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Seanster and the Monsters come back to Carberry

posted Nov 26, 2018, 7:47 AM by Kathy Carr
Remember the first time you saw a musician or band play music right before your very eyes?  For some of us lucky people that experience came at a very young age; we remember the energy of the musicians and the way they connected with the audience, the feeling as the sound filled the room.  Some very lucky children in 2016 had the opportunity to experience this at the Santa Claus Parade after party hosted at R.J. Waugh School with Seanster and the Monsters as the live musical act.   Seanster and his Monsters strive to make their music not only a memorable and impactful experience for the children. Their shows are intended for, due to their interactive nature to get parents and older siblings involved in the performance as well.
At a board meeting last winter, board member Candace Church put it best “after they were finished, I couldn’t wait to buy a CD!”  As parents, we’re all too familiar with noxiously repetitious ditties like “baby shark” that seemed cute at first but just make us want to hide under a rock after hearing over and over and over... However, you will notice that the original tunes performed by the live band Seanster and the Monsters are just plain well written songs that have accredited them with nominations for awards such as; the Western Canadian Music Awards, an Independent Music Award, and honorable mention in the International Songwriting Competition.  Their infectious energy, spontaneous comedic banter, and awesome music with wide range appeal can be enjoyed by the whole family.  So bring everyone down to R.J. Waugh Gym after the Santa Claus Parade for a live performance by Seanster and The Monsters at 1:30 p.m. with cookies, cocoa, and an appearance by Santa himself! The event is free of charge, however silver collection donations will be graciously accepted.
For more information email Amy Urquhart, administrative director for the Carberry Plains Arts Council at

By Amy Urquhart