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Plowing Match comes to North Cypress-Langford

posted Oct 11, 2016, 9:54 AM by Kathy Carr
The Manitoba Plow­men’s Association held a very successful Plowing Match on Saturday, Octo­ber 1 and Sunday, Octo­ber 2, just north of Carberry on land that was courtesy of Paul Adriaan­sen and his family. With beautiful weather on both days, spectators that came out to watch certainly en­joyed themselves. 
There was quite an array of plowing happening those two days with the horses plowing with sulky plows,  a vintage trac­tor pulling an old trailing plow, a vintage hyd­raulic unit to conventional plows. A sight to see for sure!
Following the end of the plowing on the Sunday, It was time to head to the Legion in Carberry for the Awards Banquet. After a delicious dinner put on by members of the Legion, the following awards were given out for the six different classes after the two days of competition.  

Junior Sulky 
Justin McKee Brookdale, MB

Novice Sulky
Dan Fontaine LaBroquerie, MB
Jim Scott

Senior Sulky
 Johan Hildebrand Steinbach, MB
Bruce Gilmore, 
Austin, MB
Art Gibson
 Neepawa, MB

Vintage Trailing
Corey Christison, Brandon, MB

Hydraulic Vintage
John Beilby
Carroll, MB
Tom Ryall
 Rivers, MB
Sandy Donald, Alexander, MB

With the match over and done with for this year, the Manitoba Plow­­men’s Association will be starting to plan the event for next year. They are hoping to have the Plowing Match back in the Municipality of North Cypress-Lang­ford next year, so hopefully that will happen and we’ll be treated to another match of great plowing to watch.