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R. J. Waugh’s new principal

posted Sep 9, 2015, 7:43 AM by Kathy Carr
by Gladwyn Scott

Dayna Galatiuk is the new principal of the R.J. Waugh (K-4) School in Carberry. She has a Bachelor of Education (1994) from Brandon University majoring in physical education and elementary education plus a Master of Education degree specializing in guidance and counselling. 
For three years, Mrs. Galatiuk has taught courses in the B.U. counselling program.
Her work experience includes two years teaching grades 2-3 at Bloodvein, a fly-in reserve on the east side of Lake Manitoba followed by fifteen years in guidance and counselling at Meadows School in Brandon.
She lives in Brandon with her husband, Mark, who is a fireman at Shilo. They have two children, Shaye (11) is a student at Meadows School and enjoys ringette. Luke (18) is a hockey player at Oklahoma City and took his grade 12 at Colorado last year and played hockey.
Mrs. Galatiuk enjoys working out at the gym and is a fitness guru.
What attracted Dayna to Carberry?
"I enjoy leadership opportunities and counselling is my passion. This is a fantastic position and we look forward to moving to Carberry when the right situation presents itself. Many of Mark's fellow workers say Carberry is a great community in which to live."