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Municipal Council - RM now officially known as Municipality of North Cypress-Langford

posted May 16, 2016, 8:24 AM by Kathy Carr
It was a full slate of  council members who met for the North Cypress-Langford meeting on May 9. Members learned at this meeting, that since amalgamation, the official name of the municipality, is “Municipality of North Cypress-Langford” not Rural Municipality, which was a surprise to all council members, who thought that it was still a Rural Municipality.
While some expressed dismay at losing the word, “Rural” the expense of changing it would not justify making that change.
Planning Matters
Planner, John McEntee was in attendance. He brought several matters before council. 
Joe Wollman of Sprucewoods Colony made application for several road crossings: five on developed roads and five on undeveloped. This is to allow a 20” sleeve for pipes, in order to spread liquid manure to various fields. This is to improve on past practice, which is to run the pipe on top of the road.
Council did not have a problem with this, except that they want assurance the road will be returned to ‘as before’ condition (or better!) 
Council gave approval for the installation of underground road crossings on developed roads: NW 7-12-15W to SW 20-12-15 (Rd 69N); SW 20-12-15 to SE19-12-15 (Rd 89W); SE 20-12-15 to SW 21-12-15 (Rd 88W); NW 21-12-15 to SW 28-12-15 (Rd 70N); NW 13-12-16 to NE14-12-16 (Rd 91W). Plus they approved five unimproved road crossings. They asked that the Colony confer with the public works foreman on the reinstatement of the road.
D&T Layers have plans to remove the old house at the site on SW 5-12-14 and relocate it east against Rd. 66 N. The house will be moved to a foundation or crawl space. The pool will remain and a new house built on the original site. McEntee explained that the moved dwelling will be a residence for a staff member.
They could not see a problem with the request. McEntee advised that according to the zoning by-law, additional housing at a farm operation must be either retired from the operation, or actively involved. Councillor Tolton agreed that it is essential to have a staff member close by, in case of a power failure, for example, in the chicken barns on a 24/7 basis. 
A Conditional Use Hearing was held for the establishment of a rural non-farm dwelling site on SE 1-12-13 (G & V Smith, Firdale).  This creates a 6.14 acre parcel (yardsite) for J. Wiebe. Council gave approval for this.
Recreation Reserve
The old recreation reserve by-law had expired after five years. This by-law allows for funding for recreation through two avenues. A one mill levy which raises money across the whole municipality. This money is funded to the different recreation districts, according to their needs, and the balance is kept in reserve in the municipality.
A $60,000 amount is removed from the Municipal Recreation District funding and placed in a special reserve in the Carberry and Area Community Foundation. The fund was created when original planning was taking place for a new recreation facility. However, with expensive projects taking place at that facility, Reeve Bob Adriaansen wanted to ensure that the reserve could also be used for expensive capital projects (such as new ice plant systems). 
Having received assurance that it could be interpreted as such, they gave two readings to the by-law. They also made sure that the wording matched that of the by-law for the Town of Carberry, so that money could be used from that reserve on a 50/50 basis, if both councils agree.
Councils also discussed the fact that the one mill collected from Langford ratepayers would be set up and available for their recreational needs.
Dust Control
Councillors Norm Campbell and Don Hockin both attended meetings in Brookdale and Wellwood (Councillor Drayson) regarding dust control. They wondered whether those communities would be willing to pay for dust control on a per-house basis.
Campbell stated that for Brookdale, the calcium would cost approximately $90 per household. In the end, they proposed to do a trial application of the product at Council’s expense. Adriaansen instructed Campbell and Drayson to secure evidence from those ratepayers if it is to continue, and the cost to be added to taxes. Some kind of vote would have to take place to give council the authority to do it.
At Wellwood, there is the one road that has always been done. There was no interest at the meeting in getting more done. It was noted that there were severe frost boils on the road and it must be graded before the application of calcium.
Something that did come out of the meeting, was that the dust may be alleviated somewhat by slowing down traffic. They requested school zone signs for Brookdale and a school crossing. Council felt that a crossing was the jurisdiction of the School Board. However, they did consent to putting a “SLOW – Watch for Children” signs at the three access roads to each community.
There was a request from Acadia Colony for a separate recycling pick-up. Council was not sure that they could include Acadia in the recyclables truck run once per month. Council felt they could bring their recycling to Carberry or Fairview.
Reeve Adriaansen brought up the subject of the separate recyclables runs for Carberry and North Cypress-Langford. This started after it was found that non-recyclables were contaminating the loads, and thus cheating both municipalities of rebates from the province, as the whole load was being thrown out. This change is costing the municipality more, as each one is paying for a full day’s wage and fuel, instead of one day being shared. In reviewing the history of the change, it was to be a trial period, and no formal agreement was ever made.
They discussed the need for educating the children in an effort to have the information ‘trickle up’ to the parents.
The recyclables will be picked up in one load for both municipalities once again.
Other business
Resolutions from Joint Council were passed: That Andrew Smith be appointed as Recreation Director, and his wages set (50/50 with the Town of Carberry); That Mandi Blair be appointed to an 18 mo term position as office assistant, starting May 9, and her wages set (also 50/50).
