in which a portable ultrasound device was being demonstrated. 
It was felt that one of these devices could be of great assistance to physicians, especially in assessing emergencies, and even to do something as mundane as finding veins. The cost of these machines run from $10,000 for a small model, to over $20,000 for a larger, more usable model. 
Physicians would have to take some training to operate the machine. This will be discussed more at the health committee and possibly brought before the councils again and the community foundation, with a request for funding.
There has been no movement on the recruitment issue.
At our local facility, the present manager, Craig Hohne has accepted a position elsewhere in the Prairie Mountain Health Region. Debbie Rea will be the new Care Team Manager for Carberry and Glenboro Health Centre sites. The transition date is to be determined.
Councillor John Anderson again brought to Councils the need to have the local ambulance service reserved for emergencies when there is no emergency service at the Carberry Health Centre. Once again he detailed how he was directed to do a non-emergency transfer from Minnedosa to Winnipeg, leaving any emergency that arose locally, a wait time of at least 45 minutes for an ambulance. He asked councils to write a letter to the region, asking for a policy regarding this matter. They agreed to do that.
Other business
It was suggested that Council invest in some nametags that can be used when they are on official businesses or attending conferences. There also is a need for promotional ‘swag’ that could be given out (e.g. to visitors for conferences or tourist events, or when locals travel away). CAO Jones will get prices on nametags, while the CDC is working on the latter.

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Councils received a request from the Potato Pull contest (raising money for cancer at Carberry Fair). This will be the second event on Sunday, July 3. Councils do not normally support charity events, but feel this event provides promotional value to the fair and to the area. They resolved to donate $300 each to this event.
TransCanada Pipelines sent information on their Spruce Woods Reconnect project, which will tie-in at Spruce Woods for Shilo. 
Keith Loney was authorized to attend the Weed Supervisor Spring Seminar April 5-7 in Russell. Costs will be split between the two councils.
Councils once again authorized silver sponsorship ($2000, shared) for the McCain Golf Classic on June 14. Councils will decide at their individual meetings who will attend the tournament.
The Town Council put forward a proposal in regards to shared office expenses for the RM of North Cypress-Langford’s perusal.
Committee Reports
Arts Council: Drums Alive had a moderate attendance. In the fall they are hosting a “Ladies’ Night.”
Buildings: The Building Committee will meet April 4. The flooring is being installed in the “old municipal office.” Council accepted a quote from J & G Supply for a cost of $7,883.87 plus taxes. 
Councillor Barry Anderson has had a request to please stop calling it the “old municipal office” The building should have a name, and not be identified by ‘what it was.’
At the meeting they will discuss such things as the leakage at the museum building. The lights in the museum loft have been replaced.
Cemetery: Flowers have been ordered for 2016. There are two benches to be installed. The road to the shed should be fixed up, as it is quite rutted.
Community Development: Our CDC, Tricia Zander is busy organizing the Westman Tourism Banquet, which will be on June 1 in Carberry. The entertainment will be the magician, Chris Funk.
Fire: The Fire Department has designed a new logo for their equipment and clothing. Council got a sneak peak at the new truck being built. It is hoped that it will arrive in time to have an “unveiling” at the annual Firemen’s Breakfast.
The firemen have done a traffic course, and will do a hospital tour. They are in need of a small stepladder.
There was a fun hockey game between the fire department and Acadia Colony, in which the firemen were soundly beaten! 
There is talk of getting a live band for the next Firemen’s Ball.
Mayor Olmstead expressed his appreciation to our brigade for their efforts to help in the search for little Chase Martens at Austin; also to the local volunteers that went out and searched.
Library: A new assistant librarian has been hired in Brandon. The front steps in Carberry will be fixed.
Hall: The CDC is now looking after hall bookings. The board will have the Manitoba Liquor Commission give them some information regarding rules and regulations. There is some problem with some user groups not respecting the rules.
Museum: The lights have been fixed. The Board has had an expert check out the museum brickwork, as there has been some leakage on the south side, especially when the rains are driving. The new cupboards are constructed in the loft and they look good.
Planning: The Board has been going over the scope of work with T. Brown, who will be revamping the Planning Act.
The Federation of Canadian Municipalities sent information on the Green Municipal Fund. This is the funding through which they hope to fund the gasification project. The Town of Neepawa is now on board with an FCM membership.
The BRHC Foundation is holding their Spring Campaign for funding. Council declined to support this time, as they would rather offer their support to local needs.
Around the table
Reeve Adriaansen reminded councils that they should be making application for funding for the TransCanada Trail. They will talk to previous members of that committee for more information.
Mayor Olmstead reminded councils of the upcoming Municipal Officials Seminar, which is next week in Brandon. He also put out a reminder for the Chamber of Commerce Awards banquet at the Legion on Monday, April 11.
Councils adjourned.  Next RM meeting will at the new time on Monday, April 11, at 9:00 a.m.; The Town meeting will be April 5 at 7:00 p.m. Next joint meeting will be April 25 at 7:00 p.m.

by Gloria Mott