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Meet the Candidates running for Election in NCL

posted Oct 9, 2018, 9:57 AM by Kathy Carr
Ward 1 - Clyde McCallum
Tell us about yourself - I am happily married to Julie  works in Carberry. I am a full time firefighter in Southport as well as a journey person automotive technician. We enjoy living on our acreage just outside of Carberry. I was born in Carberry and have lived in the area 98% of my life. I am involved in the recreation board, local fire department, and enjoy hockey, snowmobiling, motorcycling and fishing.

What made you decide to run for council? I have been a councillor in the past and enjoyed the job. I recognize the challenges that will come with the job and believe I can serve the constituents of the municipality with professionalism and respect. 

Why are you the best person for this role, why should we vote for you?
I believe I would be the best person for the job because I have worked and lived in both urban and rural areas of the municipality. Growing up in town I have an understanding of what the constituents in the communities of Brookdale, Wellwood and Edrans may need. Working for many years for a farm operation in the past I have an understanding of what the farming community in the municipality may need. Last but not least living on an acreage I have an understanding of what the many rural residential lot owners may need. For these reasons I know I can make good decisions in representing all constituents in the municipality. That is why you should vote for me. 

Ward 1 - Norm Campbell
Tell us about yourself - I married into this municipality 60 years ago. We first lived in Brandon then moved south of Winnipeg. From there we moved to Oxford House then to Island Lake next to The Pas, then on to Thompson, then back to Winnipeg. From there moved to the farm where we have been for 39 years. I spent 25 years with the federal government as a maintenance supervisor and property manager and I believe  I am a better councillor than I was 19 years ago.

What made you decide to run for council? 19 years of council is in my blood. I enjoy council and committee meetings this is where things get for the betterment of the people. I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people

Why are you the best person for this role, why should we vote for you? I am always on time and have never missed a council meeting in 19 years. I listen more than I talk. I always look at both sides of a problem. I had a part time job until the cafe closed Sept. 30, so now I have more time to spend doing council work.  

Ward 4 - Dallis Olmstead
Tell us about yourself - Hello and thank you for taking a moment to learn more about me. My name is Dallis Olmstead and I am running for the position of councillor in Ward 4. I am a 36 year old wife, farmer, Massage Therapist, and mother of 3 wonderful little children. I was raised near Neepawa, but have proudly called the Carberry area home for 12 years. My husband Kevin and I are cattle farmers in Ward 4. I am a self employed Massage Therapist and have loved this career for over 16 years. I’m currently working part time from my home office, which would still grant me the flexibility to serve my community.

What made you decide to run for council? Ward 4 is home to me. This is the neighbourhood in which I live, work, and raise my family. I believe we, as a Ward, deserve to have a representative who has invested interest and pride in the way that our municipality is run, and the the way our roads are safely maintained. I want to be the approachable and familiar face that you feel comfortable passing on ideas and concerns to. I think that your councillor should live in the ward that they represent, and I would love that opportunity.

Why are you the best person for this role, why should we vote for you? Because I care. I believe that a younger, local and female voice would be an asset to the council. I am not afraid to share my opinion, and I will do my best to speak up and put forward concerns from the rate payers. I may not have experience yet, but I am eager to learn and step up for my community. Thank you for your consideration.

Ward 6 - Malcolm Murray
Tell us about yourself - I am a local boy with family roots going back to the late 1800's and have been farming in the area since I could raise a pitchfork and carry a chop pail. I have been farming on my own since 2005 with grain and cattle. I am married with two kids and enjoy several hobbies including restoring antique tractors and vehicles. 

What made you decide to run for council? I have been interested in being part of council for years and feel that at this point in my life I have the time required to give to the position the attention it deserves.

Why are you the best person for this role, why should we vote for you? I put my name forward for council because I feel that with my knowledge of the local area, farming background, an aptitude for numbers and clear business sense gives my neighbours a good choice with a strong voice at the council table.