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Joint Council Council passes Revised Emergency Plan

posted Dec 11, 2017, 8:34 AM by Kathy Carr
Are the Municipalities of North Cypress-Lang­ford and the Town of Carberry prepared in case of a disaster? While the official council meeting did not start until 7 on December 4, Council members were at the table an hour earlier, to go over the emergency measures plan with Co-ordinator, Brad Wells.
Councils reviewed the plan and made changes as necessary. They reviewed venues for the operations centre (the centre will change with the location of the disaster), and the technology available at various locations. 
At the meeting (chaired by Mayor Olmstead), they passed the revised emergency plan, which will now be forwarded to the province.
Smaller scale 
CAO Jones reported that AEDs (defibrillation machines) currently are in place by the councils at the hall, rink and drop-in. She noted that there is a sale on the portable devices at $1200. She felt there was a need for one at the south end of town.
The municipal office is a logical place to have one. It could serve anyone who happens to have a heart attack anywhere near that location. 
Councillor John Anderson, EMS, noted that having an AED applied within ten minutes, increases your chance of survival by 70%.  If it is a portable one, it could be taken to tournaments, to the fairgrounds, or other community events when requested.
Besides the initial cost ($1195 plus taxes) there is also a cost to maintain the devices. Jones will look into this. There is also some money in a fund from the last effort to purchase one, which would cover the taxes. Councils even discussed purchasing two of these units.
Thinking of the municipal office as a location, with tongue in cheek, Councillor Tolton, mused that “If someone has a heart attack looking at their tax bill…”

Other business
CAO Jones reported on the situation with the auditors. While at the recent AMM convention, she was able to poll other municipalities to see where their audits are. Generally, most have their 2015 audit done, and the 2016 has been completed with many.
Carberry and North Cypress Langford, however, are still finishing their 2015 figures, while 2016 is not started. This affects other areas of operation, such as applying for grants, which need audited financial statements to accompany applications.
Jones’ raised another concern, that the employee assigned to the audit has changed several times, and each time new information is requested – which may have already been submitted previously to the last employee.  This uses up valuable office time, and the requests have become quite onerous for our office staff.
The auditor will attend individual meetings with the municipalities (NCL in December; Carberry in January). Council will also look into what other companies can offer this service, but MNP has a contract until the end of 2018.
Council approved the attendance of Trish Fraser to the “Other Duties as Assigned” course in Portage la Prairie, at a cost of $249 plus mileage. CAO Jones felt it was a good course to attend, as it addresses some of the “grey areas” of administration responsibility. Councils approved, sharing the cost 50/50.
Council discussed the fact that a sundry board sets a rate for the use of a personal cell phone which was different than that set by the councils. Council asserted that the rate should be the same as was set by councils and that it should be rolled back. 
Reeve Adriaansen pointed out that the rollback was in no way a reflection of the employee, but an adherence to rates set by the municipalities.
A request from the Arts Council board for a donation of $2000 for their Mosaic project was discussed. While the councils appreciated the uniqueness of the project and the event it celebrates (Canada’s 150th birthday), most felt that the Arts Council was in a financial position that the cost could be covered by their own funds.
This was an expensive project, which was well supported, and the grant and local funding did not quite cover the cost of it. The municipalities’ own budgets are tight and while they are happy to consider requests made from their boards, they will always be assessed as to how badly they are needed.
Council approved Grady Stephenson to attend the Rec Connec­tions Conference in Win­nipeg from February 28 to March 2, 2018, at a cost of $370 plus mileage, shared 50/50. A question arose as to whether Andrew Smith would or should be attending, but the topics of discussion seemed to have a lot to do with facilities – which is Stephenson’s area.
Performance reviews are being carried out and CAO Jones reported that they are nearly completed.

