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Machine de Cirque Performs ‘Truck Stop’ in Carberry

posted Jun 11, 2018, 9:14 AM by Kathy Carr
Did you ever dream of joining the circus? Bar­num and Bailey called it “the greatest show on earth.” A caravan of performers touring through small communities; pitching their tents to perform death defying feats, amusing tricks and pantomime, a spectacle delighting the senses of old and young alike.
“The circus is unique,” says Machine de Cirque founder Vincent Dubé. “It’s an art that combines so many things at once; acrobatics with dancing, acting and clowning with music. There is no end to what you can create in a circus; it pushes the boundaries of the human body. The body has the ability to tell a story with movement; it has the power to make an audience laugh.”
Quebec City based organization Machine de Cirque was founded in 2013 with the beginning sessions focused on research and creation. A cast was imminently formed and the spectacular modern circus show named Machine de Cirque was created. The initial production was finalized in 2015 with several Quebec City designers on board to develop the interactive set that is an integral part of this show. To date Machine de Cirque the show has been performed for 20 municipalities across Canada, cities in; France, Spain, Ro­mania, Hungary, Austria, Ger­many, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, The Net­her­lands, and Sweden. The 500th representation of the show will be touring Japan this summer.
On the tails of Machine de Cirque’s wild success with their inaugural show the company decided to start working on a project to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. The story they were eager to tell was about the great expanse of land our country represents, and the different cultures that exist in these regions and landscapes. The inspiration came from the company’s time spent traveling by car during those first tours across Canada. The show is called Truck Stop and will kick off a cross Canada tour starting on the east coast in Dart­mouth Nova Scotia on June 20th moving on to New Brunswick, Que­bec, Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta.
Truck Stop is a multi-discipline, large-scale contemporary circus with live musical accompaniment inspired by the various regions represented in the fantastical sets that unfold from a mobile trailer stage.
Carberry is fortunate to be a stop on Machine de Cirque’s Manitoba leg of the tour, with a performance of Truck Stop happening at the Carberry Fair­grounds on Monday, August 6 at 8:30 p.m. Come down with your lawn chairs/blankets and prepare to be amazed by the beautiful, poetic, and awe inspiring spectacle that is Machine de Cirque’s Truck stop. This live outdoor show is free admission; donations are graciously accepted on behalf of the Carberry Plains Arts Council.

by Amy Urquhart