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NCL Council approves some drainage work

posted Mar 19, 2018, 9:40 AM by Kathy Carr
The council of the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford met on Monday, March 12 in the council chambers of the Municipal Offices, with Reeve Bob Adriaan­­­sen in the chair, all members present, and with Development Officer McEntee, CAO Jones, and ACAO Fraser in attendance.
With the opening routine out of the way, the first item of business was a delegation from D & L Ranger, who own and have long lived on a couple of lots on the north side of Highway 16 just west of Neepawa, which is now designated as CH — Highway Commer­cial.  The zoning requires that any new construction be commercial, and that any dwelling be only for a caretaker or similar employee of the commercial enterprise. There used to be a building on the most western of their two lots, but it was cleared away when the highway expropriated the strip at the south end of the property, and not rebuilt within the one-year grace period that would have allowed it to remain as a non-conforming dwel­ling.
The Rangers’ family circumstances (they are retired, but are sheltering an adult daughter) mean that they are unsuited and financially unable to rebuild a going business, but they would like to have a separated suite for their daughter, who intends to set up in business on the site eventually, but not soon enough to allow the moving in of a dwelling as her home as caretaker. They asked council what their options were to provide a secondary suite for their daughter, in the absence of any secondary suite provision in the planning document. Development Officer McEntee was asked to check with his contacts in the Regional Planning Office as to what council’s (and the Rangers’) options are.
Council was also asked to approve some drainage work on the west half of 21-14-16WPM which comprised cleaning existing drainage, to provide additional drainage to existing waterways on adjacent properties. Neigh­bours have exp­ressed no concerns, and the municipal drainage ditches will not be overstressed by the changes. Council approved, and the approval will be passed on to the Water­shed Conservation Dist­rict for further approval.
After the discussion at the last meeting of the options for Gerald Meyers’ property, where subdivision rests on the closing of at least part of a road allowance, a revised request was brought forward. 
This asks for a very limited closure of the al­lowance, which would permit a laneway to pass the subject buildings. The whole closure would not be approved until after a detailed Plan of Sub­division with survey has been completed. Adjacent cultivated land would be excluded and kept with the remainder of the agricultural land. With those conditions, the subdivision was approved. The whole subdivision re­mains at the discretion of the Sustainable Deve­lop­ment Depart­ment.
The request from last meeting for a road to a lot on the Dane Subdivision was revised to reduce the size of the lot being served, and council ag­reed to consider building a municipal road to access Highway 351 at the site, and authorized CAO Jones to apply for such a permit.
A simple subdivision of a yard site from a quarter at SW18-13-15WPM meets the standards for a shortened approval pro­cess, and has already been conditionally approved by Community Planning. There will be no loss of agricultural land, and the few existing buildings will be cleared from the yard site and its shelterbelt. A new non-farm dwelling will be built, taking advantage of the existing hydro service and all-weather road. Council approved the subdivision on condition that a Conditional Use Order be obtained for the rural non farm dwelling within the AG80-L2 Zone.
As a final Planning matter, McEntee reported on the progress of negotiations between Spruce­woods Colony and Manitoba Sustainable Development. SD has long had concerns with their manure storage lagoon as it exists, and the intention is to create a new, properly sized lagoon for their hog operation, and to repurpose the old lagoon (once cleaned up) as part of an expanded domestic wastewater lagoon. An engineering firm has been retained to specify and acquire permits for the changes in two phases. New barns to reorganize the present hog operation will be built, but there is no intention to expand the operation beyond its present size. Since MB Sustainable Development is the permitting authority, there will be little required of the Municipality other than a variation order to allow the new lagoon to be less than the mandated 328 feet from the property line. This would be preferable to locating it any nearer the course of the Boggy Creek.
Unfinished Business
From the joint meeting it was agreed to be Silver Sponsors of the McCain Clear Lake Golf Classic in the amount of $2,000 and that the costs be split 50/50 with the Town of Carberry.
Also from the joint meeting, the proposal to pay RBC the necessary fees to become a payee of theirs was defeated.
The Neepawa and Area Development Cor­poration (NADCO) requested that Council approve an in­crease of their line of credit from $400,000 to $750,000. In its history, NADCO has never needed to call on its guarantors to cover its overdraft. Council agreed to provide the necessary approval.
General Business
Keith Loney was ap­pointed as Weed Super­visor for the Municipality of North Cypress-Lang­ford.
The year for tax sale was designated as 2017, and the date for Tax Sale set as October 2, 2018.
Budz N’ Bloom Day Care is running a fund­raising event called “Spend the Day in Adven­ture Bay,” and asked council to support them. The daycare is an asset to the residents of North Cypress-Langford, and has been supported by Langford in the past. Council agreed to be a gold sponsor of the event at a cost of $250.
