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Meet your new Carberry Town Council

posted Nov 5, 2018, 9:54 AM by Kathy Carr
Mayor Stuart Olmstead
Tell us about yourself - I’m a native son of Carberry, born in town at the old hospital, Fox Memorial, and raised just north of town in the District of Gregg on the family farm. After graduation from CCI, I studied Political Science and History at Brandon University, served with 26th Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery in the Reserves and worked at Carnation/Nestle-Simplot for a few summers before moving home permanently and going into the life insurance field, eventually specializing in small business employee benefit field.

What made you decide to run for council? To serve my community.  Government touches every piece of our day to day life; whether it’s the food safety regulations that make sure the coffee we drink in the morning is safe, taxes that pay for the roads we drive on, or to the education standards that are set down for those in the health care industry, the core of government is to serve it’s citizen’s in the best way possible. I believe I can make a positive difference in serving on Council to make our community a better place for those that reside here now, and those that may make Carberry their home in the future.

What do you hope Town Council will accomplish in the next four years? Consistent and sustainable growth of our community. Improving on what we have accomplished over the last decade such as new sub-divisions that have brought more people to town, recognizing the increasing need for our long time citizens to “age in place” and being able to provide services and opportunities for that, creating a master plan for an eventual replacement of our existing recreational facilities, and investing in the infrastructure of our streets and sidewalks. This all sets the ground work for growing our community in to the future.

Councillor Matthew Tolton
Tell us about yourself - I graduated from CCI in 2011 and then graduated ACC in 2015 with a diploma in Agribusiness. I enjoy doing photography when I have the time, you maybe have seen some photos at the Library, Modern Bakery and the Old Town Hall.

What made you decide to run for Town Council? No one else wanted to do it.

What do you hope Town Council will accomplish in the next four years? Make Carberry a more desirable place to live and for tourists and visitors to seek out and visit. I would also like to have more recognition of our history with the military in this area (Camp Hughes, Commonwealth Air Training Plan, CFB Shilo and the training they did of soldiers from Canada and West Germany). I would also like to see more movement of repurposing of the Heritage Buildings on Main Street. Working with the RHA about improving Emergency Services as well as other medical services as needed within our hospital and neighbouring communities we share emergency services with.

Councillor Ray Muirhead
Tell us about yourself - My name is Ray Muirhead, I was born and raised and live in Carberry. I’m married to Lorna who was also raised in Carberry, we have three daughters who are all grown and were also raised here. I was an engineer at McCain foods and retired from there 2 years ago after 37 years. We have several properties in Carberry and surrounding areas and that’s what keeps me busy these days. We have a cabin at Clear Lake we like to get to as much as we can, I like old cars and own one. I have a pilot license and own a plane and hangar at Neepawa.

What made you decide to run for Town Council? I served as town councillor for two terms from 1989-1995 ( when the terms were 3 years). I enjoyed it a lot and found it interesting, but very busy and time consuming with 3 small kids, a full time job, etc. I’ve followed local politics all through the years and thought one day I would run again. Now that the girls are all gone and I’m not at my job anymore, I have the time to dedicate to the position. I look forward to getting involved and seeing how everything works, I know there’s a lot more to it than what we read in the paper, and it will be an interesting challenge to find out. 

What do you hope Town Council will accomplish in the next four years? I hope to keep taxes in line by being fiscally responsible, there are people in town that have homes that are paying a ridiculous amount of taxes on their properties, we need to keep our spending in line and live within our means. I would also like to see more transparency from council on various issues, there are several but the one that comes to mind is health care. We all know that quite often we have no emergency service at our hospital on weekends. I’m sure that people are working behind the scenes to try to remedy this, but how would we as the public know? We need to inform the public more as to what is being done to preserve and enhance our local health care as we are all going to need it some day. I would also like to see economic development take place in town. There seems to be more empty spaces on Main Street than full ones, I don’t profess to have the answers to this, but I think we need to set up a committee to explore this and get businesses back on Main Street. Hopefully we can. 

Councillor Mike Sudak
Tell us about yourself - I was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area until I took a career in the Canadian Armed Forces that moved me to the Manitoba area and eventually to the Town of Carberry. I immediately fell in love with the community and cannot see myself living any other place. Since moving to the Town of Carberry I have worked at the Rink, Fire Department, The Public Works department and was the Town Foreman until recently taking a new career with the Canadian Pacific Railway. I consider Carberry my home and look forward to continuing to serve my community as a member of council and Fire Department.

What made you decide to run for Town Council? With taking my new career with Canadian Pacific I still wanted to serve and improve the community I’ve become a part of. After working many various jobs within The Town of Carberry I believe I have a realistic understanding of the hard work that is required to keep our community beautiful and maintain our infrastructure.

Councillor John Anderson
Tell us about yourself - I have lived in Carberry since I was 3 years old, My mother’s family has resided in the area since the early 1900s at least. I work at the McCain French fry factory as a wastewater treatment operator, also for Prairie Mountain Health as a paramedic, in the evenings and weekends. I am also the chief steward for the union UFCW 832 at the McCain plant and do some work in the union office in Brandon as a relief rep to cover for vacation and sick leave. I was a member of the Carberry Lions Club from 1990 until it folded a few years ago. While a member, I was on the boards of both the Lions Eye Bank and the Lions Foundation, serving as a director for 6 years and 2 years as vice chair of the eye bank. I was also on the board of the district governor for Lions in Manitoba. I am also on the advisory board of the Manitoba UFCW 832 union serving as an advisor, our board’s job is to develop policy moving forward in our union. I am divorced with a son and a daughter and 2 granddaughters and a grandson. This will be my second term for Carberry town council and I look forward to serving this community.

What made you decide to run for council? I ran in the election 4 years ago because I felt I had the background to make some positive improvements to our community. I have never been shy about giving my opinion and I was asked by some in the community to run because they thought I would do a good job. Four years has past so I hope I didn’t disappoint them. I have always had a sense of community since I was young and thought about running at least 2 elections before I actually did, it took some prodding from a few local citizens to put me over the edge and decide to run.

What do you hope Town Council will accomplish in the next four years? I hope to continue our work of updating the age of our equipment which has jumped ahead by a decade or 2 under the last council. Also, I would hope we continue to eat away at our infrastruction debt and continue improving our roads, sidewalks, fire and sewer lines, if we can continue to work away at it eventually we will be caught up.  I would also like to start fundraising projects for our new rec facility, the sooner we can get some funds in place the sooner we can get it built. I will continue with my efforts to get some tourist type attractions such as a King Spud statue or something along those lines. Also, I along with all of council will put every effort into attracting a soy bean factory to Manitoba in general and with a little luck to the Carberry area. These are few of the things I hope to get accomplished in this term on council, as always I am always happy to hear from our citizens either good or bad, after all they are the reason we serve on the council.