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Meet the Candidates running for Election in NCL

posted Oct 16, 2018, 9:21 AM by Kathy Carr
As you might have read in our October 8 edition of the News-Express, we decided to try something a bit different here. We send out three questions and asked for the candidates to send us back their responses. We thought it would be good for our readers to hear directly from the candidates themselves on why they decided to run and what makes them the best person for the role.
 After meeting some of the candidates that are running for election in the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford in the October 8 issue. We are now pleased to run the remaining candidate’s answers to the questions we asked them.

Ward 1 - David Blair

Tell us about yourself - My name is David Blair. I have lived and farmed most of my life in Ward 1. The only time I have not resided on the family farm was when I lived in Winnipeg, practicing as a Chartered Accountant. I no longer grain farm and have reduced my cattle numbers which will allow me to commit to the duties as Councillor.

What made you decide to run for council? I felt that Ward 1 should have a resident representing it on Council. I have an ongoing interest in municipal affairs and have voiced my opinions and concerns at past meetings. I am able to make thoughtful decisions independently and am fair and approachable and I am honest.

Why are you the best person for this role, why should we vote for you? I feel that there should be new people on council who have new ideas for the betterment of this municipality. There is a joke relating to elected persons. “Why are elected officials and babies’ diapers similar? They should both be changed regularly for the same reasons.” I feel that I am the best representative for Ward 1 Councillor.

Ward 4 - Don Hockin

Tell us about yourself - I have lived in this amalgamated municipality all my life. My first schooling was in Brookdale for 9 years. High School was completed at N.A.C.I., Neepawa. I graduated at Red River College in Civil Engineering Technology. After a short stint with Manitoba Hydro, I farmed for thirty years. I have three grown children and have lived with my common law wife Charlene for about 22 years. I now do casual work for Manitoba Agricultural Services as an adjustor.

What made you decide to run for council? This was an easy decision as I have been a councillor for 30 years. I have been a councillor in the newly amalgamated municipality in Ward Four for 4 years. I feel I have unfinished business to complete in this Ward. Infrastructure is very important to residents and improving all weather roads and updating backroads is a needed service. I see the job of a Councillor as a community service. I would support a new Fire Hall in Carberry as their storage shed has been condemned. I also support potato growers in their plight to get access for buried water lines and hydro. 

Why are you the best person for this role, why should we vote for you? I would encourage people to vote for me on Oct. 24, 2018, as I am quite experienced. I have time to commit to council and other committees that go along with council. I volunteer on many committees such as Royal Canadian Legion, Roxy Theatre and Neepawa Curling Club. I’ve always been fiscal responsible for the municipality and work well with our staff. Our municipality is in a strong-well established financial position with good equipment and good roads.

Ward 6 - Gerond R. Davidson

Tell us about yourself - Let me please introduce myself, I am Gerond R. Davidson. I am a fifth generation farmer in the municipality. I bought my first half section in 1995 and have been farming ever since. After graduating from N.A.C.I. I took the winters off from farming to take Agri-Business at A.C.C. and political science and history at B.U. At university I became involved with various boards and organisations. Serving at different times on the Board of Governors and the student union. Returning to full time farming just in time for BSE. I have been married to Diana, the love of my life, for ten years and we have three beautiful girls.  

What made you decide to run for council? I first decided to run for council in 2006 after a call from Stu Briese when he told me he was retiring from council to run for MLA and he thought I would do a good job. Having studied both provincial and municipal politics while at B.U., I had an idea of what the job would entail. But most important in making up my mind was that I truly love living in Langford and my lifelong connection to the land and the people that make up this great community made me want to give back to help keep it a great place to live for the generations to come. 

Why are you the best person for this role, why should we vote for you? I care deeply about our community and I believe that I can and have made a positive influence. Community service is a closely held conviction of mine that runs deeply in my family. I am proud of the many accomplishments that we have made as a municipality such as protecting the community pasture with a conservation agreement and successfully navigating a forced amalgamation. Recently I have been a part of a regional recreation plan, with our neighbours Neepawa and Rosedale, that is striving to deliver a seamless border-less recreation service to our citizens at fair and equitable costs. I have proven leadership ability and was elected to the position of chairman of the Whitemud Watershed District within the past year. I make informed decisions after listening to all opinions on a matter and doing my homework on an issue. I like to take a constructive approach to problems. When somebody has a problem I like to help them get it fixed. I am not here to represent the municipality, I am here to represent you the citizen taxpayer.