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Listen to Reg and Andreas at home

posted Oct 17, 2016, 8:59 AM by Kathy Carr
After a successful tour of Manitoba in June along with the tours that they performed in Norway and England, Reg Downey and Andreas Flensted are putting out a CD. 
Reg said that it was during these tours that they realized how much they enjoyed performing toget­her and seeing how much the audience en­joyed the way they blended the good old pop classics with their own songs, that made them want to create something that the audience could take home with them to enjoy.
He said that they began to go through their repertoire of songs and started pulling out their favourites a long with songs that the audience enjoyed as well. They were only planning on doing a five song EP, but then discovered that they needed to add more to it. 
Reg said that once they returned to Denmark and in between planning a tour of The Faroe Islands and another trip to Norway they booked a large concert hall and recorded the CD. He said that there were some challenges along the way, but they managed to work through them and completed the CD in time before heading back to Norway to film a music video for their song “You Raise Me Up.” 
 “Pro­bably all and all it was a two month process. We just knew we needed songs like "Over the Rainbow"  and "Song of Freedom" (my own song) and "Love Me Tender" for example. Then we couldn't leave "Bridge Over Troubled Water" out either” Reg said.
“We are very proud of the music selected and the response has been ext­remely positive. We love it! "Midst of the Storm" and "Song of Solomon" were in the mix from the beginning. All in all it's been a lot of fun.”
Reg and Andreas are having a CD Release party on Monday, Octo­ber 24 at the  Carberry Community Hall. Doors open at 7:00 p.m.