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Municipal Council - Foreman Chandler presents list of projects for the Municipality

posted Aug 15, 2016, 11:06 AM by Kathy Carr
Infrastructure grants are available. North Cypress-Langford is going to take some initiative and try and access some of those dollars. Public Works Foreman, Leon Chandler attended the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford council meeting on Monday, August 8. Reeve Bob Adriaansen and all council, plus Development Officer, John McEntee were in attendance.
The foreman presented a list of projects with the idea that they should be organized and ready to make application now for 2017. There are also gas tax rebate monies which council are only allowed to use on certain road-related projects – and they must make application to access those funds.
Chandler pointed out that there are big projects, such as the Harte Rd., that he feels should be contracted out to minimize the amount of time that residents are inconvenienced because of road closures. Some council members wanted to make Chandler aware of trouble spots in the municipality, and they were advised to send him a list.
Council passed a resolution giving approval to all these projects – which is the first step in making application for grants.
Council also discussed gravel possibilities with Chandler: How much to bring in? How much to be crushed? If we are preparing for projects, how much should be screened? 
Chandler continues to seek out a ‘new’ paddleloader – he reported that he has another in his sights, but still negotiating.
Council accepted, with regret, the resignation of Paul Dick, after 20 years of service in April for the municipality, his last day of work will be August 31, 2016.
Adriaansen noted that “there were more good comments than bad” about the roads after all the rain, which is an indication of the kind of a job the public works crew are doing.
Planning items
Council convened as a variation board to hear a request from Zieroth, who have a property at 107 Muirhead Rd in the Spenst Subdivision. The property is 5.11 acres, and Manitoba Hydro has already removed some trees to put in their power poles. The applicant is not wanting to remove any more trees than necessary so will use that for their driveway access. 
The topography is quite hilly and places to build are sparse. The house will be well located within the building area, but the workshop’s best location is 30’ from the property line. In an RR10 zone, the setback is 50’. In an RR5 zone, it is only 15’.
Having ascertained that the workshop is for personal use and not business, (and should not affect the neighbours) council gave approval to the variation request.
Council then looked at a proposal to subdivide pt. SE 35-12-15 (N. Kommer). This property, 5.3 acres already has four potato sheds on it. The owner wishes to divide the property in half to enable them to be sold to the person leasing the two northerly buildings. Because the buildings are still agricultural, there would be no change in land designation.
Council agreed to the subdivision, making the northern portion 2.65 acres. 
Council then looked at a proposal to subdivide residential dwellings from an agricultural quarter (B&B Wells). This would allow the rural non-farm residential property (4.25 acres) to be sold eventually to a family member. 
Councillor Davidson noted that the residence, although bordered on three sides by trees, it is part of a potato-growing quarter. Will there be complaints about spray planes and such by subsequent residents?
McEntee agreed that it could be a problem, and the municipal office is already fielding calls regarding crop spraying.
Council gave approval to the subdivision, with the provision that a conditional use order be sought for the establishment of a rural non-farm property in an agricultural zone, and for a variation order for the size of the property, reduced from five acres to 4.25 acres.
Council also looked at and gave approval for an electrical crossing on Linver Road, from SE 1-11-15 to SW 2-11-15 (E. Reynolds).
Other topics that council discussed involved how to determine whether an operation is an agricultural one, or whether it is a commercial one… sometimes the line is blurred, as some farms are getting to be large corporations. 
McEntee noted that the 2015 audit is complete. Again they budgeted for a $21,000 deficit, and it turned into a $25,000 profit due to the amount of activity. Cypress Planning District has hired Terry Brown to re-vamp the zoning by-law to reflect changes such as amalgamation and the inclusion of Langford into the municipality.
Other business
Three resolutions from the joint July meeting were passed: The attendance of the CAO and members of council to the AMM convention in Winnipeg, November 21-24.
CAO and council were authorized to attend the October 7, 2016 seminar on effective communications in Portage. They agreed to give the Heritage Festival $600, shared 50/50 with the Town of Carberry.
The Veterans Way and Tax Sharing Agreement has been settled with Neepawa, and surrounding partners.
The RM of Rosedale wrote to council regarding the maintenance of the boundary road between North Cypress-Langford and Rosedale. Currently NCL does the maintenance and bills Rosedale for it. Rosedale is suggesting they split the road evenly. Council felt that there was not equitable way to do that (one councillor suggested that NCL do the south half and Rosedale the north half of the road!)
A request came through staff that (doctor ordered) massages be covered under Blue Cross. This would mean an increase in premium for both the employee and the municipality.  The request was deferred to gather more information and to be discussed at the annual review of the Blue Cross plan.
G. Cummings (12-4-16) brought a consent form into the municipal office that must be signed by the reeve. He is simply cleaning the drains on his property; they will go into a ditch and eventually into the creek. Because in the province’s view, the actions may affect people downstream, a new consent form has been produced that must be signed by the municipality. After making sure that nothing new was being done, Reeve Adriaansen signed the papers.
CAO Jones sent out information regarding service recognition done in other communities.
Council received a bill for a monument replacement. If a survey monument has been moved or removed, the surveyor can have it replaced at the expense of the municipality it is in. Council discussed this. There is no way around paying the bill for monument replacement. However, if it happens early in the year, there is a chance the cost can be reclaimed out of a government fund.
Manitoba Hydro sent a reminder to “call or click before you dig.”
The final installment of the General Assistance Manitoba Building Fund grant has been received ($47,395.28).
September was declared Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month.
Sustainable Development requested council’s input regarding pesticides in an effort to look at (possibly overturn) the pesticide ban in urban areas. There is more information available on the Municipal website, and they are seeking the public’s input, so please take the time and fill out the survey.
Around the table
Councillor Tolton questioned the use and costs when the basement of the old town hall is being booked by a municipal group. 
After charging more to outside groups using the facility to reflect the cost of caretaking – should there be a cost to municipal groups as well?
Councillor Drayson requested clarity on what NCL is offering to the Westlake Employment Project. Currently it is offering their support to efforts to try and regain some of the operating costs dropped by the province.
Councillor Jackson brought forward a letter from a ratepayer that questioned the role of public works, among other things in the hamlets in the municipality. CAO Jones will answer what concerns are council’s jurisdiction.
Reeve Adriaansen updated council on the fire agreement with the Town of Neepawa which has been finalized and to be signed.
CAO Jones reported that she is getting requests from the northern parts of the municipality to have the council news in the Neepawa Banner. 
Council discussed water billings, which are being handled, despite the change in staff to do it. A question arose as to whether a member of public works could be trained to do water testing, which would make things less expensive and possibly more efficient.
Council went ‘in camera’ to discuss personnel concerns.
Prior to adjournment, accounts totalling $176,595.36 plus direct deposits were approved for payment.
 Next meeting will be a joint one on August 22, and the next NCL meeting will be September 12 in the morning.
by Gloria Mott