The other two resolutions involved the resolutions needed to be passed, in order to be considered for the gasification project, through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.
Council passed two resolutions. One authorized them to join the Partners for Climate Protection, and the payment of $5,000 to facilitate the gasification project (which may not have to be paid by the municipalities, but by Evergreen Environmental). Councillor Gerond Davidson had issues with the preamble of the resolution that stated among other things that “burning coal, oil, natural gas, and the cutting of trees and clearing land for agricultural are the primary causes of climate change.” It also commits council to reducing their greenhouse gases by 20% (municipal) and 6% (community).
Brookdale and Wellwood Cemetery each requested grants of $2000 for their cemetery maintenance. Brookdale also asked for more representatives on their board, and Council agreed to all their requests.
Keith Loney was appointed Weed Inspector for the municipality; this was nothing new, but a legal necessity. Council discussed having one of their employees train in off-season so there is back-up for Loney and more than one person to cover the whole municipality.
A letter from the Beekeepers Association requested that municipalities look at doing more ditch mowing than spraying, in an effort to keep more broadleaf plants alive for the bees.
The Whitemud River Integrated Watershed Management Plan was presented to Council. Councillor Davidson has been on this committee and gave a brief overview of its contents (drainage, erosion etc. for the Whitemud River basin area.)
The first phase of the Building Manitoba Fund (annual provincial per capita grant) was received - $56,786.78.
The list of heavy construction rates for 2016 was received.
The issue of the extra office costs incurred through amalgamation have been settled for 2016. 
North Cypress-Langford will pay the first $25,000 of office expenses, and the balance will be 50/50. Council made a grant to Carberry of $25,000.
Council have been on the lookout for a secondhand paddleloader, and set a budget of $300,000. One has been found in the US, but the cost is over that budget figure. Council will instruct the foreman to try to negotiate to the budget figure.
There was a construction and demolition policy in Langford that did not exist in North Cypress. Council adopted most of the Langford rules for the whole municipality. It states that construction and demolition materials over 300 kg will be charged at $75 per tonne (per load).
CAO Jones noted that there seems to be new rules that allow only 30 litres at a time to be deposited at the used oil recycling at Fairview, according to information received at a workshop recently. As Reeve Adriaansen pointed out, this makes no sense, as one tractor oil change could easily net more than that amount. CAO Jones will look into this matter, as the change is causing some grief with ratepayers who are bringing in used oil to the facility and are being turned back after 30 litres.
Around the table
The reporter advised of a barbecue to be held in aid of the Fort MacMurray disaster, on Thursday noon. Council offered a donation of $100 towards supplies for the barbecue, and thanked the fundraising group for their efforts.
Councillor Drayson offered a comment regarding the volume of emails that come out of the AMM office, and the time it uses up for the CAO to view them. CAO Jones noted that she generally gives them a brief look, and then forwards them to council members.
Councillor Jackson noted that there is not enough timeline allowed to have the changeover of the ice plant cooling system to ammonia-based. They will have to get by with the old system for one more year.
Councillor Davidson has received complaints about the discing of the roadsides. For narrower roads, and hilly roads, the practice has left dangerous ridges, which cause unsafe conditions, especially for cars.
Adriaansen explained that the discing of the edges allows the road to be re-shaped, to better run the rain off. The resulting ridge must be allowed to dry for a while, but should be graded within 48 hours. Davidson noted that some ridges have been there for two weeks. Drayson noted that the procedure is good for the roads, but the timing is important.
Adriaansen noted that the machinery roads are for the benefit of the farmer. However, they are not meant to be the turning headland for machinery sowing row crops. There have been complaints received about roads being severely ridged, resulting in “speed bumps.”
Councillor Tolton questioned whether the resident would be billed for the recent fire that got out of hand, during the fire ban. Under the muncipality’s rules, the resident can be charged for fire fighting expenses when a fire is started during a fire ban. Council knows it will be receiving a bill from the Conservation Dept., which called in the water bombers. The efforts of the neighbouring municipalities’ firefighters that helped should be covered under the mutual aid agreement.
No bills have been received, as yet. 
Councillor Hockin questioned whether an application for reimbursement for beaver control had been submitted (it has). The municipality usually tops up the small amount the province pays for problem beaver. He reminded all that it is only paid for beavers that are requested by the municipality. It is not open season on beavers.
Councillor Campbell noted that one NCL resident had a problem with his census information because he appeared to have a town address, even though he was in the municipality, close to town.
Adriaansen also noted that the millrates for Langford have come down two mills, and North Cypress has come down one mill. The two eventually will be the same. (Note: the lower millrate may not mean lower taxes overall, as the assessment could have gone up. This does not include the school levies, which have increased.)
Prior to adjournment, accounts totalling $472,133.92 plus direct deposits were approved for payment. This included two large invoices: Moffatt Construction (crushing gravel), for $133,000, and the insurance costs of $124,000.) The next NCL meeting will be June 13. There will be a joint meeting with the Town of Carberry on May 30.
by Gloria Mott