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Municipal and Town Council Appointments

posted Feb 26, 2018, 9:30 AM by Kathy Carr
At the February meetings of the Municipality of North Cypress-Lang­ford and the Town of Carberry, a series of appointments were app­roved. The following is the list of appoinments to the various boards or committees. 

NCL Appointments
Carberry/North Cyp­ress Handivan and Service for Seniors board members will be Ray Drayson and Harold Tolton. 
Norm Campbell will attend the Westman Regional Library and the Local Library Board.
Fred Jackson will represent NCL on the Car­berry Plains Museum Board.
Norm Campbell and Ray Drayson will sit on the Cypress Planning District.
Bob Adriaansen, Gerond Davidson and Harold Tolton will attend the Health Advisory Com­mittee.
Ray Drayson and Don Hockin will sit on Neepawa Health.
For Economic Deve­lop­ment, Harold Tolton and Gerond Davidson will attend the Carberry Deve­lop­ment Cor­pora­tion, and Ray Drayson will attend NADCO.
Bob Adriaansen and Don Hockin will sit on the Cemetery Board.
Harold Tolton will sit on the Arts Council and the Archives Board.
Standing Committees: (the first named will be chair)
Finance and Personnel: Bob Adriaansen, Norm Campbell, Gerond David­son (alternate – Ray Drayson)
Protective Services:  Gerond Davidson, Harold Tolton.
Transportation Ser­vices/ ­Public Works Com­mittee: Don Hockin, Norm Campbell, Bob Adriaan­sen. Alternates: Harold Tolton, Ray Drayson.
Municipal Buildings:  Harold Tolton, Gerond Davidson.
Waste Management:  Ray Drayson, Fred Jack­son.
Recreation Districts:
North Cypress-Lang­ford will be represented on the five newly created Recreation Dist­ricts by:
Carberry: Fred Jack­son and Bob Adriaansen
Don Hockin
Bob Adriaansen
Bob Adriaansen
Ray Drayson

Town Appointments
Keith Loney was appointed as the Town’s Weed Supervisor for 2018.
L. Mann was appointed to the Carberry/North Cypress Handivan and Service for Seniors.
J. Anderson was ap­pointed to the Westman Regional Library regional and local boards.
L. Mann will attend the Carberry Plains Museum board.
S. Olmstead and J. MacGregor will sit on the Cypress Planning District.
J. MacGregor and J. Anderson will attend the Health Advisory.
S. Olmstead and J. MacGregor will look after Economic Develop­ment.
B. Anderson and L. Mann will sit on the Cemetery Board.
S. Olmstead will sit on the Arts Council.
L. Mann will sit on the Archives Board.
J. Anderson will attend the Whitemud Watershed board.
J. Anderson will also be a member of the Safety Committee.
B. Anderson and S. Olmstead were appointed to the Carberry Rec­reation Committee.
Standing Committees:
The first named will be chair of the committee
Finance and Personnel: S. Olmstead, B. Ander­son, J. McGregor
Protective Services: J. Anderson, S. Olmstead Transportation Services/ Public Works Committee: J. MacGregor, J. Ander­son
Municipal Buildings: B. Anderson, J. Anderson
Waste Management: J. Anderson, B. Anderson