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Riding the Big Bike in MacGregor

posted Oct 5, 2015, 12:00 PM by Kathy Carr
It was a very successful bike ride in MacGregor on Saturday, September 26 as the Heart and Stroke Big Bike was in town. This year, the team Highway to Heath raised $6011 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and they were extremely pleased by the amount of cheering that they did when they were told the final number.
Catherine Newham, Program Coordinator for Portage la Prairie and Central Manitoba said "This is the most successful ride they have had to date, this is my little star." This year, the team was headed up by Kevin Henry and Newham said "Kevin is really great. He encourages people to go in. He is a heart attack survivor himself and I think that’s why people are so supportive." She also wanted to give a big thank you to Wendy Henry who was on the team this year. Catherine told me that Wendy alone had raised $908 which in her words is "amazing." Newham said that the goal for her area this year was $20,000 and they are just over that.
This is the 22nd year for the Heart and Stroke Big Bike Ride. Originally it was started by a service group in Montreal, but then in 1993 Heart and Stroke brought the rights to it from the group after they couldn't make it a go. The very first Heart and Stroke Big Bike ride was held in Winnipeg in 1993.
The bike has 30 seats for 29 team members (if you can't get 29 members, Heart and Stroke said that if you have at least 14 members, you can still ride the bike) and a driver from the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The ride can last anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes and is about two kilometres long. Catherine said that people generally think they can go longer on the bike since they have so many people, but usually by the end of the ride after all the pedalling, they are tired.
When asked if Carberry could ever have the Big Bike come to town, she said definitely. All we would need to do is get in touch with the Brandon office and they could help us from there. Now that does sound like a very interesting idea. Do you think Carberry should have the Big Bike come to town? Newham said it would be great if we did, because we could challenge MacGregor to see which town could raise the most funds. Apparently a few areas in her region will challenge each other to see who can raise the most and why not? It's going to a very good cause. So Carberry, do you think we could do it next year? I think we can!