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Results for the 2018 Municipal Elections

posted Oct 29, 2018, 9:36 AM by Kathy Carr
It's official, after many weeks of campaigning, Election Day has come and gone and now it’s time to see the results. 
For the Town of Carberry Council, Stuart Olmstead was acclaimed for another four years as Mayor along with Coun­cillor John Anderson. There are, however, three new faces that will be joining them at the council table and they are Ray Muirhead, Mike Sudak and Matthew Tolton. The three new councillors were also acclaimed too.
For the elections in the three Wards in the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford, the voter turn-out was low. This also seems to be the case for many other Rural Municipalities as well, which is unfortunate. Here is how the council for the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford will look for the next four years. For Reeve, Bob Adriaansen was acc­laimed, for Ward 1 there were three people running for the spot and David Blair won it with 62 votes. Clyde McCal­lum received 33 votes and Norm Campbell received no votes. 
In Ward 2, Harold Tolton was also acc­laimed for the next four years as was Fred Jackson for Ward 3 and Ray Drayson for Ward 5.
In Ward 4, the race between Dallis Olms­tead and Don Hockin resulted in a 66 to 24 win for Dallis. 
In Ward 6 Malcolm Murray beat incumbent Gerond R. Davidson 48 to 25. 
In  the election for Ward 1 - Carberry and Area for the Beautiful Plains School Board School Trustees, the voter turn-out was just under 14% to select the new representatives. The three spots that were up for election were won by Richard Manns with 265 votes, John McNeily with 221 votes and Lavern Biehn receiving 213 votes. Amanda-Rose Bourget received 167 votes.

by Kathy Carr