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More housing for Carberry in the works

posted Aug 24, 2015, 8:02 AM by Kathy Carr
With rental housing in Carberry being in big demand, The Simon Ryan development has been moving fast. The two buildings are almost complete and Ryan hopes to show off the apartments to prospective tenants in a month's time.  "We are just in the finishing process now" he said when asked how close they were to completion. 
The buildings are two stories high and will have eight apartments in them, four upstairs, four downstairs, each unit has two bedrooms and is 1120 sq ft.
Ryan said that the downstairs apartments have been constructed for seniors and have had items put in them to help them out, like grab bars in the bathroom, etc. The upstairs apartments he said are open to anybody. 
When asked if the building received any damage from the hailstorm in July, he said no. They had fortunately just put the shingles on and new shingles are much more solid and stronger, so there wasn't any damage done to the roofs by the hail.
As of right now, Ryan says that he has a healthily list of people who are interested in the spots, but he says the list is always changing as people might find other places to live. 
If you would like more information about the rentals that will soon be available, you can contact Simon Ryan at 204-725-9471.