The position of Rec­reation Programmer is still unfilled, so the motion to hire him/her was tabled until next meeting.
An unpaid bill for dumping fees at the transfer station was added to the tax bill of the contractor. 
Councillor Campbell and his spouse were authorized to attend the annual awards banquet of the Manitoba Good Roads Association to be held in Brandon on April 10.
Richmond Surveys has sent a letter advising that it will be restoring a total of six survey monuments in the municipality. This is something the surveyor is required to do, and the municipality is required to pay for, though there is a fund at the Property Regis­try to assist with these costs on a 50/50 basis. The work will take place in the next two months.
The Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway Association, an advocacy/lobby group, requests the municipality pay a per capita assessment to support their efforts. After examining the results claimed for the organization, the council declined to support them.
Camp Bridges, which provides comfort, counselling and therapy for bereaved children, sends word that their camp will indeed be taking place again this year. Because of the generosity of supporters in 2017, they will not be asking for contributions towards their $15,000 annual cost, but wish to assure their supporters that they continue in operation and are thankful for ongoing support.
The RCMP have sent their February occurrence statistics, and held a meeting with Reeve Adriaan­sen, Mayor Olmstead, and CAO Jones to discuss them. There have not been serious concerns.
Around the Table
Councillor Davidson reported on the recent meeting of the Assini­boine Delta Aquifer Management Board, and asked council to pass a motion approving the Board’s terms of reference. The Board brings together provincial and federal ministries with a concern for water management, with their expertise, along with municipal officials of the area over the aquifer, watershed authorities, producers and industries affected. Council passed the requested approval.
Davidson also reported that the regional recreation steering committee for the area of Langford, Rosedale and the Town of Neepawa have signed a memorandum of understanding to hire a consultant to advise on the delivery of recreation services. There will be surveys of the affected population, and it may involve a revival of the Beautiful Plains Rec­reation Com­mission to apply for provincial grants for recreational projects. So far there is no funding requirement from Lang­ford (or NCL) as funding comes from the province. The aim is to ensure seamless/borderless delivery of services in Neep­awa so as not to occasion extra costs for residents of the surrounding municipalities.
Councillor Tolton’s concerns with the Town’s offering Code­Red services to North Cypress-Lang­ford residents were partially eased by last meeting’s discussions, but he continues to worry about liability issues, as the town’s coverage does not extend to the municipality.
Public Works Issues
Foreman Chandler attended the meeting to discuss several issues in advance of the budget deliberations.
There are some concerns with methods to communicate with emp­loyees at work in the municipality. Neither radios nor cell phones can reach some blind spots in the Municipality. Some tests have been done to install a cell phone booster, which would cost $500 per machine if permanently installed, and results are a considerable improvement, but not a complete avoidance of dead spots. The present radios cost $475 per year in licensing fees, which might be avoided if there were a better solution. An up­grade to digital (rather than the present analog) radios at $600 apiece would provide some improvement, but not to the full exclusion of blind spots. Radios do offer communication among all users in a way that individual cell connections do not. The pros and cons balance off in a way that makes a decision difficult. Any action on the problem was tabled for further discussion and evaluation.
For machinery purposes, Chandler had secured quotes from several dealers for the trade-in of the 2013 Puma 145 for a unit for which the specification was to include the option of a front PTO to serve a snow blower. Quotes varied widely, from which a McCormick X7 650 Premium with loader and without the front PTO was chosen. 
The Municipality owns an adaptor to take the PTO from the rear to the front, and with the extra height that the specified tires will offer, it was considered it will serve without undue hang­ups in rough ground. The awkwardness of mounting only applies to a few occasions in the life of the machine. An extended warranty will be or­dered if it is cost effective.
A Handy Hitch packer will be required to fit to the sixth grader. In the absence of work for the bulldozer this summer, it will probably get fully utilized this year, unlike last year. A motion to acquire it was passed.
For the Manitoba Road Improvement Prog­ram, two lengths of road were selected for imp­rovement: Road 88W (Harte Road) will be raised 12”-14” between Rd 62N and Rd. 64N, and Road 69N will be raised 12”-14” bet­ween Highway 5 and Rd. 82W. Tenders are to be sought, with contractors who intend to bid being offered a site visit.
Roads under the MRIP are paid for 50%, with the other half coming from Gas Tax revenues. The hope is to have the tenders back for the May meeting. There was discussion of where the request for tenders would be published. There will be ads in local papers, on the municipal website, the MMAA web site, and it was suggested, eBrandon.
With thanks to Fore­man Chandler, the mee­ting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m. Next NCL Coun­cil meeting is set for April 9 and joint meeting is March 26th.

by John McNeily