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Municipal Council - Farm thefts have started up again

posted Dec 19, 2016, 11:16 AM by Kathy Carr
It was a cold morning for the last Municipality of North Cypress-Lang­ford meeting of the year, but Reeve Bob Adriaa­n­sen and all council were in attendance. Mark More­house of the Spruce Plains RCMP Detac­h­ment started off the meeting with a report on the Langford area of things.
During the previous weeks storms, there were a couple of bad accidents in that area, one with minor injuries, and another that sent a 16-year-old girl to Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. Traf­fic was rerouted during one of these accidents (traffic could wait or detour through some backroads, which caused some problems for one driver. Some council questioned why truckers are out on the roads with full loads (one had a combine on the back of his truck) in dangerous weat­her.
The number of road fatalities in Manitoba is up this year, and he noted that impaired driving has not changed, despite all the advertising campaigns.
On the drug scene, Fentanyl is “out there” in towns and in the rural. It is sometimes laced with cocaine or marijuana. Local officers now carry the nasal spray kit to counteract this dangerous drug.
Farm thefts have started up again, focusing on quads, motor bikes, chain saws, weedwhackers or whatever else for which there is a market. More­house suggested that there are local “scouts” who feed information to another group that comes in and takes what is needed.
Having a well-lit yard, and a good dog will help (although a dog cannot really be outside in this weather overnight.)
They also discussed night hunting, which is a big safety issue. Besides people like a Gladstone farmer losing a cow and two calves to the practice, and fencing that is destructed by the practice, Morehouse feels it is not safe for people. “Someone will get hurt.”
Spruce Plains Detac­h­ment is fully staffed right now, although this situation is temporary, because there are some transfers pending house sales.

There was one by-law that made it onto the table with first reading. The Capital Recreation Fun­ding by-law was put in place in 2012, and needs to be renewed, if this funding is to continue.
The by-law addresses two areas that are funded by ratepayers: a one-mill levy that is divided amongst all the recreation districts and is kept in reserve until they need it for capital projects, and a $60,000 withdrawal from general funds that goes into a capital reserve fund in the Carberry and Area Community Foundation.
There were questions about accessing the CACF funding, and whether the one-mill (which raises more money each year as the assessment increases) should be cut back to keep the amounts similar to the year before. Council may make changes to the by-law before the two other readings are given.

Neepawa Landfill
Council received a bill for $39,146.55, which represented the Langford part of the cost of closing the Neepawa Landfill located at 34-14-15W. Council was aware that this bill was coming, and were thankful that the costs were less than anticipated.
However, there was some displeasure exp­ressed that there was no communication with NCL during this process, and the only knowledge they had access to, was when they received the bill. 
A request for a grant from the Home Assistant Neepawa and District Board (HAND) was received, for 55¢ per capita. Last year they were awarded $500. However it was pointed out that technically a per capita grant would include the whole municipality, and NCL would prefer the $500, which is closer to the 55 cents for the Langford portion of the municipality. They passed a resolution authorizing $500.
Members were ap­pointed to the Whitemud Watershed SubDistrict committees as follows: Harold Tolton (SD 37) Norm Campbell (SD38) Ray Drayson, Murray Newton (SD39); Gerond Davidson, Mike Hockin (SD40). It was pointed out that there are no ratepayer representatives for 37 and 38, and some suggestions were made to get the committee to the right amount.
Beautiful Plains Arc­hives sent information and a request for funding. There was some discussion that these Archives are situated in the County Court Building that houses the former Langford Office – for which NCL pays ‘rent’. There have been no other renters found since that office was vacated, in part due to the fact it is downstairs and is not accessible to all.
CAO Jones looked up the support of Carberry Plains Archives ($8,000) but held off making any grants. It was suggested that the unused office could be used for additional storage for the Archives.
It was noted that the Municipal Officials Seminar will conflict with April’s meeting, which will be changed for 2017.

A resolution from the RM of Rosedale was received. It requested that NCL provide hookups for ten residents of Rosedale from the NCL line. There is a request that the connections be “under the roads” not through.
While council is supportive of Rosedale residents getting water from the Neepawa project, they are not ready to endorse the resolution as written. Councillor Davidson, who attended the meeting with Water Services Board in regards to this issue had some concerns: a supply agreement needs to be negotiated with Neepawa; while the Water Services Board seems to want to guarantee them 40 lbs of pressure, NCL has never guaranteed pressure, just the availability of water. Some present customers have only 26 lb. of pressure. 
The allotment rate would have to be adjusted so that those customers come off the Rosedale allotment, not NCL. Councillor Drayson noted that “we don’t mind helping our neighbours, but we don’t want to restrict our future residents.”
Council do no want to impede Rosedale in their efforts, but feel these issues should be clarified before they can agree to be a supply line for another municipality. They will write a letter and ask for clarification.
There was also some discussion as to the responsibility of the resident or municipality when there are water leaks inside private property but before the water meter. Accor­ding to the present agreement, it is the responsibility of the property owner to fix the leak.
Council also discussed how much extra work the water system has added to the foreman’s plate, and what can be done to help him out.

Public Works Foreman Chandler has sought quotes for two mowers. There was some interesting discussion in regards to whether after quotes are received, the winning quote can be further “negotiated.”
In the end, most council members felt that renegotiating the best quote damages the integrity of the quote process. Council voted to accept the quote of TIC for two mowers, at a net cost (minus trade-in) of $59,300 plus taxes.

Around the Table
Councillor Norm Camp­bell noted that the days for Christmas Cheer hamper sorting and delivering are December 19th and 20th. Any help would be appreciated at the Drop-In Centre.
It was also noted that the debate on the outcome of the United Way annual drive is on December 17th. This is a big drive to lose, but it cannot be done without volunteers.
Praise was extended to Ray and Don for their work on the float (and how well it turned out), and having it in both parades.
Council approved a Christmas greeting on the Neepawa Access Chan­nel.
Accounts totalling $433,757.53 and direct deposits were approved for payment. Next NCL meeting will be held on January 9 at 9 a.m.
Immediately following the meeting, Council and office staff honoured long-time councillor, Norm Campbell, on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Happy Birthday, Norm.

by Gloria Mott