Admin reports
CAO Jones reported that work performance reviews are ongoing; she attended convention and had some valuable conversation with the RCMP. It seems that for the time being Langford area of NCL will continue to be served by Spruce Plains and the rest of the municipality will be served by Blue Hills. 
ACAO Trish Fraser has been busy with budget preparation; with waterline issues in NCL. A Land Titles seminar was helpful to her.
FO Teresa McConnell has been busy dealing with the auditors’ re­quests; sub-board spreadsheets are included in the report.
PFS Manager Grady Stephenson reported on his areas of concern. Parks: The Art Sear Park should be completed in the spring.
Facilities: Rentals are down at the rink, but a consistent reduction in the hydro bill is very welcome due to the new ice plant with a 40% reduction in the first month, 25% in the second. Hockey Day, and an MCT Bonspiel will bring people from all over the province to our facility. Some eavestrough projects were completed, but the remainder will wait for next year. 
Sanitation: The new garbage truck operator is doing well; The truck has had a number of repairs done.
Transfer Station: Copies of garbage proposals have been handed out to possible contractors and advertised, with start proposing to be February 1. Stephenson will be meeting to discuss having a hazardous waste collection point at the transfer station. 

Committee reports
Archives: A few search requests were handled, and an emergency and disaster plan completed for the library basement.
Seniors:  They did not receive the Community Places grant for the renovations as hoped, but they are in the process of applying for others. A drivers’ course took place on November 27. The Christmas noon meal is set for December 13th (purchase tickets from Deb Steen). 
Handivan: Grady Stephenson will do renovations (i.e. insulation) to the handivan garage.
Arts Council: A new winter and spring program is available for sign-up. Various cooking courses for kids, art and singing. The 150 Mural is breathtaking! There will be a community unveiling at a later date. Quiz night will be January 26.
Details for the Santa Claus parade were worked out and were quite successful.  One of the nicest days for a parade and one of the largest in many years.
Museum: The Museum received a grant, which will help with digitizing their collection. We also received a donation of artifacts from McCain Foods, which will greatly add to the military collection. We are looking to have another fundraiser in December. The Museum is selling DVDs and sticks of their Canada 150 project “Glory Days.” They are available at the News-Express and make a great Christmas gift!
Community Centre: Phase III of the community facility planning is in process. Design consultants will bring a conceptual design to a final stage design. Friday movies and science games took place on December 1. 
Fire: Several courses have taken place on vehicle extrication and ropes, ladders, etc. A ‘new’ bush truck has been purchased; new turnout gear will be ordered. Two grants were received: one for the base radio unit, as well as a rescue ‘stair chair’ (which will help rescues in multi-storey buildings). There were five residential calls, five vehicle collisions, and five fires (power line, vehicles etc.)
Community Hall: Lack of board members (from the public) has caused the board to investigate whether the board could be under the Building Committee. There would be some advantages (such as the setting of  standard rates for rentals of all municipal buildings), but there would also be disadvantages (such as having to attend every function there.) Currently the hall is not bringing in enough revenue to pay its expenses. Councillor Mac­Gregor noted that the board is often asked for discounts for events that are “good causes”, but that does not take away from the fact that most causes are “good” and there is still the hydro to be paid at the end of the day.

The RCMP sent their stats for the third quarter of the year. Out of 88 incidents, 12 have been cleared by charge and nine otherwise.
Prairie Mountain Health Board thanked Councils for their support with the flu clinics.
The Tournament of Champions will be held on January 4-8. Council agreed to place an ad in their program – at a cost of $25 to each council.

Around the table
Councillor John Anderson asked that councils consider purchasing the building next door for a few reasons: storage (sub boards and the municipalities are running out of storage space), and for parking (often there is not enough parking in front of the office). Council will look into the price and give it some consideration.
Councillor Gerond Davidson noted that the holiday train was in Neepawa, and it might be a good idea to have it come to Carberry next time. He gave CAO Jones the information to apply to have it stop here.
Mayor Stuart commented on the recent convention. He attended the session on the upcoming legality of cannabis, but there was no discussion on it at this meeting as they are awaiting more formal information from the province.  He canvassed Joint Council as to suggestions that would make the convention better next year as he is also on the AMM Board, several items were noted. The entertainment at the Gala was “fantastic” according to some (dueling pianos) but on the negative side, there was a lack of respect shown when various speakers were talking (ambient noise in the room).
Reeve Adriaansen expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the Fire Department for their annual ball. He called it a great evening and community event.
Council went ‘in camera’ to discuss personnel issues. The next meetings will be: North Cypress-Langford (December 11) and Carberry (December 12). There will not be a joint meeting until the one on January 22.

by Gloria Mott