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New Renaissance coming to Carberry Collegiate

posted Jan 28, 2019, 11:19 AM by Kathy Carr
With today’s access to information and networking resources; opportunity can come knocking from miles away. You don’t have to live in a big city to benefit from the outstanding musical talent bursting out from all corners of the country.  It’s not surprising to find youth involved in promoting music and live performances by professional musicians in small communities across Canada, and Carberry is no different.
The local Youth Ad­visory Council, facilitated by Manitoba Arts Network and mentored by the Carberry Plains Arts Council has been instrumental in engaging Carberry Collegiate students with high energy live acts such as; Speed Control, a Yukon based power trio who perfor­med at the school in March 2018. This event was organized, promoted, and facilitated by members of the Carberry Youth Ad­visory Council who are themselves students at Carberry Col­legiate. Speed Control’s performance and workshop was a success at uniting students, teachers, and parents alike with their Canadian Rock Classics revue. The band’s pop-punk original tunes were also a great hit with parents and students, the catchy and infectious choruses were easily echoed in unison by the Carberry audience.
Following the success of the Speed Control gig, the Carberry Youth Advisory Council complied and conducted a student opinion poll to represent the voice of their fellow students and from there determine what types of musical acts to bring to Carberry in the future, the results are in! Carberry Col­legiate students have voted to bring Winnipeg band New Renaissance to Carberry; hailed by Winnipeg’s Uptown Magazine as high energy and anthemic.  
New Renaissance has championed recognition as band of the month by Winnipeg rock station Power 97. Their 2015 album release titled’ Test of Time’ was heralded as one of Winnipeg’s top three albums by Win­nipeg’s weekly urban journal The Uniter. In addition to being featured at the Canadian Music Week stage held in Toronto, Ontario; New Renais­sance has en­joyed an opening spot with acts such as; Buck­cherry, The Trews, and Bleeker Ridge. If you’re more of a sports fan than a music fan, you probably still have heard the band’s hugely successful single “voices” at a Winnipeg Jets home game or their single “Face to Face” at Mani­toba Moose Games.  
New Renaissance is scheduled to play Car­berry Collegiate on Thurs­day, March 21 on international pledge to eliminate racism day.  The Carberry Youth Advisory Council is currently looking for new members interested in participating in the cultivation of a local youth led music scene here in Carberry. Members must be between the ages of 13 and 25, all interested inquiries please email the Carberry Plains Arts Council at

by Amy Urquhart