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Municipality Council - Paddle Loader requires upgrading

posted Jun 20, 2016, 10:04 AM by Kathy Carr
The Council of North Cypress-Langford met Monday morning June 13 with all members present and Reeve Adriaansen in the chair. Also present were the CAO Sandra Jones and John McEntee of the Cypress Planning District.
Planning Matters
The first item discussed was a subdivision requested by Ken and Linda Chandler. They wish to subdivide the dwelling from their yard site, a 2.24 acre portion of their larger yard site. The intention is to keep the dwelling separate from the remainder of the site, The balance of the farm yard remains with the farming operation and contains a livestock confinement facility under 100 animal units. Approval was given subject to obtaining conditional use and variation orders.
A Conditional Use Hearing was convened to discuss a request by B & R Johnson to add a trailer or modular home to their rural non-farm property just west of Wellwood. It is intended that the rural non-farm zoning should be for a single family only, and the trailer or modular home would be required for family members on a temporary basis. Permission was granted on condition that the temporary dwelling should be removed when the family no longer required it.
Mid-Man Farms has requested some water crossings, connecting two more quarters with their existing wells, a total of three 8” crossings under two municipal road allowances. These had been tentatively approved by the planner, and were confirmed.
There followed a discussion of matters raised at a meeting concerning Fort Pitt Farms. The problem arises out of the commercial nursery’s growing retail business. Though a nursery is indeed a proper agricultural use for the area’s zoning, there is concern about the increased traffic that retail sales might attract. The Baers’ intention is to fully utilize their half-quarter site for their nursery operation, and to house much of the family staff on the site as well. There is some question whether their retail operations will be intense enough to require a conditional use approval.
A final planning decision was to formalize the use of a municipal road allowance as an air strip. The applicant, Earl Baron, has used the allowance for some time informally, and it is intended to make explicit the conditions of the easement. The easement will be granted on the understanding that the road is not being closed, and that the municipality retains the right of access for emergency purposes. If the easement is to be canceled, notice of 90 days will be required.
Motions from Joint Council
The resignation of Gill Davison from the Municipal Office was accepted with regrets.
The council agreed to retain the services of Trend Collection and Bailiff Services on an as needed basis along with the town. 
Caretaker wages were adjusted, to cover the increased use of the basement of the Old Town Hall.  The cost will be split 50/50 with the Town of Carberry.
Other business
The second installment of the 2015 Gas Tax rebate in the amount of $67,559.16 was received.
Gregg cemetery requests a grant of $500 for maintenance of the cemetery. It was granted, noting that this is an annual request, and ought to be set up as an automatic grant, to reduce the demands on the volunteers who not only do the work, but have to attend to the paper work as well.
Carberry Agricultural Society will receive a grant of $3,000 to assist with the costs of the 2016 Agricultural Fair. This too is an annual request.
Randy and Leanna Martin have asked that their bill be reduced; the meter they have been reading is graduated in gallons rather than cubic meters, so it has been reading that much too high. Council agreed that the meter should be changed and the over-billing refunded. 
A peculiarity of the auditing procedure left the 2014 Financial Statement showing a small deficit due to including amortization amounts of Tangible Capital Assets. The Council of the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford is required to request permission from the Minister to recover the deficit from nominal surplus. A motion requesting such permission was passed.
Motions were passed setting the deadline for appeals to the Board of Revision as September 26, 2016, and for the Board itself to be convened on October 11, 2016 (the Tuesday following Thanksgiving).
CN has sent a document entitled CN in your Community, which goes over the activities that the railroad does in the RM.
The Energy Board was supposed to hold  a hearing in the Community Hall on Tuesday, June 14 at 3:00 p.m. to discuss the pipeline that passes through the municipality, was postponed to a later date.
Habitat Heritage Corporation has sent word that it has secured the largest habitat agreement yet, 43,000 acres of habitat in and around Big Grass Marsh.
The RM of Elton has proposed a resolution to reshape the Board Structure of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities. 
The Spruce Plains RCMP has sent its annual statistics, which will be discussed when they come before council as a delegation. 
Added to the Agenda
The paddle loader requires upgrading; the present one has over 12,000 hours and would fetch no more than $20 thousand, but they are no longer made, and a replacement must be obtained in the used market, which requires funds on hand to take opportunities as they arise. $300 thousand had been earmarked, but Councillor Campbell would like to see that figure raised to $350 thousand on the advice of the supplier scouting for him. He would also like to see 2 grader packers added to fit the northern graders. They have been quoted at $28 thousand apiece, and they are needed to improve the quality of the roads in the Langford section of the municipality.
After some discussion of whether to stage the purchases, and how necessary they were, a motion was passed to order the two at once.
There has been some change in the Waste Management Facility Regulations, which will take place July 1, 2016, some homework will have to be done for these changes.
The Arts Council is asking that the municipality express support for the proposed mosaic to be erected as a 150th Anniversary, different venues are being discussed and Council agreed to offer their support.
The CAO asked that time be set aside before harvest to develop a strategic plan that would be in place as the budget for the next year is developed. It was agreed to add it to the end of the July 11 meeting.
The CAO also asked that council approve a further subscription to the HR Downloads program at a cost of $500. This organizes and outputs as necessary the policies of the municipality. The service has been most useful. The hope is soon to add their job description package, but that is not yet in place.
The question of the upcoming graduation ceremonies was raised. Reeve Adriaansen will attend Carberry’s ceremony at 4:30 p.m. on June 24, and Councillor Drayson will attend Neepawa’s graduation at 2:00 p.m. on June 27.
The barbecue in support of Jayson Downey was a great success, and Council wishes their best for Jayson.
The farewell party for Gill Davison was well attended and will be fondly remembered.
There are a great number of applicants for her position, and councillors were asked to pass by the office and assist in the shortlisting of those to be interviewed.
There will be a celebration at CFB Shilo on Canada Day, July 1, of which the high point will be the opening of a new exhibit at the Artillery Museum at 2:00 p.m. All of council was authorized to attend.
Accounts payable cheques to a total of $623,287.04 were authorized for payment.
Around the Table
Councillor Davidson mentioned again the condition of the roads and that he has been getting several calls.  
The Foreman will be advised.
The Health Committee wants to install an Ultrasound Scanner at the Clinic. The Health Region will only pay if it is in the hospital, so to get one for the clinic, a cost of $30 thousand, the Community Foundation will provide $10 thousand if the Town and RM will each provide $10 thousand. The machine is warranted for five years, and uses few expendables. Training will cost $1250, and will be provided for the two doctors. Council agreed to the $10 share of the expense.
Next Joint meeting will be on Monday, June 27. Next Municipality meeting will be on July 11.

by John McNeily