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Municipal Council - Winds greatly affected weed spraying this year

posted Nov 20, 2017, 11:27 AM by Kathy Carr
2017 proved to be a difficult year for spraying. Weed supervisor, Keith Loney admitted that there was a lot he could not do this year because of the wind. 
The Council of the Munici­pality of North Cypress-Langford met on Novem­ber 13, 2017, with Deputy Reeve, Ray Drayson in the chair (Reeve Adriaan­sen arriving later).
He reported mostly on changes in the Langford area of the municipality, where he felt that the spraying he was doing for leafy spurge did seem to be exhibiting some control over the noxious weed. The spray approved for application over the aquifer, is called Navius, but is very expensive ($7,000 per case).
He also reported on the use of the new truck. He has a problem seeing to the end of where it is spraying, so he prefers to use the old truck when he is next to crops. The truck does have computerized features (GPS) and keeps track of where applications have been made. However, he noted that to print the information off is paper prohibitive (taking seven or more pages), so he can save the information to a memory stick, and submit that to the province.
Asked if it would be helpful to have a student, he noted that on a year like 2017, when there was so much wind – it would not have been helpful. However, on a normal year, it would be very good. Both trucks would have to be in use, or perhaps a student could do some spot spraying.
There were positive comments about the spring conference which has been held in Carberry for the past few years. Council approved his attendance at the December 6-8 conference in Winnipeg. 

Planning Officer, John McEntee was in attendance. He brought forward a 12” irrigation pipe and electrical ac­ross the intersection of 59N and 75W from NE 28-10-13 to SW 34-10-13, and also the installation of electrical across 59N (S. Wiebe). Council gave approval.
There was also a road crossing application for Spud Plains Farms to install an 8” irrigation water line across 64N from NW 20-11-14W (Scott) to Pt SW 29-11-14W (Fisher), from NW 20-11-14W to SW 29-11-14W. The installation will be at least three feet below the lowest point of the crossing to the top of the pipe, and sleeved the full width of the municipal right of way.
It was asked whether the owners of leased property are included in the agreement, and McEntee indicated that they must sign the easement agreement.
The last road crossing was for Riverbend Colony, a crossing from SW 2-10-13 to NW 35-9-13 (Harrison). It will also be sleeved under the municipal road. 
McEntee was asked by the applicant if all directionally bored cros­sings must be sleeved. Council was in agreement that crossings under developed roads should be sleeved. This protects the road in case there is a waterline break, and council felt it should be policy.

Election by-law
The by-law setting up the six wards in North Cypress-Langford was given second reading.

Other business
The council approved Trish Fraser to attend a Land Titles/Property Re­gis­try Training Nov­em­ber 15 in Brandon, cost shared by NCL and Carberry.
Council hired Danny Parker as garbage truck operator and set his wage. It was pointed out that currently the truck is being serviced due to wheel problems.
Cummins Sales and Service were approved at a cost of $8144.81 to maintain the 150K genset at 515 4th Avenue (fire reservoir) from August 2017 to July 2020.
Council approved the cost of $129,874.50 to Capital I as part of their grader purchase. This provided a new quick attachment in exchange for the ones that came with the grader, for each new grader.
The water tender for the Jackson Sumner line is now in the paper.
Council also app­roved the removal of an invoice for snowplowing, which was wrongly billed to a resident, when the plowing was actually on municipal road.
Four unpaid accounts (for snowplowing and one for tipping fees) in the amount of 146.50 were added to taxes.
Council discussed a water bill for which payment was refused, due to a third party using the water. Council felt that the bill should still go to the property owner, and it is up to that owner to collect part of the water bill from the third party. 
They also discussed a concern in regards to a property owner that was unhappy with the taxes on her property because she is not living on the property, and so does not use any of the services covered in the tax bill. The amount of taxes is based on the value of the property, not whether you use the services.
Arrangements were made for participation in the Neepawa and Car­berry Christmas parades. Councillor Tolton will ask the fire personnel if they will take the fire truck to Neepawa as well.

Beautiful Plains Com­munity Medical Clinic sent an update on rec­ruit­ment. Since 2010, four doctors have been recruited, one of which is starting in 2018.
Cypress Planning District reported that the Bowley subdivision is complete.
Council was invited to attend the Soybean Building Opportunities workshop November 16. Council will be represented by NADCO.
There was a request for sponsorship and fun­ding for “Katie Cares” which offers a place for families of patients undergoing surgery at Boundary Trails Hos­pital. Although it was pointed out that many local people receive surgery at that hospital, council deferred a decision on whether to offer support, as they do not want to set a precedent.
Notice was received from Altus Geomatics of a survey monument being restored.
Westlake Employ­ment Services sent a request for a letter of sup­port, which has al­ready been given.
AMM sent information on the upcoming distribution and retail of cannabis. Some council members felt it should be dispensed through the Manitoba Liquor Com­mission.
RCMP sent occurrence stats for Langford.
TransCanada Pipe­lines sent information about land use around pipel­ines.

Around the table
Councillor Hockin noted that a corner will be fixed up to improve visibility. He also reported on a road that had been built by a ratepayer, that is not up to municipal standards.
Councillor Davidson questioned the status on the quest for a by-law enforcement officer. CAO Jones reported that it looks like the person may be a “Community Policing Officer.” Their areas of authority are broader than a by-law enforcement officer. There are currently four municipalities actively involved in the process: Carberry, Glenboro-South Cypress, Mac­Gregor and Elton. Neepawa is not interested at the time discussions were held.
The scheme would share the officer, possibly one day per week in each municipality, with some of the cost being recouped by fines. There was some concern that if cost is being recovered by fines, then the policing would be focused on those areas that will generate revenue rather than on local problems.
It was pointed out that the community policing would not replace the RCMP. Davidson knew of a person that could be interested in the position. The work on this is ongoing.
Reeve Adriaansen noted that the tender for the garbage contract should be out as quickly as possible.
CAO Jones brought forward requests for Christmas Ads. An ad in the Neepawa Banner was approved, but on NAC TV was not.
After some discussion, retroactive app­roval was given for Councillor Campbell to attend the D. Irvine seminar in Winnipeg, which included a hotel room. Camp­bell gave a report on the seminar, which he felt was worthwhile.
Reeve Adriannsen expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Royal Canadian Legion, Carberry and Neepawa, for the ceremonies on November 11. He ins­tructed CAO Jones to write a letter.
Accounts totaling $8,291,449.18 were approved for payment. The lion’s share of these payments was for the payment of school taxes.
This meeting was one of the shorter ones for the municipality, but the stayed on for an in camera session regarding personnel issues. 
The joint meeting for Novem­ber will be postponed to December 4, due to the AMM convention in late Novem­ber. 
The next regular meeting will be on  December 11.
by Gloria Mott