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Meet January’s Artist of the Month

posted Jan 8, 2018, 8:06 AM by Kathy Carr
A new year is here!  The slate is clean and many of us are looking forward into the future with focus and determination.  The vantage one has at the start of a new year can seem daunting as you begin, but trust and you will soon realize that the direction you set foot in is not necessarily where you will end up.
Darcy Degerness is a firm believer in allowing her art to unfold as she takes to her canvas.  A vague idea is all that’s needed for her jumping off point and from there, in her own words, “through trial and error roads can become rivers and mountains become valleys.” Darcy is originally from Terrace in northwest British Columbia, she began painting as a child and later began working for a local art supply store in her home town.  To keep up with new products, Darcy was allowed to take home and try out new supplies that came into the store.  It was then that Darcy discovered that her favorite type of paint was oil, because it takes more time to dry than acrylic and offers more vibrant color than water colors.  She discovered how to add texture to her paintings by using a variety of different brushes creating dimension, but unfortunately also added clean up.
Now that Darcy is retired, she and her husband have moved to a small community called Nobel Lake, six miles from Wawanesa. It’s quiet and just the sort of spot that offers the peace and tranquility in nature that is a source of inspiration for her work.  She starts all her paintings from scratch with the power of permission, Darcy never worries about elements that don’t turn out as she originally intended, “it’s about perspective, just because you see it one way doesn’t mean another person will.  
And there are no mistakes, as long as you are learning as you go.”  
In the moment, we are all learning as we go, if open to the experience the possibilities are endless and eventually we will arrive in that sweet and sacred spot where we belong.  Darcy Degerness is an artist whose work is alive with this sojourning spirit, you intend toward a summit and arrive soaring through the sky; and all it took was the power of permission to make mistakes, to grow, and discover.
This artist’s work will be on display in the main hall and administrative floor at 122 Main Street here in Carberry until January 31st. If you would like to purchase any of these works email us at for price information.

by Amy Urquhart